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  1. How critical is it to match the brand of amplifier and speakers you have with the headunit. Alpine is just so expensive but i already have invested a set of 4 spr 100w rms speakers a 4x 100 rms amp the pdx-f4 and want to get a better head unit but alpine doesn't seem like the best fit for my needs will I suffer loss of quality or synergy?
  2. TSegreti

    Where Are the Headunits With an HDMI Output???

    Anyone? Buehler...
  3. I've been looking all day and aside from Chinese no brand radios I can't find a decent one with hdmi output. Ultimately I wanna have a monitor in the cab of my truck for back seat movie watching with my nice alpine spr surround sound in the vehicle. I have an alpine pdx-f4 amp to 100w rms. So power isn't crucial. Is there a better way to do this?? Now that I'm thinking about it, I could try streaming just audio through head unit and mirror my phone on a monitor. But an hdmi out sure would be nice. Aside from $800 + units I'm in the market. I have a steep discount at the place I work on head units.