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  1. thanks a lot youve been a great help even went above and beyond my expectations especially with all the links, and if i could buy you some sort of bevarage i would lol. i was looking into this distro box to cut down on multiples, is it good or no? https://www.amazon.com/KnuKonceptz-KNF-60-Gauge-Distirbution-Block/dp/B00F6K1256?keywords=knukonceptz+distribution&qid=1539129022&s=Cell+Phones+%26+Accessories&sr=8-2&ref=sr_1_2
  2. Thank you very much for all of your help my guy. im trying to keep the budget on a low since all i paid for was the subs and box which was 60 dollars everything else was donated including speakers, amps, rca's, wires, headunit and equalizer lol but i will keep the ported box in mind if i want to upgrade the sounds. difinitely doing the big three upgrade and thank you for the wire gauge help but last question hopefully lol sorry, is it ok to run the ground wire to the battery or should i just connect to chassis. ive been trying to research it but there seems to be a fifty fifty where some say its ok and others say its real bad. thanks again.
  3. Thank you for the quick reply. i have the 4 door colorado variant. Would you say all 0 gauge wire is equal or should i pay more for better quality? And you are right the ppi called for 50amp fuse in the maual i found online. now this is the first time ive owned an amp with no onboard fuse let alone 2 and the manual stated that i run i fuse on the cable coming from the battery with all the combined amperage of every amp. so this basically means the fuse i connect next to the battery will suffice as long as i put a 250amp fuse in it or do i need to add a seperate fuse? You say the h35 isnt enough to run these 2 L7's which i find crazy since the car they came out of had 2 15 L7's lol, not saying your wrong just saying that its fuuny that they were underpowring those 2 15's lol. finnaly this is the box that came with the speakers and im assuming its okay, right? Thank you so much for your help and the reading material. Thanks so Much for the welcome Btw =))))
  4. so first of all im new here and a noob so im sorry for my ignorance and thank you all in advance for helping me. So some let me have a Hifonics H35 3000.1D and a precision power dcx 300.4 and i was wondering if the hifonics were compatible with my two kicker L7's they 04S12L7 model at 40hm and if so how should i wire them? Also i have an 8 gauge wire runnung to the amp at the moment shoould i upgrade to bigger gauge? Lastly should i do the big 3 upgrade as well? All of this is running in a stock chevy colorado with a optima yelloetop. Thank you all for your time its much appreciated/