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  1. SC300 Guy

    New radio overheating

    the radio is installed and works fantastic. thank you everyone for helping me so much
  2. SC300 Guy

    New radio overheating

    that is some amazing information. i starting looking at your accord build, good stuff!, lc2i is that what im looking for?
  3. SC300 Guy

    New radio overheating

    i will get that, so i need to split some lines such as fr+ and fr-. what should i use for the woofer amp turn on wire?
  4. SC300 Guy

    New radio overheating

    the radio doesnt seem to have outputs for an amp. i would need a non amplified signal to send to the subwoofer amplifier, Correct? below is the radio i am using. the radio has an internal amplifier
  5. SC300 Guy

    New radio overheating

    i could use it the car has its own amp for the factory sub, i dont know how to get it working again. it needs a turn on wire?
  6. SC300 Guy

    New radio overheating

    ok i will make sure each speaker gets its own ground going to the radio. thank you very much, ive been close to tears trying to figure this out
  7. Hello thank you for reading this any advice us greatly appreciated. I have a 1992 Lexus Sc300. it has a radio up front and an external amplifier in the trunk. i am trying to put in A56815 toyota radio. i have already made an adapter harness from the oe lexus radio plug to the new toyota plug. the radio i chose has an internal amp. sound quality is not a huge concern. i bypassed the factory amp in the trunk using a custom harness i made(one end of the harness plugs into the wires coming from the radio the other end of the patch harness plugs into the plug that goes to the speakers. the purpose of this is too not have to run new wires. the radio comes on and works but only for a bit then shuts off. the back of the radio is hot enough to burn you. the oe radio send one ground to the bypassed amp in the trunk. i then split that signal ground into 4 grounds 1 going to each speaker. the factory speakers are 4 ohm. does anyone know whats going on or have any ideas on what i can try to get the radio to continue working. thank you so much