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  1. Safer in the long run how? If I understand correctly, I don't want the smaller amp because it will cause distortion at some point, but wouldn't a bigger amp do the same thing? I thought distortion was more about the quality of the speakers than the signal going to it. So a 300 w amp is 300 per channel? If my speakers are only rated at 200w, that should be plenty, right? Am I still missing it? Thanks in advance! p.s. I am working my way through http://www.bcae1.com
  2. So If I wire the 6x9's one per channel, I will get better volume than three wired together? ok, sounds logical. I can put the 6x9's in the back, the 5'" in the door panels and be ok? like loud ok? I am a tight ass and don't want to spend any more than I have to. How do I know if the used speakers I have are worth keeping as far as quality goes? The parts house I work at sells Dual electronics. I imagine it is a hybrid of old and terrible, but it seems better than the jvc tape deck I am replacing. I got the XRM46BT from dual electronics along with 2 dual electronics DWS654 speakers. I figure if I stick to the same brand I wont have as many compatibility issues. I want the da904 amp but don't know if I really need it. I understand what was said about keeping the air above and below a speaker separated as much as possible, but why? There are both open and sealed sub woofer boxes, not sure the advantages of each. IDK whats happening to my text but if it looks F Dup, it is not on purpose. The HU has some presets available, concert hall, rock, jazz, etc. Rock sounds ok so I imagine I don't need a ...mixer? What ever you call the gizmo you use to change specific freq's. If I do decide to go with an amp, how do I know how big of one to get? If I have to get one I want something that will peak just below what my speakers are rated at so I have a little built in blow up protection. Maybe I still need to research this subject
  3. And can you dumb this down please? I culled it off the website that mfgrs my cheap ass system. " Your Class D amplifier was engineered with specific linear circuitry that improves sound quality and power output while reducing distortion and refining efficiency for unrivaled sound superiority. We anticipated continuous use of your car amplifier so we engineered a High Current & Efficient MOSFET design that enables you to have insurmountable power. So we included the Full Range Crossover, which will allow you to link two high performance series amplifiers together for double the output and streamlined efficiency. Your Dual amplifier has a variable low-pass crossover (40Hz – 250Hz), variable high-pass crossover (40Hz – 250Hz), variable bass boost at 50Hz (0-12 dB) and variable gain adjustment (200mV ~ 6V). In addition, we added high and low level outputs, which allow high-level inputs to accept the speaker output signals and low-level inputs that accept preamp output signals. We cannot stress safety enough here at Dual Electronics so we designed a built-in short circuit protection via a thermal and DC offset safety for your amplifier that is Built for the Road Ahead." That means nothing to me.....Sounds like blah blah blah buzz word price check I hooked up my old speakers, they have to go...
  4. ok, dumb it down. alot please. And thanks! I love my Helga! Gas mileage isn't as sweet as you expect 20 to 35 depending on your driving style and if the engine is stock or not, It seems fairly easy to improve on these lil beasts and get better than stock mileage. I drive like Andretti and still get about 26ish MPG Now lets start at the beginning with wtf a xover is where you put it, what it does, etc. Coustic is a brand? What is 2 S.Stream 200s? speakers I bet... I googled Hifonics VII Cyclops and that brought me to the question of amps. Which I was wondering about. How do I determine how big of an amp I need vs. Want? Extra battery? Clearly you have never worked on one of these micro knuckle busters. I bet it is technically possible, but I wouldn't want to get that complicated to begin with. Now I have a whole bunch of stuff to figure out instead of an easy pre packaged answer that I can afford...Do I start whining now or in a month from now when I still don't know what any of this stuff is? I work at a parts house and get great deals on way overpriced stuff. which coupled with some learning keeps me out of the mechanics shop. More dumb questions to follow...
  5. Hi All, Just popped in for some advice on a sound system for an old bug. I want to make the most of the acoustics or lack there of but don't know where to start.. I got a cheap ass mechless head unit from the parts house and started putting things together. So far, so Good. The stereo comes on, the one speaker I have hooked to it right now makes noise, life is good. Now in an old bug there is a cavity behind the back seat that you can stuff luggage in, or cover it and fill it with speakers. It had a cover when I bought it so I thought I would rebuild it, stuff more speakers in it and make my ears ring when running down the road I have 2 6x9's, 2 6" round 2 4'? square, all of unknown origin. They make noise but the are probably not wired up right. I ran wires off of the speakers and connected them in ...parallel? Basically I took 3 + wires and 3 - wires and crimped them to my heavy wire running through the car from the head unit. I wanted to know if a 10" sub in the back back with two 6x9's on either side of the back seat and those itty bitty tweeters up front wouldn't serve my needs better? I imagine there could be or has been long, long threads arguing the most minuscule details of everything from quality of components to static air pressure but I am not interested in that. I am an old school metal head and I want shear volume without shattering my glass or vibrating like some do. The 10" is a 500w cheapo, the itty bitty tweeters are 400w, and the two new 6x9's are 200w. The radio is only 4x15w. Will I need an amp to get some head ringing noise out of either speaker set up? Is there a better option(s) for seriously making your head hurt AND be a cheap ass? Not going gold tipped ends and 5kw alternator to keep from melting the car, Just wanna rock really hard in a really small space. The blue one is mine and the red one shows the luggage area where I currently have sketchily wired speakers and no amp. In the red bug, the back seats back sits up straight between the wheel wells so there is not a ton of space there. Thanks in advance!