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  1. Sullivan546

    Thick MDF and Brace Pieces??

    Glad everyone is responding and being judgmental. I am a highschooler running on a bit of a budget so yes, I try to save money when I can. That was only for one box and I've since been using .75 but have continued to use dowels. I know the issues with cheap companies and try not to skimp on power. I'm running an American Bass HD15D2 and a Taramps MD5000.1 on 1/0 Gauge wiring (This time in a 1 inch box.) and I've gotta say, guys. It didn't make hardly any difference than when my CT Sounds was in a [supposedly shitty] .5 inch box on a cerwin vega amp. So I'm not real sure all this making a joke out of my first design actually applies. Why would it sound practically the same with this (Heavenly) thick wood and more solid, heavier box as it did with my first design?
  2. I see all these youtube videos of nice subwoofer boxes and enclosures and they they always use either .75" or higher MDF and these large, detailed brace pieces in their boxes for structure. When I made my first box for my CT Sounds Tropo 18", I used .5" MDF and rather than large, waste-of-wood brace pieces, I used Oak wooden dowels to span the divide and create integrity. The box sounded heavenly. What advantage does spending extra money on thicker wood and more of it over using cheaper (Somewhat-thick) MDF and cheap wooden dowels? Wouldn't the dowels allow for easier air passage with its pre-cut circular shape? Why use More expensive material rather than save some $$$ and still have amazing sound.
  3. Look, I'm not dissing your advice. More than likely, I'm going to buy a Taramps amp. I am simply asking for my own knowledge what your views of cerwin vega are and what makes soundstream unreliable. I've considered soundstream good because of their XXX series, but If more than 2 people think otherwise, I want to know why. So I am thankful for the introduction of Taramps from this forumn.
  4. Alright so the subs I am sticking with are Skar SDR-15 's. I know they're cheaper but I already own one and it bumps like a mf'er and I can save some money. Would you still stick with the Taramps? Also, what's your stance on Cerwin Vega amps like the H42000.1D? Cheap or great?
  5. So it seems the Soundstream is actually great quality. Why go with a Taramps 3000 or 8000 watt that costs much more than the Soundstream 8000w?
  6. What is the difference full-bridge brings?
  7. I've never really heard Taramps before. They're a good, trustworthy company?
  8. Sundowns are 500w RMS and American Bass are 800w RMS
  9. Sullivan546

    Sundown E-15 or American Bass TNT1544

    2003 Ford Taurus SE, right now I have a Cerwin Vega 2000w monoblock, however I am willing to upgrade to whatever is necessary, Ideally as cheap as possible, I will build the box for the required airspace depending on the subs. Except I cannot seem to find the details on what the American Bass ideal box is. )
  10. I'm looking to upgrade my amp as my Cerwin Vega 2000 watt amp cannot keep up anymore. I am pushing two 15's (either Sundown or American Bass) The Sundowns are 1000w each and the AB are 1600w each. I have had no experience with any of these three amp companies and I need help deciding. Not sure if any of these companies are untrustworthy. Any response is helpful. I'm trying for the loudest and bassiest possible without spending upwards of a thousand dollars.
  11. Sullivan546

    Sundown E-15 or American Bass TNT1544

    I'm looking to put two (somewhat cheap) 15's in my Taurus. I mostly have experience with Rockford Fosgate, Cerwin Vega, CT Sounds, and Skar. I've never had any experience with Sundown or American Bass, but I know they are good quality. Nothing is set in stone, so if the American Bass is a better option, I'm happy to buy a bigger amp. The only issue I have is that I cannot seem to find any information on what size of enclosure the American Bass subs need. Any response is helpful, just trying to make a decision I won't regret. I want the loudest and bassiest I can get without spending upwards of a thousand dollars.