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  1. Joel114

    Any suggested changes before I buy this stuff?

    Ya I just wanted to make sure it is good because I am ready to get it.
  2. I am going to be installing this Sundown E-10 V3 with this Rockford Fosgate R500X1D amp in the custom ported box I am going to make with this port tuned to ~33hz with 1.3 ft^3 internal volume (not including sub, port, ect) in the trunk of my 2005 Pontiac Sunfire. It will be facing backwards and I will be using 3/4" mdf with one or two vertical 1-1/4" dowels for support. The amp will be fed with 4 awg thhn or eb flex with this 150 amp fuse leading to the sub with 10 awg stranded thhn. Is there anything I am missing or should change? Also what would people recommend that the LPF hertz be set to? 100?
  3. I work as an electrician and have enough 4 awg copper thhn stranded electrical wire to run from my battery to the amp I am going to install. Could I just use that instead of buying some EB Flex? Is there any downsides?
  4. Joel114

    What brands do people like for subwoofer?

    I decided to make a ported and got help here
  5. Would it matter if I used a 250 amp fuse since it is only if something shorts out and I might plan on adding a second amp and running 1/0 to a splitter by both of them.
  6. 4 awg about 15 feet you typed it right I just read it wrong
  7. I have a bunch of 12 and 14 awg thhn or thwn lying around because I do electrical work and I am wondering if I can just use that from my amp to speakers because it will only be going 2 or 3 feet and I don't want to have to buy a 25 or 50 feet roll of 12 awg speaker wire. Also am is a 150 amp fuse enough for this 500w rms amp or should I get a 250 amp fuse?
  8. Joel114

    Comments before I buy this sub and make a box

    What do you use for supports, mdf or wood? Do you put some in the corners?
  9. Joel114

    Which Speakers to get (Polk, Infinity, or JBL)?

    They are the newer ones. I had the MM652 listed which are a coaxial and not a component like the MM6502.
  10. Joel114

    Which Speakers to get (Polk, Infinity, or JBL)?

    Ya I have called around everywhere and no one carries any of them around me.
  11. Joel114

    Comments before I buy this sub and make a box

    Okay, thank you. I have still not decided if it is worth the hassle for the components over the coaxials. Have you used both and noticed much of a difference? Also is 14 awg good enough for the from the amp speakers and sub?