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  1. I need some advise I've had a pair of skar titanium bullet tweeters literally explode, another pair of the same the diaphragm shredded, and then went with a 3.5 component with tweeter and built in bass blocker. I'm hooked to a sax 125.4 at 8ohm so I know I never met the rms power they are rated at. It's not clipping, I've set gains with a dd1 and only get really loud at shows. I know about woofers but this mids and highs stuff seems to be winning the war. Set up notes. Electrical: 1 370 amp mechman alternator, 4 xs power d7500 batteries Pioneer avh-x490bs head unit 2 sundown audio 7500 strapped at 1 ohm 1 sundown sax 125.4 v2 2 nsv4 15 d2s enclosure tuned to 30hz 4 6x9 sundown audio 3 ways And tweeters that keep blowing.