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  1. Golden_Oozarū

    2011 Corolla new system questions

    So sorry I didnt see this earlier, thank you soo much for your detailed reply!!! I appreacite it very much!!!!
  2. Golden_Oozarū

    Does Sound quality rely on RMS?

    I hope there is someone here who will actually read through this detailed topic and give me some good advice! Here is my situation. I have a 2011 Toyota Corolla Le. Its stock system consists of 6 speakers; 2 tweeters, (2) 6 3/4" speakers, and (2) 6x9" speakers. I have a 12" rockford fosgate P2 and an eclipse mono amp that can push it, but they are just sitting in my garage. My plan is to buy the sony single din reciever MEX-XB120BT which has a class D amplifier built into it and it produces 45 watts of RMS to 4 channels @ 4 OHMs. I want to use it to power new speakers so I don't have to spend hundreds more on a separate amp and wiring kit. My previous ride had a jvc aftermarket double din reciever pushing 14 watts RMS with DS series kicker speakers( four 6 1/2" speakers ) and it sounded good, but not amazing. So I am wondering if pushing the speakers closer to their max RMS wattage actually makes the speakers sound noticeably better. With the new sony receiver I plan on buying (2)JBL GTO 629 and (2) JBL GTO 939. The 629's RMS watts are 60 at 3 OHMs with 93DB rating and frequency response of 53-21,000 HZ . The 939's RMS watts are 100 watts at 3 OHMs with 94DB rating and frequency response of 46-21,000HZ. Or I plan on buying speakers that max out closer to the Sony's RMS output wattage such as the NVX N series speakers. The N series 6x9" RMS watts are 55, frequency response 58-20,000HZ, and 89DB. The 6 1/2" N series speakers RMS watts are 40, frequency response 70-20,000HZ, and 89DB. So basically, I'm looking for quality sound and im not advanced in this knowledge enough to make a decision yet. Just reading the details the JBLs are much better speakers. But, from the choices i gave you, would the JBLs still sound better then the NVX speakers even though I won't be able to push the JBLs to their full potential? P.s. I plan on throwing in the p2 sub and eclipse mono amp for bass and unplugging my tweeters.
  3. Golden_Oozarū

    2011 Corolla new system questions

    Hi! New here, So I just sold my 4 runner so I took out my 12" rockford P2 and Eclipse XA1200 mono amp. Since it's there and I have a 2011 corolla with stock system I thought I would throw it in there. I'm not after massive sound but sound that sounds damn clear and detailed cause I will ne having this vehicle for at least 10 more years. So I'm thinking about buying a 5 channel amp to run new speakers and my P2 sub. Does anyone reccomend any speakers that will work well in a corolla? I'm looking for quality sound, not massive sound haha. I wont be turning my sub all the way up... so far I am looking at : NVX 5 channel amp JAD900.5 (2) 6.5" JBL GTO Series GTO629 up front (2) 6"x9"JBL GTO939 in the rear Pioneer AVH-500EX Reciever And my p2 sub. Am I going to excessive? Or does anyone reccomend a better set up for my needs?