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    2011 Corolla new system questions

    Hi! New here, So I just sold my 4 runner so I took out my 12" rockford P2 and Eclipse XA1200 mono amp. Since it's there and I have a 2011 corolla with stock system I thought I would throw it in there. I'm not after massive sound but sound that sounds damn clear and detailed cause I will ne having this vehicle for at least 10 more years. So I'm thinking about buying a 5 channel amp to run new speakers and my P2 sub. Does anyone reccomend any speakers that will work well in a corolla? I'm looking for quality sound, not massive sound haha. I wont be turning my sub all the way up... so far I am looking at : NVX 5 channel amp JAD900.5 (2) 6.5" JBL GTO Series GTO629 up front (2) 6"x9"JBL GTO939 in the rear Pioneer AVH-500EX Reciever And my p2 sub. Am I going to excessive? Or does anyone reccomend a better set up for my needs?