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  1. Yeah you're right, I've definitely got Spotify on 320 and I don't have to do anything. So I have Pandora premium, is that 192 as well?
  2. yes, iphone. don't know what rooted means.
  3. With Pandora, Spotify, Youtube, purchased and "hard copy" music files, I've noticed it can be a real pain in the ass. I'm always messing with the EQ and Volume and Bass Boost. It's not THAT big a deal, but still annoying. With spotify I definitely opted for the highest quality, 320kbs i believe, not sure what options Pandora Premium has. And with a stupidly large itunes collection (don't we all have one?) . File quality is all over the place. For those songs, I try to run them through a normalizing software, my favorite, though expensive is Mixed in Keys Platinum Notes.4, which uses iZotope's hardcore technology to eliminate clipping, add or remove gain, plus even more advanced options. But that's how I do it, what you guys do? or you even have this issue?
  4. Yeah, still not working and still don't know why. Think it's going to be a waiting game. There's actually just a few settings I'm interested in (for now) and that's EQ and Crossover because while it is possible to do all that with the unit, it's a pain in the ass. On top of me adjusting the EQ a lot. Part of that is that it's very difficult to get consistent quality songs across all of today's music sources; owned files, mp3, AAC, 128 320kbps, streaming, Pandora, Spotify, etc. etc. etc.
  5. So Best Buy sold and installed me a Pioneer, DEH-S6120BS with the "Smart Sync" app, They're phasing out Pioneer Arc I believe. So in my experience, Smart Sync seems to have proven pretty stupid. It keeps crashing on my iPhone everytime I click "OK" at the initial "Caution: don't use app while driving cuz you'll die." But I had updated my iPhone to ios 12.0 and when I tried to app using my sweet mother's phone, pre-ios 12, it worked! So anyway, I've been in contact with Pioneer and they seem to be more clueless than I am. I'm thinking it's an ios bug and will just have to wait for an update. No idea if the app is garbage or not, but it sure is easier to adjust things like eq and crossover on the phone than the unit. So any experience with this would be nice!
  6. johnnyyukon

    What Subwoofer Should I Buy?

    ILol. Indeed, don't nobody f**k with mah HNC. although I don't really understand anything you said in that second paragraph, I will say that there are some videos (ok one of them was bigdwiz) testing some rockville stuff with all kinds of faincey power measuring gizmos. One of the amps was the Rockville RXD-M4 1500W Monoblock and bigdwiz concluded, "this amp is like, gud." I'm sure they'll be some haters at this but I talked to a best buy tech, showed him the 2 options at rockville I was considering, and he looked at all the specs and said that they actually looked pretty good and he had some experience with rockville (bad and good). SO....the 12 inch Kicker kit seems at least one that MANY people have reviewed, but no, I will not be going to car shows with it. BUT the Rockville brand 10" sub has more power, but seems more of a gamble. Still not sure, may seriously flip a coin. They have a 90 day return policy. So....there's that. Plus may buy ala carte as many amps and subs have consistently good ratings across the whole internets. Well, also they sell a few more Kickers.... CompVR 43CVR122 for example. All seems a gamble, gonna eventually kiss the dice and roll.
  7. johnnyyukon

    What Subwoofer Should I Buy?

    Ok thanks. So I've definitely never built a box and until recently, basically the last week, I didn't know prefabs were generally so bad. I can do some pretty basic wood working, feel confident I could probably do it. Is there a good instructional/video link or 2 you know of off the top or should I just youtube it?
  8. johnnyyukon

    What Subwoofer Should I Buy?

    Rockville And you are 100% right about a lot of shit to sift through, this site especially, they seem to have a labyrinth of products. A lot you can get on amazon and a lot of their stuff gets like 300 plus reviews with 4.5 stars, and don't care what anyone says, that is a solid sign of hey, maybe this shit ain't so bad! I am quite confident I can find something that will work and work well, they do have a 90 day return policy. But aside from the advice, "ya, er, ya just need to have mur money" I'd be interested to know, ignoring price for a second, what size woofer (single), and how much RMS ampage or whatever, if I'm wanting a port box in the trunk, space isn't really an issue, would you guys recommend? Again, not trying to win a car show, just rattle some stuff, and like I said, I like rap and lower frequencies. Danke!
  9. johnnyyukon

    What Subwoofer Should I Buy?

    I hear ya, maybe I'll just use that credit towards $200.00 worth of speaker wire. Like my pappy used to say, you can never have too much speaker wire.
  10. johnnyyukon

    What Subwoofer Should I Buy?

    Howdy, new here, but car audio hobby guy. So I recently decided to overhaul my sound system. Vital stats: 2004 Honda Accord EX‑L. Front door speakers aftermarket, and JUST replaced the rear 6x9s JBL GX963. Head unit (they still call 'em that?) is a brand spanking new single din Pioneer, DEH-S6120BS, Built-in Amplifier MOSFET 50W x 4, 3 RCA outs, so not using an amp for the mid range speakers, just for the woofer. I used to have a couple of 10"s back in the day but figured I didn't need skull thumping bass in my adulthood so I bought a very high rated "slim 10"" woofer/amp combo from a company called Rockville. A company I have since researched and they seem to have good stuff, but also reports of a shady company, but no conclusive evidence. But moving on, I installed it (link: Rockville RW10CA 10" 800 Watt ) and....well...it was just wimpy. Turns out I DO want that bass that irritates the neighbors. I know I'm rambling, but I'll try to sum up. I had also ordered the same one but the 8" by ACCIDENT but have sent both back and awaiting credit/exchange which will end up being around 230.00. So, in the past, I had another honda and had a ported 10" (maybe 12") in the trunk and it sounded great, loved that thing. I like rap/hip hop and bassy stuff. Don't want a sealed box. Questions is......For a ported single box in the trunk, what size woofer should I get 10 or 12? Not trying to set off car alarms but want so Oomph. Also, HAVING the option for crazy bass wouldn't be bad. I'm kind of stuck going through Rockville because money (about 230.00) was a gift. They have their own stuff BUT also a few trusted brands like Kicker. The two set ups I was looking at are linked below. Both are full kits, woofer, wiring, amp, box. One is a 12" Kicker the other is a 10" Rockville sub I can't find much info about..... First one: (1) Rockville 10" Car Audio Subwoofer (1) Rockville Single 10” 1.0 cu.ft. 3/4" MDF Vented Subwoofer Enclosure Box (1) Rockville dB12 2000 Watt/1000w RMS Mono Class D 2 Ohm Amplifier Car Audio Amp (1) Rockville RWK41 4 Gauge Complete Wire Kit w/RCA's 10 Drywall Wood Screws (Wood screws are the type of screws; the screws are actually made of metal) 12 Feet of 14 AWG Blue Speaker Wire 2 Spade Terminals 2nd/Kicker one: (1) KICKER 12" Single Car Audio Subwoofer (1) Rockville Single 12" Vented 1.6 Cu Ft Car Sub Enclosure Box (1) Rockville RXA-T1 1500 Watt Peak/750w RMS 2 Channel Amplifier Car Stereo Amp (1) Rockville RWK81 8 Gauge Complete Wire Kit with 100% Copper RCA 10 Drywall Wood Screws (Wood screws are the type of screws; the screws are actually made of metal) 12 Feet of 14 AWG Blue Speaker Wire 2 Spade Terminals Links: Kicker Setup Rockville W10K6D4 V2 10" 2000w Subwoofer+Vented Sub Box+Mono Amplifier+Amp Kit I'm not dead set on one or the other but they seemed to be in my humble price range and specs to what I like. The Rockville brand setup seems much more powerful, but can't find any reviews. Anyway sorry for the long read.