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  1. So I just installed a 12" Kicker CompVR 43CVR122 in a 1.8 cu. ft. ported box with a 500 RMS amp. It's not winning any trophies, but I love it, oh god how I've missed that bass......anyway.... So I'd like to analyze the speakers (focus on sub). I have a Macbook Pro (no PC but do have Parallels) and a lot of microphones but probably not a specific car audio measurement mic, nor am I going to get one. I've got just about every audio plugin, metering, izotope, spectrograms/graphs, sound fields, Waves, Levels, Loudness, etc. I used a omnidirectional mic (samson gomic) to record a variety of test tones and songs (I like rap, deep bass electric). Seems, just by ear, there's some clipping at 30HZ, And I'm confused at what to adjust: Level (most obvious), Bass Boost, Subsonic (15HZ-55Hz), LP (50HZ-250Hz). Maybe this is a lot to ask in one thread, but basically trying to tune the sub for max power and these are the tools I have. I also have other mics (Samson Meteor Mic, one came with car receiver, etc.) Now, maybe these mics all suck for this purpose and maybe recording and analyzing audio isnt' even necessary but I guess that's why I'm posting. I will say I'm definitely interested in the analyzing part if for nothing but curiosity. Ok, out, thanks.
  2. So my amp arrived for my single dual coil 12 inch sub and I was expecting 1 negative output and 1 positive. But there's 2 neg, 2 pos. I'm guessing that's for the option of powering 2 speakers? What do I do/use for just the one Subwoofer? Thanks, sorry, amatuer.
  3. johnnyyukon

    Is this Enclosure Decent for What I Just Bought?

    Thanks, yeah, I've talked to Rockville on a number of occasions, and they're customer service SUCKS. Miracle I could even get ahold of them as they're Jewish (NOTHING wrong with that) and seem to take EVERY SINGLE Jewish Holiday off, haha. But yeah, I am confident in the sub I chose, the amp, we'll see. I hear you about the prefab enclosures, hell, if it wasn't for this forum I probably would have bought whatever Best Buy had laying around, but although I believe I could build it, I just think, having never done it, it would take a LONG time, and even then would probably be doubting myself. Who knows, maybe I'll try this box and make an attempt to build one, and if successful, return it. But man, I just want that bass ASAP, and my gut tells me it will probably be fine. We'll see, and I'll try to report back.
  4. This stuff should be here Friday and the enclosure I'm looking at is at the bottom... -One 12" Kicker CompR 2 ohm (https://www.kicker.com/comp-r-12-2-ohm-subwoofer) -Rockville RXD-M1 Phenom 2000 Watt/1000w RMS Mono Class D 1 Ohm Amp (1 Ohm: 500 Watts x 1 Channel <1% THD+N ) https://www.rockvilleaudio.com/rxd-m1/ And before everyone hates on the amp, here's a video from BigDWiz testing a beefier version of the same amp with passing grade: According to the Kicker site, this sub needs the following dimensions: MIN VENTED BOX VOL/MAX (cu. ft.) 1.75, 2.25 And here's the Vented box I was looking at, after looking at MANY. 1.8 cu.ft. https://www.crutchfield.com/p_777BB1220V/Sound-Ordnance-Bass-Bunker.html It's 80 bucks, and while I'm open to a custom one, perhaps around town (I haven't really called around) I'm thinking I probably won't find one for that price which IS my budget. what you fellers think?
  5. Yeah you're right, I've definitely got Spotify on 320 and I don't have to do anything. So I have Pandora premium, is that 192 as well?
  6. yes, iphone. don't know what rooted means.
  7. With Pandora, Spotify, Youtube, purchased and "hard copy" music files, I've noticed it can be a real pain in the ass. I'm always messing with the EQ and Volume and Bass Boost. It's not THAT big a deal, but still annoying. With spotify I definitely opted for the highest quality, 320kbs i believe, not sure what options Pandora Premium has. And with a stupidly large itunes collection (don't we all have one?) . File quality is all over the place. For those songs, I try to run them through a normalizing software, my favorite, though expensive is Mixed in Keys Platinum Notes.4, which uses iZotope's hardcore technology to eliminate clipping, add or remove gain, plus even more advanced options. But that's how I do it, what you guys do? or you even have this issue?
  8. Yeah, still not working and still don't know why. Think it's going to be a waiting game. There's actually just a few settings I'm interested in (for now) and that's EQ and Crossover because while it is possible to do all that with the unit, it's a pain in the ass. On top of me adjusting the EQ a lot. Part of that is that it's very difficult to get consistent quality songs across all of today's music sources; owned files, mp3, AAC, 128 320kbps, streaming, Pandora, Spotify, etc. etc. etc.
  9. So Best Buy sold and installed me a Pioneer, DEH-S6120BS with the "Smart Sync" app, They're phasing out Pioneer Arc I believe. So in my experience, Smart Sync seems to have proven pretty stupid. It keeps crashing on my iPhone everytime I click "OK" at the initial "Caution: don't use app while driving cuz you'll die." But I had updated my iPhone to ios 12.0 and when I tried to app using my sweet mother's phone, pre-ios 12, it worked! So anyway, I've been in contact with Pioneer and they seem to be more clueless than I am. I'm thinking it's an ios bug and will just have to wait for an update. No idea if the app is garbage or not, but it sure is easier to adjust things like eq and crossover on the phone than the unit. So any experience with this would be nice!
  10. johnnyyukon

    What Subwoofer Should I Buy?

    ILol. Indeed, don't nobody f**k with mah HNC. although I don't really understand anything you said in that second paragraph, I will say that there are some videos (ok one of them was bigdwiz) testing some rockville stuff with all kinds of faincey power measuring gizmos. One of the amps was the Rockville RXD-M4 1500W Monoblock and bigdwiz concluded, "this amp is like, gud." I'm sure they'll be some haters at this but I talked to a best buy tech, showed him the 2 options at rockville I was considering, and he looked at all the specs and said that they actually looked pretty good and he had some experience with rockville (bad and good). SO....the 12 inch Kicker kit seems at least one that MANY people have reviewed, but no, I will not be going to car shows with it. BUT the Rockville brand 10" sub has more power, but seems more of a gamble. Still not sure, may seriously flip a coin. They have a 90 day return policy. So....there's that. Plus may buy ala carte as many amps and subs have consistently good ratings across the whole internets. Well, also they sell a few more Kickers.... CompVR 43CVR122 for example. All seems a gamble, gonna eventually kiss the dice and roll.
  11. johnnyyukon

    What Subwoofer Should I Buy?

    Ok thanks. So I've definitely never built a box and until recently, basically the last week, I didn't know prefabs were generally so bad. I can do some pretty basic wood working, feel confident I could probably do it. Is there a good instructional/video link or 2 you know of off the top or should I just youtube it?
  12. johnnyyukon

    What Subwoofer Should I Buy?

    Rockville And you are 100% right about a lot of shit to sift through, this site especially, they seem to have a labyrinth of products. A lot you can get on amazon and a lot of their stuff gets like 300 plus reviews with 4.5 stars, and don't care what anyone says, that is a solid sign of hey, maybe this shit ain't so bad! I am quite confident I can find something that will work and work well, they do have a 90 day return policy. But aside from the advice, "ya, er, ya just need to have mur money" I'd be interested to know, ignoring price for a second, what size woofer (single), and how much RMS ampage or whatever, if I'm wanting a port box in the trunk, space isn't really an issue, would you guys recommend? Again, not trying to win a car show, just rattle some stuff, and like I said, I like rap and lower frequencies. Danke!
  13. johnnyyukon

    What Subwoofer Should I Buy?

    I hear ya, maybe I'll just use that credit towards $200.00 worth of speaker wire. Like my pappy used to say, you can never have too much speaker wire.