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  1. A321J

    Pioneer SPH-Da120 in Toyota Prado 150

    Ok, wire round as in?? Disconnecting the current amp? ill try and find out about the mark levinson option. I don’t think so though.
  2. A321J

    Pioneer SPH-Da120 in Toyota Prado 150

    I’m in Qatar. land cruiser LC150, or looked like it’s sold as the Lexus GX in the US.
  3. Good evening, I'd like to upgrade my stereo in a 2011 Toyota Land cruiser Prado 150. I have a factory audio system with the amplifier under the passenger seat. The only requirements are 2xUSB, Apple carplay and the ability to connect a reversing camera. The Pioneer SPH-Da120 looks as though it would be suitable. Could anyone tell me if this will connect easily to the factory speakers on my Prado. I would like all the speakers to work and be connected correctly, but I'm not at all familiar with these things. So if anyone has done this on their Prado or has any advice it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks