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  1. Thanks for the reply. The amp is not mounted to metal but to plastic. What do you mean about signal grounds?
  2. Hey everyone, I'm sure this has been brought up on a thousand times, but here goes. I am fighting a whine noise in my 2005 Grand Cherokee. It changes with engine speed. I have pinpointed it the the HU, then changed the HU and still have the issue. I have tried to change the ground several times, installed rca gound loop filters which helped a bit. I have installed a inline filter for the power & memory lines-still there. When I have the HU out of the vehicle (hanging by the harnesses) the noise is not present. When I install it back in the dash it starts again. I had installed RFI resistant fabric around the HU and still the same thing. If anyone has any suggestions I would love to hear them. I had also had the alternator diode's checked which are ok. Thanks in advance -Jeff
  3. mousepwr

    Tuning w/ multimeter

    The head unit is a Pioneere mvh 200ex. Basically then I should keep the subwoofer level all the way up all the time, or just to tune it?
  4. mousepwr

    Tuning w/ multimeter

    No, I kept it at 0.
  5. mousepwr

    Tuning w/ multimeter

    Thanks for the reply's. I had the volume at 3/4 power. The rca out put is 2v. The wave was 50Hz.
  6. mousepwr

    Tuning w/ multimeter

    Hey everyone. I was trying to tune my JBL GTX500 using the multi-meter method. I multiplied the rms 350 x the ohms 4 and 1400, the square root of that is 37.41. I was only able to adjust the voltage to about 32v. does this mean the amp is bad? I just got it from Crutchfield. thanks