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  1. Power issue.... Tried with the relay I had wired up, but no luck... took it all apart and started with my DMM. Power issue... Soon as I found the 12V, I adjusted the harness and it powered right up and works perfectly. Thanks for the help.
  2. Thanks keep_hope_alive! I will plug it all in and test voltages with DMM. For some reason, I was thinking I needed to tap into my fuse block somewhere on the relay for power, but it doesn't appear to be necessary. That was my biggest concern. When I get time this weekend, I'm hoping it just works and I'm not troubleshooting. Then I can solder, shrink and put it all back together for good. You help is much appreciated. I'll try to report back with results.
  3. Hi All, Thanks for the add. I am a total newbie to wiring stereos, but am pretty comfortable with wiring in general. Heres what I've got. I picked up a new Kenwood DPX502BT, new for half price last week. It is a replacement unit for the factory stereo in my 2008 Trailblazer. I bought the Metra Dash Mounting kit, Antenna adapater and LC-GMRC-01 Class II Data Bus, as recommended on Crutchfield for the install. I took my time, followed all instructions and soldered up all the wires from the Kenwood Harness to the Metra Harness. Everything looked great.. tore the dash and factory stereo out, put my harness with radio... went to test.. no juice. Nothing, Nada... Getting dark, so I put old one back in till I could look at it tonight. Online, it appears that documentation from Metra requires a Relay be installed over 3amps. This is not included with what you get in the package. The Kenwood is fused at 10A as maximum consumption, so I am assuming I need more power. I am going to post a couple photos... I'm not 100% sure I've got the relay wired up properly, if it needs to go to fuse panel, etc. I am trying to follow the instructions that I found online. First photo is of my initial wiring of the harness then instructions... then the relay instructions and my attempt at the relay. I apologize, I know the wire colours are not correct on the relay, but it came prewired in those locations and colours. From the relay: black wire is on 86 and going to both black ground wires (all together) green wire is on 85, going to the red wire on the LC-GMRC-01 red wire is on 87 going to yellow wires for the LC-GMRC-01 and the Kenwood Harness blue wire is on 30 going to the red wire on the Kenwood Harness yellow wire is on 87a and not connected. I did buy fuse taps and wire to run this to a 10A fuse in my panel, but according to the diagram I'm not sure where this goes. I could see how maybe the wire at 87 should run to my fuse block and maybe the wire at 30 should go to both red wires all connected.... as you can see, I'm all confused.... All help is appreciated. I've just twisted wires together on the relay, but will solder and shrink tube them after I get this all worked out.