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  1. Please slap me. I understand now. The reason it didn't make sense to me is because I never saw the plug that I have to wire in that connects to the back of the head unit. I opened the box up again now after you said that and it was stuck still inside of some of the box packaging. Thank you to both of you. This can be closed.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I guess what I'm not seeing is how I get plugs that will fit into the Pioneer. The plugs on the existing harness don't match and the one I bought don't match either. So say I cut off the old plugs and replace it with the new one, it still won't match in any way to how the back of the Pioneer is laid out. That's the part where I'm confused. I have no problem spicing wires but so far I see nothing that gets the new deck connecting to my car. I can't even find any tuts on YouTube that will explain it. Perhaps I should call Pioneer themselves? Or am I just missing something and making it more complex than it needs to be?
  3. I didn't find anything through the search so I figured I'd ask. My factory deck in my car no longer works so I bought a Pioneer DEH-S4000BT to replace it with. I've googled what wire harness I need to install this new deck (I've never installed one before) and I found probably 3 different ones that all say that they're what I need. I ended up getting a Scosche FD23B but I don't understand how that helps connect the new unit to my car. The plug won't fit in anyway shape or form to the Pioneer. Does anyone know what harness will get this new deck hooked up to my wiring? Thank you