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  1. This is how i do it. Set your subwoofer gain with a DD1 using a -8db overlap track. You can make it easily with audacity. You can also just use the -10db overlap track without any problems as supplied with the DD1. You can set the 360.3 remote to subwoofer level before this and make sure is at maximum 0db zero attenuation during gain setting. This allows attenuation of the subwoofer level. Next you get a nice recording track high quality like wav or flac with a full dymamic range of the audio spectrum something like Queen Greatest Hits. You can then listen by ear how much to attenuate the subwoofer level. For me i found that for my system i have to attenuate about -9db to get a perfect sound Quality. You can check the amount of attenuation by opening the 360 UI software after you have picked the best level on the remote. Remember this position as Good SQ. Now if you want high SPL Bass head sound you just raise the sub level all the way up to max on the remote, for me this is like setting your gain at -8db overlap. The DSP subwoofer attenuation remote function is almost like a variable gain overlap knob.