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  1. Navy1527

    My first real system

    Subs are on the way 😋
  2. Navy1527

    My first real system

    Are the lithium batteries and lithium caps the samething?
  3. Navy1527

    My first real system

    Thanks man I think I'm gonna check out Taramps and Lithium batteries. Now if I could only find a box builder 😕
  4. Navy1527

    My first real system

    I guess I've been out the game too long. Are the Lithium caps the same as capacitor's?? And are the Taramps good for subs??
  5. Hello all, I've been out of the "game" for about nine years now. My loudest system was a DD 9515 on a mcd1500 in a 4 cubes tuned to 40 HZ's. My new system will comprise of: 2008-12 Tahoe...Pending Four DD 9918's SC..Purchased on 9/14/18 Two Banda 8001's...Pending Two High output alt...Pending Enclosure...Pending Lots of sound deadening Two-Three 6.5 component speakers Tons of Batteries Crap load of 0/1 AWG
  6. Navy1527

    8k rms sub

    Wow the Taramp is cheap... I might go that way
  7. Navy1527

    8k rms sub

    I've been out the game for a while lol. Where can I find additional info on the box rise witchcraft? JK I know how to use google lol
  8. Navy1527

    8k rms sub

    Are you saying that box rise will cause the amp to put out 7k less than what's its supposed to? I know its not the best amp in the world but damn. lol
  9. Navy1527

    8k rms sub

    anywhere near 8krms would be nice.
  10. Navy1527

    8k rms sub

    The amps will be at 1 ohm. I've heard that the amps are damn near 9krms @ 14v.
  11. Navy1527

    8k rms sub

    Hello all, My sub setup for my new build is two DD9918's or two FI Omega 18's. The amps will be two Banda Viking 8002's or one Banda Viking 15k. I have concerns that 8krms may be a little too much for the subs. The subs would be in my daily driver but I won't ride around full tilt 24/7.
  12. Navy1527

    Old member new name

    Thanks man I'll try that
  13. Navy1527

    Old member new name

    Hello all, I've been away from car audio for about 11 years now. I joined caraudio.com back in Feb 2007 under mtx9515 (can't remember my log in info) and now I'm back. Old System 2002 Grand Prix High Output alt Big 3 in 0 Red top Alpine head-unit MCD 1500 amp DD 9515 forgot the enclosure specs Alpine four chan amp Alpine type R 2 ways New System 2008 Suburban Two TeamGP 370 amp alt Red Top Battery up front Two FI Omega 18's or DC Level 6 18's ***Will 8k rms be too much for the FI's or DC's?*** Two Banda Viking 8001 (8k rms each) or One Banda15K Enclosure is pending ( looking for a builder) A crap ton of wires and batteries A crap ton of sound deadening Highs and Mids still pending ( looking for ideas) Highs and Mids amp still pending ( looking for ideas) I look forward to getting back into the car audio game. Any suggestions on my new system would be much appreciated.