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  1. Wow, that's actually amazing. Technology, eh. Lol. Still trying to find me a group buy on these dang cells.
  2. Ah, thank you for the info. Bet your vehicles enjoyed the weight reduction from the agms. How many agms total did those lto's replace? I hit up the place where you got your cells. Quoted $30 a cell fpr air fedex ship. Sp 540$ and then a minimum of 72cells for freight shipping by ship, which is $400. They are out till nxt shipment comes in on the Oct. 20th. Over 5000 orders to fill they said. These cells are going quick. Just errr. Wish I could bring that cost down a lil more. Thanx for the help.
  3. I sent you a FR dale and have been added to group. Commented on josh williams post and am awaiting a pm. Thank you I appreciate it. Trying to get these cells is a pain.
  4. Builds look good. I'm still trying to find a group buy for them cells. Tryed all of the one's y'all mentioned and nothing yet.
  5. So I checked out those fb pages. Still waiting to be accepted for the diy lto group. So can't get ahold of anyone there for group buys. Hit up Colin and he does group buys every couple months. 22$ each cell plus shipping when cells get state side. Is that a good deal? I hit up KOK power limited and was quoted 324$ for 18 cells the (66160 lto cells, they just got in) plus 197$ shipping from China to door here in Texas. Not wanting to pay that kind of shipping. Just needing enough cells or even cells that boominburban has to make a 90ah-120ah battery bank. Y'all know anybody that I can group buy from soon?
  6. Ah thanx, I'll be contacting Colin from wolfram. Appreciate the additional info. I think my 1/4 thick bus bar for up to 500amps of current should do fine. Lol. Your running crazy amounts.
  7. Ah okay. Well it can't be to bad or there wouldn't be a market for them. Lol I'm thinking it's not to much. An initial investment in the special chargers. (For my use I won't need) then but raw aluminum 6061. I can pick up 1 and 1/2 by 1/4 by 48" for 20$. But cheaper if bought in large quantities I'm sure. Then stainless stell hardware at home depot maybe $20 for my application. But the more u buy in bulk the more u save. Lol If you plan on buying some cells in bulk let me know. Trying to find a group buy. Save some mula, every lil bit counts. And thanx again.
  8. Ah okay. Well makes sense. Definitely wouldn't make sense to put that kind of stress on a h/o alternator. I'm thinking with the amount I'll have they will hardly be stressed at all and gonna stick 'em in the trunk where I have ran a/c and have a cooling fan. I've gotta find that thread now. Lol I have to thank both you Hispls and boominburban for all your help.
  9. I'm from Texas, we always go big. Haha. okay. Good to know. I'm glad you did create this thread as many answers you really couldn't find else where were answered on this thread. This thread is going to help many diyers and with a safe alternative to play with such as LTO. However, you definitely woulda made a pretty penny selling these, but who knows how long a cell would last and have warranty out, as u stated. Limitless states their 15ah is good for 3k watt system. Just know way they'd survive 3k rms for veey long. I knew something was off with the premade lithium batteries as noone tells you what cells they are using or bms ( lack there of). Knowing what cells is vital to safety. I knew they had to have been overpriced at looking at cost of cells. I'm just gonna wait for the nxt group buy I see on here and go with that. Hopefully I'll have this build done in the mext 4months or so.
  10. Is ur amp rated for below 1ohm? I am just curious as mine is rated to 1 ohm but I'll be running a .67 ohm load when I get my third sub.
  11. Not sure how thwy are running their cells. But they aren't running bms's on them. I have no idea how they get their ah ratings of 15ah for a 3k system. They must be running the cells hard for those ratings, As u stated. And yep they'll die or worse.
  12. Okay. This has been a great thread and with the help of y'all ready to get this going. There isn't to much to it. Youtube and google just made things difficult to decipher. I'll knock out the agm and add another parallel line just to be sure and not over stress the bank (cells) so 24 cells and 6s4p 160ah. Now if I can just get a group by and drive down the cost of cells, that'd be great.
  13. Cool. So these run on dc power? Or just get inverter? How do u have urs hooked up in ur vehicle? If ya don't mind me asking.
  14. okay that makes sense. It wouldn't be to hard to check hispls if ya just lay bank on side u can leave everything hooked up and just check each cell that way, correct? I will definitely be purchasing some cells soon. Hoping to find a group buy to drive down the cost of cells. I'm thinking these ones.
  15. So you keep your charger hooked up at all times? That is not a bms u said? Have alot of extra line. Lol I did not know that bus bar formula. Thank you.