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  1. I have an old power supply and tried to wire it up to an amp and get all the stupid wires correct it never worked. I have a powermax ac/dc inverter which is 55amps. They are pretty cheap now. I just did an upgrade and have an old 4 channel amp and speakers laying around. Gonna hook it up to power supply and see if it works. Instead of a plate amp or expensive pro amp I'd try the inverter route as they can play speakers and subwoofers at a much lower ohm and give way more options. I am going to hook up the nvx bluetooth receiver. So with powermax inverter + amp + bluetooth receiver = your own 4ohm to 2 ohm stable amp with bluetooth.
  2. L1ttlet


    Awesome. Agm are cheap now. No lithiums on there though. Kinda waiting for answers and debating on getting another agm. What's the different group sizes mean?
  3. I've been researching power options to supply my car with enough power to run 3500-5000 watt rms audio system. I am going to be running 2/0 awg gp ofhc wire. The big 4 upgrade and have a xs power d3400. So I am confused, about battery options. Option 1: Should I keep stock lead acid under hood and put xs power d3400 in trunk for audio and get a 250amp H/0 alternator. Option 2: an xs d3400 under hood, another one for audio in trunk and a 250amp h/0 alternator. So 2 xs power d3400 batterys for this one. OPTION 3: this one is the most confusing one but thinking of options of being able to put in different vehicles and cost effective. Keep the d3400 under hood and add a lithium 15ah-25ah battery. Been doing research. With this setup I could keep stock alternator to my understanding. Now issues with lithium is who to go with and compatibility for a car application. Lithium currently has it's limits such as to much cold or heat as well as charging to fast. I know limitless would work and the other well known brands but they are just to much. My biggest concern is who to go with and keeping the lithium safety that limitless batteries have and staying within a 400$ dollar limit. This option would be to ensure I wouldn't need a h/0 alternator. Hoping someone has these answers.
  4. L1ttlet


    It does. Big giant waste of money or really expensive distribution block. Just happy mine is less than a month old and took a dump on me. Gonna go with lithium.
  5. L1ttlet


    All wolfram finally. Getting rid of the nvx 800.4 if anyone is interested. Returning that POS hybrid cap. The minute I disconnected fuse from battery and voltage began to drop. Reading lo after only 30mins unplugged. What a joke. Was thinking of putting the smartbattery 25ah lithium in it's place, anyone know if these are any good? The wolframs are different shades of silver, errr. Thinking about a third re audio sub. Some car audio candy I thought I'd share.
  6. L1ttlet

    Lithium power for cheap

    What good brand lithiums are affordable cuz limitless and others like it even xs powers new one are way to much.
  7. L1ttlet

    Lithium power for cheap

    110ah ones are expensive. I read that the lithiums are picky about working voltage and operating temperature that damages life of battery. So not sure now about adding one to the trunk on the thought of damaging this thing that's gonna cost more than my amps combined.
  8. L1ttlet

    Yay for goodies!!

    Got this yesterday. Disappointed that it is 4awg inputs. Good thing I have adapters.
  9. L1ttlet

    Lithium power for cheap

    Lol, I was thinking it seemed very complex with everything I was reading and playing with that kind of electricity and safely kinda had me worried. In that case what 12v lithium battery for car audio application would suffice 5000watts rms that isn't going to cost a ton of money. What would be the lithium equivalent of the xs d3400?
  10. L1ttlet

    Lithium power for cheap

    What would be the lithium equivalent to the xs power d3400?
  11. L1ttlet

    Lithium power for cheap

    I've been doing some research and I already have a xs power d3400 under the hood. I am thinking of getting a lithium battery to supplement the d3400. I will be upgrading electrical. Power and ground will now be 3/0 awg class m welding cable. Should supply easy 500amps. Ofcourse big 4 upgrade. Have not upgraded alternator yet as I was researching lithium batteries suffer if charged to quickly. I am currently running around 3k watts rms, with potential to upgrade to around 5k watts rms. Have a few questions. I can safely run the lithium and agm without a battery isolator as that is only if you play your system with car off, I will always have mine running. So all the lithiums on the market right now are very expensive and also some don't have proper specs to not effect the life of battery, say charging below or above certain temp. I was thinking it'd be pretty interesting to run a bank of the 18650 batteries, the same kind they use for vaping, however would this work, how many would I need? How would I hook them up to eachother? Would this be a fire hazard? Are there fail safes in them to keep from exploding? How would I charge them? I just want enough to be another d3400 or two and without the 50lbs of weight. I can't seem to find these answers looking online.
  12. L1ttlet

    do i need good speakers for a sub?

    It depends what rms the 2 12's are if your thinking of 1000watt rms subs then good rule of thumb is 100watts speakers for every 1000watts rms subs. So if they are 500 watt rms then 50 watt speakers should do fine. Upgrading to a good aftermarket headunit that puts out 30-50 rms per channel should bring new life to your factory speakers and make everything sound pretty uniform.
  13. L1ttlet

    3 subwoofer wiring help

    Good to know. Thank you for the heads up. Colin stated that they are coming out with 10's for the silver line. Thinking bout getting a few. I've got the wolfram a/b 125.4 in shipment. Stomed to get that as well.
  14. L1ttlet

    3 subwoofer wiring help

    So tax time will either be toyota 4runner sr5 2015 model. But those things are expensive. So more than likely a minivan to hall around all the minions. Lol. Gonna be one bumpin minivan though.
  15. L1ttlet

    3 subwoofer wiring help

    The box builds