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  1. My last car was a convertible in which I installed an aftermarket Alpine stereo which had bluetooth for the phone. I installed the mic on the sunvisor which worked well until I lowered the top, and then it just didn't work due to the wind noise. Now I have another convertible and I'm trying to figure out how to beat this problem. I do have a bluetooth headset that works independently from the stereo which works fairly well, but when the phone rings I have to take off my cap, put on the headset, check the phone (which might be in my pocket) to see who the call's from, and answer. I'd prefer to use an aftermarket bluetooth system as it was intended with its own mic so I could quickly see who the call is from and then hit the button. My idea is to use a noise cancelling mic, such as from a CB, instead of the mic that comes with these systems--these mics typically have either a 2.5mm or 3.5mm plug. Could I wire a 3.5mm plug onto a CB mic? Would the impedance of the CB mic and the stereo system work together? I haven't purchased a stereo for this car yet, and don't intend to unless I can figure out an answer to this problem. I've searched all over the net and haven't found anyone dealing with this issue. I am not much of an electronics whiz, for which I apologize in advance.