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  1. SPL_Krayzie112

    What would cause this fuse to melted?

    Poor ground? Maybe your amp has too small of a ground or poor/shorted ground connection.
  2. SPL_Krayzie112

    New system

    Which year model Camry exactly? How much is your potential budget?
  3. SPL_Krayzie112

    Metalhead/Rocker Audiophiles needed!!

    Soft diaphragm tweeter, hard diaphragm mids and thick diaphragm subwoofer(s). I'd say high Qes and high Qms. Maybe you're looking for a Denon HU or Eclipse HU if you don't mind old/used equipment. Alpine CDE-175BT should do something.
  4. SPL_Krayzie112

    High Quality Bass Music

    Bass Mekanik
  5. SPL_Krayzie112

    What happened to Car Audio Forum???

    It was still online until a couple weeks ago. Now fucking thing is nowhere in sight.
  6. SPL_Krayzie112

    Sony Xplod HU

    Which Sony Xplod HU is the highest end model in that model range?
  7. SPL_Krayzie112

    Need help with Sony headunit watts?.

    You can try. Touch both wires together before connecting them to the speakers. If the HU didn't go on protection mode or burn a fuse, you should be good. (Leave it connected for 5-10 mins to see if it'll burn the fuse.)
  8. SPL_Krayzie112

    What happened to Car Audio Forum???

    I think that's called a PITA.
  9. SPL_Krayzie112

    What happened to Car Audio Forum???

    Lee's really dead??
  10. SPL_Krayzie112

    Where to download high quality bass music

    Download music editing software. You'll be able to dictate how much bass is alot of bass.
  11. SPL_Krayzie112

    Need help choosing the right HO ALT

    Mechman Alternators
  12. Did Lee die or something??