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  1. Deaner76

    two ZAPCO ST-2X SQ'S

    f**k I didn't see the buy it now on here! Shit I hope I didn't make this more difficult than it needs to be!!
  2. Deaner76

    ¡911 Mid Bass Driver 411!

    I am on the cusp of pulling the trigger once again on a set of speakers and this is my dilemma... I am searching for an economical option for the highest quality speakers IN THE price range that I will now mention: (that was to deter any "haters" from throwing out that age old argument of "you get what you pay for" or "I've never heard the words SQ and 'cheap' used in the same sentence" or "this guy uses the f#*k out of some 'quotes' eh?" because I don't have time for that B.S. so be warned up front that I am choosing my words accordingly and I'm in too good a mood to hunt down some dickweed with a holier than thou car audio complex because let's be realistic... the only dude that looks up to you mr. inflated ego, is the 15 YEAR OLD DUDE!! and if you ask me that's just creepy!) and yes I accidentally tabbed and hit enter so this posted early... What about it!!?? and that whole last paragraph was almost all in parenthesis! So I need some MIDBASS OR MID BASS DRIVERS. I need some speakers that will thump out the frequencies above what the sub in my trunk will do and I would like to do it for under or around a hundred dollars. I have a cheap pair of (GOOD SOUNDING BUT NOT ENOUGH MID BASS) Infinity 6.5 Primus series components in the front doors... and I have a small Kicker amp on them currently. The amp is the 125 watt kicker that ALSO is in the 100 buck range.. See a pattern here?! well I have a crisp hundred dollar bill burning a hole in my pocket.. nah, but I know it sounds that way. I have a 12 inch SD3 Sundown in the trunk with one cubic foot of sealed enclosure and a pair of pioneer 4" door speakers still in the back doors. Those are the ones I'll likely replace with the "woofers" from the Infinity set. So I'm looking for 6.5" speakers. I've looked into the SSA Evil 6.5's, The Alpine S model, The MTX Road Thunder 8Ω speaker (which I'd have to get creative to wire them down to 4 and that would either take going mono or wiring them parallel with another speaker on each side and I've never done that so that is a good point of interest for me to ask there too.. Any ideas on that dilemma? Ok there are a handful of other ones that I've looked at but you know what I'm getting at and I haven't had a chance to get out and listen to ANY systems in the last 20 years so I honestly can only go by numbers and graphs and other peoples reviews so I'm leaving it up to you guys so if you're not taking me seriously here please save your two cents for a piece of gum. Oh yeah and the Ampere AA 6.5SM and the Ampere coaxial 6.5's are in the running for sure too! If anybody knows anything about those! Speakers people... GO! or the CT Sounds Strato or Meso series 6.5's?
  3. Deaner76

    ample audio exonic 700

    Yet another place I had no idea existed! I'm so glad I said something! This thing is already starting to gather dust (in my mind) and it's irritating the s#!t out of me that I haven't gotten it off to somebody to be fixed yet. I will be bookmarking the amplab immediately! Thanks TpK.. <-- Schweet name BTW
  4. Deaner76

    ample audio exonic 700

    Thanks a ton brother. In hindsight everything you said makes total fuggin sense but apparently I was too enamored with my new toy to think "classic car audio" or to even fathom facebook.. sometimes it takes someone else on the outside looking in to point out where you obviously are the most ignorant! lol Seriously I will look into all of these routes and go from there.
  5. Deaner76

    ample audio exonic 700

    I really hate bumping something so old especially when I'm totally new here. Please forgive me guys. I'm really not trying to upset the herd but I'm not finding a whole lot on these Ample Exonic 700's myself and wanted to see if maybe anyone knows where I might get one fixed. I powered one up and when I got power and little output I was still sold on the amp hoping I could get it fixed I went ahead and bought it. After I cracked it open I'm even happier that I bought it. The inside tells a story of a quality company gone too soon. I know little to absolutely nothing about this company or this amp but it weighs a ton and the parts inside are quality. I honestly think there's an issue with the switch on it for the crossover frequency. When I switch the output from hpt to log and off I remember getting a low signal. I really would prefer to get it looked at before throwing more power at it but I have no idea who might even be able to help. Ideas? Any and all help appreciated greatly! Anybody got any memories of seeing one of these beasts working? Picture just because it's handy.
  6. Deaner76

    JLJunkie's Retarded Budget Build

    Holy freaking crap man. Lol I just got on this forum now for the first time and I find this! Lol that's a tough ass design and a super quality looking build. Obviously the numbers were pretty friggin spot on. Nice.. jealous. I'm sorry if I'm missing this and you've got this posted somewhere really obvious in neon lettering or something but since I was commenting anyway. What amp is on this setup? I heard you say it was super cheap but good God man! I'm obviously not at all but I'm just going to say speechless.