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  1. PPVtahoe11

    3.5K amps

  2. PPVtahoe11

    Cone area with high roll surrounds..

    Lmao measure any woofer. They all measure smaller then they are. Skar just sucks. Sorry for your purchase. Also a 10” woofer sounds just like a 15” woofer. Idk what your trying to say in your first post
  3. PPVtahoe11

    How many Watts are you running on your subs

    I had a Memphis 1000d on my two LCS 12s. Amp has 4 30a fuses and put out some good power. U could Prly run a 1500watt amp to them and after rise and just clean power they would be safe.
  4. I had two lcs 12s in a ported box. It was a prefab that was 1.75c per woofer and it sucked... they needed a wayyy bigger box forsure. Space makes bass yooo
  5. I love big boxes. Since u got the room I’d make a bigger box. 6 cubes with 70” port tuned to 32hz... shit will slammmm
  6. PPVtahoe11

    Sub amp recommendations please

  7. PPVtahoe11

    Which amp is better? need help..

    Both those amps are junk.
  8. PPVtahoe11

    I guess it's recone time.. What would cause this?

    U don’t understand at all. Clip for sure because the way ur talking. We know the coil should be black. Just not flat charcoal black. And no wire to 1ohm gain lower and wire to 4ohm are totally different things. Not even close to same clean power at all
  9. PPVtahoe11

    I guess it's recone time.. What would cause this?

    That coil looks like charcoal! The coils should be shinny black not dull burnt black. Clippppppp city
  10. PPVtahoe11

    2011 ppv Tahoe slowwwww build

    Yea bay city Saginaw. Ya I sold the truck to my buddy Avery. He sold the alts and went CES alts. He also tore out the cpillar and went bpillar. The truck is getting bagged right now. A lot of nice builds from Michigan this year.
  11. PPVtahoe11

    2011 ppv Tahoe slowwwww build

    I am currently looking for a 2nd Tahoe so I can make this blue one my bass ride. I think I’m gunna buy this silver 2014 Tahoe with 112k for $10,600... just gotta find some time to go get it. Maybe this weekend.
  12. PPVtahoe11

    2011 ppv Tahoe slowwwww build

    Bought 6 xv2 12s already have 2 boys 700.1 amps
  13. PPVtahoe11

    2011 ppv Tahoe slowwwww build

    Haha 1990 pose with the 28s I just bought. Haters gunna hate
  14. PPVtahoe11

    2500-3k watts at 2ohm OR .5ohm..whats out there

    The bc2k should run .5ohm all day. Get the bc5k if u want more power. Almost any name brand Korea ampnwill do .5ohm. Sundown soundqube dc audio IA audio brutal sounds etc... the list goes on
  15. PPVtahoe11

    I guess it's recone time.. What would cause this?

    4ohm after rise to get the power u want u were prly clipping hard. Wire it to 1ohm and run clean power. It’s very hard to burn one of those tinsel leads unless heavy heavy clip. Manufacturing defects do happen but that looks like clip city