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  1. Shouldn’t be able to smell woofers in a sealed box. So either your box isn’t sealed properly or the smell is coming from somewhere else.but it seems like you don’t know how to determine clipping. So u might be driving your woofers and have a leaky sealed box so I can smell them. Prly gunna be burnt up very soon
  2. PPVtahoe11

    What subwoofer

    Why not buy a 5000watt mono amp for the 2 12s? U don’t have to buy a 2ch for 2 subwoofers. Sounds like you are very very new to car audio. Two 12s will be louder in proper box on proper power
  3. PPVtahoe11

    What subwoofer

    2 12s. More coil to displace heat so they can handle more power forsure.
  4. I got my SA 10s in a huge box. Like 10cubes.. they straight hammer. I have steering wheel flex and when my windows are half way down they shake they are going to break. They play down to like 25hz with authority. I love me some huge boxes. If u heard this setup on 500watts u would crap your pants
  5. PPVtahoe11

    More sound

    Put an amp on the speakers and don’t run them off a 15watt head unit
  6. PPVtahoe11

    rockville K NINE sub

    We built 160db cars with with the stuff from homedepot that’s $32 a 4x8 sheet. Sure it might have a few little voids but nothing serious. Ant bear it for the price and for a single 12” box it will do just fine.
  7. PPVtahoe11

    rockville K NINE sub

    U can get pine at home depot for $32 a 4x8 sheet... it’s just like 7 layer birch but it’s pine.. that’s what I use
  8. PPVtahoe11

    What direction is Sundown heading?

    I’ve seen lot of NS2 that blew up. I won’t touch an NS2 with a 10ft pole. And I only buy b stock alsoZ new prices are crazy and your stupid if u pay that.
  9. Crap subwoofers crap amp. crap box = crap results. Just because u used the smd distortion detector doesn’t mean your not clipping. That piece of crap thing only checks the distortion at the frequency test tone your playing. The music u play is recorded at all different types of levels. 99% sure clipping and low end equipment
  10. PPVtahoe11

    Budget 4 channel amp

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/Orion-CB2000-4-Cobalt-Series-Class-AB-4-Channel-4000-Watt-Amplifier-NEW/264009443956?epid=2289440999&hash=item3d78306a74:g:WYUAAOSwVJhZQuw4 i had this amp with the 3 25a fuses. It was great for $100
  11. PPVtahoe11

    2014 silverado dual sa 10s

    Honestly SA 10s want more space. I had two SA 10s in 3cubes and it was ok(made some bass) now I have two SA 10s in a huge box like 5cubes each and they straight hammer everything. Plays down to about 24hz. U wanna stick to 6.5” and 8” woofers for under seat stuff forsure. Some massive audio 6.5” hammer for the price. Or sundown E 8” is a nice woofer for the money. Sundown SA 8” if u don’t mind spending the money
  12. PPVtahoe11

    Sub to replace SSSA XCON?

    Sundown xv2
  13. The alpine x woofers are nice. That box u have is way to small. Build a new box 6cubes with 70” of port tunes to 32hz... u will be impressed I promise you!
  14. PPVtahoe11

    Sundown X8v3 or SA8v3