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  1. PPVtahoe11

    What Sub Should I go with?

    Sundown e,,, b stock from caraudiobargin website
  2. PPVtahoe11

    best 12" for $100

    http://www.caraudiobargain.com/b-stock-sundown-audio-ev3-12-subwoofer-500w-e-series/ subdown E 12 $110
  3. PPVtahoe11

    Did I blow my amp?

    You shouldn’t touch the power wire to get it to spark. U prly blew a fuse and now the ampnisnt getting power.. fix your car and stop unhooking the battery everytime. Sounds like u need to sell your system and fix your car.
  4. PPVtahoe11

    Photos of car audio gear you have owned

    Was for 18s. Re baffles real fast and then put SA 10a in there. They hammer 20hz now
  5. PPVtahoe11

    Getting ready...Wolfram audio

    Nice any pics? Or vids?
  6. PPVtahoe11

    2011 ppv Tahoe slowwwww build

    Haven’t been on here in awhile... honestly since sundown left a bad taste in my mouth I’ve put audio on hold... I know it sounds childish or dumb but when u spend thousands and thousands or dollars and get tonssssss of people interested in sundown and then they can’t even return an email or a phone call it is straight bull crap. I have friends that have bought $10,000+ sundown installs because they heard my truck. But since sundown doesn’t care about the little guys anymore cus they have JP with downforsound to push their overpriced audio. Is just sad. I sold my green 02 Tahoe with the cpillar wall empty for $5000 sold my alts and bracket for $2000 sold my 4 zv3 18s for $1100 still have my 4 nsv3 18s d2 for $2000 picked up in Michigan still have my two vp 700.1s for power. I do plan on doing a new build soon. Going to buy a second vehicle and bpillar one of my vehicles.im either going to buy a cheap blazer or I’m gunna buy another ppv Tahoe. I can find another 09-11 Tahoe for 5k again it will become a bass ride. I do miss my loud music everyday. I went from 155db+ daily to two SA 10s on 1000watts. The withdrawals are real..... lol if anyone was wondering where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing. Just living life, getting everything situated. Got my 4yr old in school now, he’s growing like a weed, weed just became legal here in Michigan 😎started a new job about a year ago and getting myself ebstabliahed in the company. Tax time is coming up and I get to claim my kid this year. I should have a good chunk of change with selling my old truck and old audio gear and taxes to play with. My next build should be killer. Hopefully I get some motivation this spring and get things rolling. Let the haters hate. I do me
  7. PPVtahoe11

    pushing 2 zv5 12's

    This place hasn’t changed. Same dbags making dumb comments about sundown sub not taking more then 2k 🤯
  8. Get the djrusticals killshot remix and she gets even lower
  9. PPVtahoe11

    2011 ppv Tahoe slowwwww build

    Got some new headlights on the Pig
  10. 2 12s would be better for a trunk and have no problem doing 140db+... two 18s won’t fit properly... u would have a rough time even fitting 1 18” in a trunk