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  1. PPVtahoe11

    Any Spl predictions?

    You should build a new box. Woofer and port on same baffle. I never could get loud with sub up port back/port side. Always was louder when woofer and port is on the same baffle. The enclosure is the most important part.
  2. PPVtahoe11

    Identifying old mtx sub

    Lmao put the woofer in the trash where is belongs 🤯
  3. PPVtahoe11

    Any Spl predictions?

  4. PPVtahoe11

    Any Spl predictions?

    Should be 150db+... if I had to guess 147.3db sealed on dash
  5. PPVtahoe11

    Box too big? 2 SA12s

    I got my SA 10s in like 10cubes plus. They love it. Broke my Chevy emblem off the back of my truck the other day and I only got 500watts on it.
  6. RE is old news. Get a pair of sundown SA 12s on a 2k amp and you will be happy. Don’t get a prefab box. Get a nice box made that’s like at least 2.5cubes per woofer. JL still makes nice stuff
  7. PPVtahoe11

    Upgrading to bigger amps

    Losing output and loudness you say? Coulda swore those were the same thing 😲
  8. PPVtahoe11

    FI Bl-18v3d2/AAK-4000.1d... lovin' the output

    18” on 4K.... 150db or bust!!!!!!!! 🤭
  9. PPVtahoe11

    Upgrading to bigger amps

    Put them 12s in a huge box and they will shine. I have my 2 SA 10s in like 11cubes and it’s awesome! I know this video isn’t sundown but watch this video of 1 12” in a HUGE box. Space makes bass. https://youtu.be/MW5zTIzeR4U
  10. PPVtahoe11

    Chads build log

    Kinda hard to tell but what’s up with the port on the new box? Looks like it doesn’t fit all the way? Anyways u want the port to aim throw the hole in the rear deck and not the woofer. 😎
  11. PPVtahoe11

    Why is my amp clipping at 12.4volts?

    Sounds like your loosing signal and not clipping? Not sure. Sounds like your a very beginner and it’s hard to help over the internet on this kind of problem. Clipping is distortion and hardly can be heard with subwoofers. Voltage being 12.4 doesn’t mean it won’t clip. My guess is u have a problem with your connections with all your 3.5m jack and rca splitters.
  12. PPVtahoe11

    Sundown team 18

    Sundown d1 are like .8ohm and there d2 are like 1.8ohm
  13. PPVtahoe11

    3.5K amps

  14. PPVtahoe11

    Cone area with high roll surrounds..

    Lmao measure any woofer. They all measure smaller then they are. Skar just sucks. Sorry for your purchase. Also a 10” woofer sounds just like a 15” woofer. Idk what your trying to say in your first post
  15. PPVtahoe11

    How many Watts are you running on your subs

    I had a Memphis 1000d on my two LCS 12s. Amp has 4 30a fuses and put out some good power. U could Prly run a 1500watt amp to them and after rise and just clean power they would be safe.