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  1. Im installng speakers, 45watt/channel amp and processor in my 2016 Silverado double cab. The amp and processor will be mounted behind the back seat. Seems easiest to run the stock speaker wires back, new speaker wires forward and connect to the stock speaker wires rather than running new speaker wires. Don't really know the stock wiring sizes but should this be good?
  2. Littlefield

    Best bang/buck for XM

    I’ve got a lot of music on my phone and also a portable CD player. I’ll try them to see the difference.
  3. Littlefield

    Best bang/buck for XM

    I ended up getting Morel Maximo front component and rear coax speakers with an Alpine KTP-445U amp. I suspect I’ll be blown away with the improvement. May add a dsp later. They’re a little pricey.
  4. Littlefield

    Best bang/buck for XM

    Thanks for the feedback. Sounds like something I can build up to.
  5. Littlefield

    Best bang/buck for XM

    My 2016 Silverado has the base IOB head unit and 6 speakers. I listen to XM most of the time so one question is how much is it worth upgrading or is it just painting up the pig to mess with improving fidelity for that format. Second question is about adding an amp to the stock head unit vs upgrading receivers. I’m happy with the functionality of my radio and am not looking for huge sound. Just better quality fidelity. Thoughts?