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  1. ExperienceHysteriance

    Need Some Advice From My JL Audio Fans Out There...!!

    @fithwheel Ok thanks man will do. Ya I just googled them and there are a couple reviews on them, all speaking very highly on them and saying they've won multiple accolades and awards in the audio world. Seem to be a true SQ woofer, so maybe I should look more into that. Guess its just a question of where to find a box lol. But thanks for the advice! I wonder how they compare to JL....?
  2. ExperienceHysteriance

    Need Some Advice From My JL Audio Fans Out There...!!

    @fithwheel I had considered that as well, but tbh I've never heard their sound and its hard to find good reviews on them because they're just not near as mainstream as JL. Although with an entire Morel system it would make sense to pair it with a Morel sub, do you have any experience with them??
  3. ExperienceHysteriance

    Need Some Advice From My JL Audio Fans Out There...!!

    @JRsmoothee Ya man I was planning on doing the sub and amp install myself due to its simplicity, but the components and midrange I was planning on just taking it to a premium car audio shop and just paying them to do the install. Yes its prolly gonna be expensive as shit but to me its worth all the time and madness. And ya I had thoughts about that speaker by the windshield...probably just gonna get rid of it, just too much of a hassle. And thanks for the advice about the head unit, im fairly experienced when it comes to car audio but big high-dollar systems like what im building are pretty much reserved for the pros and audio veterans. What kind of HU would you recommend for best DSP?
  4. ExperienceHysteriance

    Need Some Advice From My JL Audio Fans Out There...!!

    @JRsmoothee Yes most likely, probably with the JL Audio FiX-86 OEM Integration system. I have the premium audio package in my car as of now and it runs 900 watts to 9 factory speakers. Will most likely install a High Output (HO) alternator in there and an extra battery. If push comes to shove and an aftermarket head-unit would make the system sound better, then that's the way I'll go instead. But a high quality HU can get pretty pricey and was hoping to save on unnecessary costs, but will do that if its needed.
  5. Hey guys, this is my first post to this site so I apologize if anything seems out of context but I was hoping to get some good feedback regarding which sub/amp combo is the best for the system I'm currently setting up in my 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee. So before I pop the question regarding which sub and amp combo to use, lemme give you a breakdown of my door-speakers, tweeters, mid-range, and amps to power them so y'all can have some background as to what the goal of the system is to sound like. First off, my ultimate goal in this whole system is overwhelming SQ, but hopefully without having to spend like $10k lol. Here's a breakdown of my other speakers regarding higher and mid-range frequencies: - 2 sets of Morel Hybrid 602 6-1/2 Component Speakers (one set for front, one for back doors). Each set contains the following: - 6-1/2" component speaker system - one-piece Damped Polymer Cone (DPC) - cast aluminum basket - 1-1/8" Acuflex coated silk dome tweeter - external crossover with 3 tweeter level settings - handles up to 140 watts RMS (600 watts peak power) - frequency response: 35-25,000 Hz - sensitivity: 91 dB at 2.83 V - woofer mounting depth: 2-7/16" - 2 Morel MPS 4.400 4 channel amplifiers to power the components and mid-range. - 70 watts RMS x 4 at 4 ohms (100 watts RMS x 4 at 2 ohms) - 200 watts RMS x 2 at 4 ohms in bridged mode (4-ohm stable in bridged mode) - 1 set (2 midrange drivers) of Morel CCWR254 2-1/2" Mid-Range Drivers. (40 watts RMS, 80 watts peak power). I know I kinda sound like a Morel geek but after hearing their products at our local hifi dealership I was just blown away, they were in a whole different world of sound, even when I listened to them alongside some higher-end Focal's. Just astounding. Anyways, now for the my question regarding the lower-frequencies: So I've always been a JL Audio fan when it comes to subwoofers. I know a lot of guys will tell you there are better subs for the price but when it comes to sheer SQ and an iconic resonance of the lower frequencies I have yet to come across a subwoofer that can perform like a good JL setup. In the past, I've owned a set of w1's, a set of 2 10" W3v2's, and a set of 2 12" W6v2's. Even with the under-powered amp I had running them they still sounded great, but now I'm looking for something even better. I've heard a lot of good things regarding the new W6v3 series when it comes to producing great SQ, and in my case I'd probably go with a single 12" ported system if I bought a W6. However, I've also heard a ton of good things about the W7AE-3 series, but after hearing a 13 W7AE-3 hooked up to a 1200 Rockford Fosgate amp it was honestly wayyyy too much SPL for my taste. I could hear my buddies trunk literally raddling apart and my hair was frizzled after leaving the car lol. Obviously he had his system tuned for SPL but it still made me a little hesitant. Although I've read on many forums that you can tune the W7 for great SQ, especially if paired up with the right amp (i.e. a Slash v3 or HD series from JL). I was thinking that if I went with a W7, it would probably be either a 10" W7 powered by an HD 750 or 600 Slash v3, OR a 12" W7 powered by a 1000 Slash v3 or HD 750. So, with that being said lemme lay out my 3 options/pairs for you guys again so you get a clear picture of what I'm debating on. Options: 1.) One 12" W6v3 in high output ported enclosure, powered by a 600 Slash v3. 2.) One 10" W7AE-3 in high output ported enclosure powered by either a 600 Slash v3 or HD-750 amp. 3.) One 12" W7AE-3 in built-to-spec ported enclosure powered by either a 1000 Slash v3 or HD-750 amp. So what do you guys think? Keep in mind that my ultimate goal with this entire audio system is amazing SQ, with a powerful but CLEAN portrayal of the lower-end frequencies. Oh and if this helps, most of the music I listen to is hip-hop/rap, with a little country here and there depending on the mood. I love the sound that 12" subwoofers can produce, noticeably lower and harder hitting than a 10", but I'm afraid that the 12" W7 with a 1000 watt Slash behind it is just going to be too much and might drown out the beautiful sound of those Morels. Anyways, I'd love to hear what y'all think, and what you guys would go with if you had the same setup. Like I said before I've only heard the 13" W7 before, so I have no experience with the smaller models, hopefully they are a little less boomy and retain more SQ. Also, if you guys have any other recommendations regarding the setup please share! I'd love to hear your thoughts. Thanks so much for reading this long ass post and helping me out, you guys rock!!!