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    Single Sundown Sa12 rev 3

    If you could elaborate please. I've just been drawn in by the price and how they perform on a dyno.
  2. Alright guys I've been contemplating this build for awhile and finally broke down and decided to seek some advice. I currently have the sub but I'm needing to build a box. (Not the first box I've built) I'm just looking to step it up a little with this one. I have a 98 c1500 ext cab so it'll be in the back but I'm looking at getting either a skar 1500 or 2000 watt amp as an upgrade from my current kenwood 800. I'm thinking just a ported box with a kerf port (going to be using 3/4" mdf) but my main concern is tuning and accounting for the over powering. It's going to be mostly a daily bumper but would like to see what numbers it can pull. Thanks in advance. Edit: I know its rated for 750rms but we all know they're WAY under rated so I'm also curious how it would do if 2000 watts. Not necessarily worried if I blow it eventually because that's just a good excuse for an upgrade!