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  1. Naxin

    Raspberry Pi-based Head Unit

    I managed to buy a Audison Bit.One in fantastic condition second hand today for $300 AUD. In US car audio economics that's about $150 USD, I'm very happy! Hope mentioned the Audison DSPs briefly, i would be interested in hearing more opinions on the bit one. I understand one of its limitations is it has a graphical equaliser, as opposed to Parametric. Truthfully the delay tuning and high quality DAC inside is the most valuable thing to me. Now that I've got a DSP, next step is getting an SPDIF hat for the Pi. One challenge I've realised in this project is that to run high quality audio software such as RuneAudio on the Pi, it actually needs a custom OS entirely dedicated in a sense to that one application and it needs to be headless (no screen). This kinda sucks because the plan was that the Pi was supposed to be driving a whole dashboard with a touchscreen, not just a music player. The only solution I can see is to introduce another Pi to the mix. Or if I do that now that one of the Pi's is a fully contained Audio decoding box I need to rethink the use of a Pi here. Maybe a micro-controller built more for this purpose?
  2. Naxin

    Raspberry Pi-based Head Unit

    Thanks. I did some research on these devices, there's also the Audiophonics DAC Sabre V3 and the MamoBerry DAC all compatible with the Raspberry Pi that seem pretty good. I wanted to add as well, that the Allo Piano 2.1 that I meantioned apparently doesn't rate as well, but is cheaper. Hans Beekhuyzen on Youtube does reviews on almost all of these. My conclusion is that the Allo Boss DAC is cream of the crop, with ,one advantage being that you can power the DAC chip completely seperately from the Pi (via USB-C) in the 1.2 revision of the chip, which apparently can have massive impact with the right power supply.
  3. Naxin

    Raspberry Pi-based Head Unit

    A noteworthy alternative, is also the Allo Piano 2.1 Here Based on dual PCM5142'S, with configurable X-over for the 2 sets of RCAs. Pretty cool!
  4. Naxin

    Raspberry Pi-based Head Unit

    With no distribution of those FreeDSP chips in Aus and building that chip being out of the scope of this project - time to move on to another option. By chance today, I found the Allo Boss DAC for Raspberry Pi Based on PCM5122 and very reasonably priced! I found it when looking for a good S/PDIF digital out hat for the Pi. These guys make the best one apparently, and to me it appears like they really know their stuff. The S/PDIF out is here: Allo DigiOne Both my amps have crossover control, and although a fancy DSP would be very nice as I mentioned previously I'm very interested in how cheap I can keep this. Any thoughts on this chip would be great!
  5. Naxin

    Raspberry Pi-based Head Unit

    Thanks for the encouragement. I've been doing a tonne of research, invested in a RTA Mic and planning to go down the budget route to see what's possible for this system. I'm more interested in the Raspberry Pi Interface side for phase 1, and having an audiophile grade system can be phase 2 haha. Hell, running Aux out to Amps RCA in high-Z mode from the Pis line out will be a start. In Australia It's damn near impossible to find second hand DSPs, there's no distributors for MiniDSP either. Basically all I can get is brand new Rockford and Alpine gear - keeping in mind those are expensive brands in the Aus market, and then some of the even more expensive brands, so that's one challenge... I noticed there's an open source hardware option called FreeDSP, some designs based on ADAU1701 and some ADAU1451. Anyone with opinions on these? I think though, if I went this route, Im back to square 0 in needing a DAC as this option is truly just a DSP.
  6. Naxin

    Raspberry Pi-based Head Unit

    Thanks, I'll read through the whole thread! I've checked out each of the products you mentioned. All range between $600-1000. As you said 'you get what you pay for'. I'm willing to accept this is how much it will cost to achieve the sound I'm after, but also interested in your opinion on how cheaper DSP's may fare against equivalently priced off-the-shelf head units. Looking at the Raspberry Pi ($negligable) + DSP ($0-1000+) package, if you were to say.. purchase a $300 DSP(if these even exist) -> do you have any opinion on how this might fare against a $300 head-unit? The reason this is important to me, is I'd love to open source this project into an easy solution for others to build into their systems with a variety of choice over sound quality (Just pay what you want for your DSP essentially...). If there's a $150 DSP that absolutely blows any equivalently priced head-unit out of the water, it could become a cheap solution to making low-end aftermarket speaker setups highly-functional for less! Cheers!
  7. Naxin

    Raspberry Pi-based Head Unit

    Great info here, I'm interested - can a DSP act as a DAC? If so, how do they compare? As my knowledge goes, I want to be sending line level analogue to my dedicated amps, I figured DSPs would be digital in, digital out.
  8. Naxin

    Raspberry Pi-based Head Unit

    Software guy, Car Audio noob here. Would be a wealth of cool shit I could build with a Raspberry Pi / Touch Screen interface as my head unit. Features like: Sim-based internet (or phone-based USB internet) Music Streaming GPS Video games Mostly stuff you'd expect in high-end (expensive) head units Questions: I know I'm probably way in over my head here, but with the Raspberry Pi as a Digital Audio Source (Noting the Raspberry Pi has USB capabilities) what could be the basics to achieve a decent sound source for my dedicated 4ch amp (Hertz HE-4) + Monoblock (Alpine MRX-M55) so that it won't sound like trash. I've looked into possibly using a USB-based DAC + a DSP. Is there headless head-units that do all of this for me? This is all new to me though. Not looking for someone to design this system for me, just any pointers, or for someone to tell me I'm wasting my time :) Cheers!