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  1. Ant dog

    MB Quart QSD 216 component set Old School

    You probably need Photobucket or post them to your Facebook and link them here . I'm interested in buying them next Friday possibly 2sday. What's your PayPal acct?
  2. Ant dog

    Qsd 213 ochrastra mode

    I guess the only thing a competition deck will do any good for is CD's and I'm about to use mp's anyway
  3. Mike hopefully the speakers are comming back , l checked the fn address , it was supposed to go to 114 colonial heights sanger Texas 76266

  4. Ant dog

    Sq amps?

    Listened to a audio control amp hooked up to a set of 999$ focals.sounded better than the JL amp, audio control amps are slick ,compact Noticeably more definitive was the audio control I should get a xtant some time and see if it sounds better than the hxm , l doubt it will sound any better.
  5. Ant dog

    Sq amps?

    Area I'm trying to concentrate on is a well dynomated car and 14.4v constantly
  6. Ant dog

    Sq amps?

    Im running a set of eton made hex 6.25 Qlogic kicks and a diamond hxm 800.4 with the tweeters active May add the 3rd mid-range but it's gonna sound pretty good
  7. Have you used any of them back to back with a d class amp?
  8. Looking for one antsmail696@gmail.com aswell
  9. Ant dog

    Amps wanted

    I heard the audio control amps they sounded better to me than the JL on the same focals
  10. Ant dog

    Amps wanted

    Kinda changing directions , l need a diamond hxm 800.4 says diamond as l just picked up the eton made better sounding 6/4's, l actually pretty much prefer the hxm look anyway Or probably the gold one it's one notch up but has pretty much the same thd and stuff But what do you have?
  11. Ant dog

    Qsd 213 ochrastra mode

    What does it take to get them in ochrastra mode two qaa's ? A competition deck ?
  12. Ant dog

    Sq amps?

    Hex s500's and the 7152 then Jl and JL 10w7's Or 7056 and diamond 10's
  13. Got any xtant amps or hex stuff?

    1. Louisiana_CRX


      I have a few amplifiers but they are in need of repairs 

  14. Ant dog

    MB Quart QSD 216 component set Old School

    Do you still have them?
  15. Do you wanna get rid of those qsd 213's 

    Or do you have any hexs ?