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  1. Help me find it
  2. lurice0

    Crossover settings

    Ok jeffdachef, I'm removing the passive crossovers and hooking rears up to the deck. Do i then switch the amps to all pass filter so the dsp gets all the control? How do i tell the amps that I want to use the dsp? My town has no stereo installation store nearby so i do it all, i am new to dsp
  3. lurice0

    Crossover settings

  4. lurice0

    Crossover settings

    I can measure i just don't have a good mic, I'm also worried about just making sure I'm set up right. Since I'm using the DSP (3sixty.3) should i get rid of the little crossover box that came with my front components? That would mean i need a little tweeter amp? Not sure front tweeters are hooked up right. My tweeters up front sound weak, i have the tweeters hpf at like 2,500hz on the dsp My midrange up front are HPF 80hz on dsp, those front components are on the amp and the hpf is set at like 100hz because it stresses if i go lower I think. Same deal with rear coaxials, hpf 80hz on dsp but a little higher on the amp. Subwoofers are LPF 80hz but sometimes i do band pass and try different things. All my speakers are dual voice coils but i only wired my subwoofers in that strange way where one shirt wire connects 2 terminals together on the same speaker.
  5. lurice0

    Crossover settings

    I have everything set at like 80 and i want to be more exact My setup: Up front is polk mm6502 (35-40k Hz) back is mm651 (40-25k Hz) all powered by Rockford p600-4. Subs are 2 X-12 V.2 D4 - Sundown Audio (38.3 hz) powered by one of their 3000 amps. My deck is a Kenwood DDX9903S 6.95" eXcelon Double-DIN that i hooked up to a Rockford 3sixty.3 dsp using low level rca cables. 3 sets of rca go from the dsp inputs to the head unit, 4 sets of rca cables go from the dsp outputs to the amps, so that i can also tune my separate front tweeters, however i really only have 6 channels? Help me set HPF and LPF for front1 and front2, rear, and subs, based on my speakers specs? I'm still saving for a quality RTA mic, meanwhile i just use the iPhone mic