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  1. Brick20

    Sub box cut sheet

    Just what to cut each piece. Yea I think that's gonna make it bubble lol
  2. Brick20

    Sub box cut sheet

    Its a 84 monte Carlo. Yea I like it low plus skar said 32 but I want it 31 .
  3. Brick20

    Sub box cut sheet

    Plenty of room . skar audio rp2000.1
  4. I have 2 skar audio evl 12s . I need a cut sheet for a box that will be 4.30 net volume tuned @ 31 hz . if anyone can please help with that . thanks
  5. Brick20

    Box tuning

    Thank you
  6. I have 2 planet audio ac12d 2 ohms.will a box tuned @ 40 hz sound good for these subs
  7. Brick20


    Ok thank you
  8. I have two single 4 ohm subs wired so that the amp sees 2 Ohms . is there any thing or any way to make my amp see 1 ohm with the same subs?