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  1. Ok. What car? Which line output converter? Is the LOC between the HU and the factory amp or after?
  2. Detail your entire signal chain. I’m not understanding your wiring.
  3. What is your source? Something is def. wrong if you have the gain all the way up and aren't clipping unless your source unit has insanely low voltage output
  4. mestapho

    Sundown NSV4 vs PSI p5

    I think 2 zv5’s will be louder than one NS
  5. mestapho

    Sundown NSV4 vs PSI p5

    2 b stock Sundown ZV5s
  6. What face do you want the sub and port on and what amp will be pushing it?
  7. mestapho

    Which subs?

    2 SA12s on a 38”x14” face
  8. mestapho

    Which subs?

    I just built a box for 2 SA12s that is 38x14x21. With your dimensions 2 12s will work fine and be better able to handle that kind of power. I’d suggest mocking up a box of those dimensions in cardboard to make sure it’ll fit through the trunk opening before committing to a design.
  9. Got the new box built. Much better result than version 1. Just need to get some Duratex to finish it. I’m surprised at how much I can hear a difference between the two boxes.
  10. mestapho

    Good cheap tweeters

    No mounting hardware and they aren’t removable from the little enclosure/grill i have them crossed at 2500 Hz. They need to be on axis for best results.
  11. mestapho

    Good cheap tweeters

    This. These sound really good.
  12. mestapho

    Replaced a stitched subwoofer surround

    Sounds like you need to recone it. http://www.caraudioclassifieds.org/forum/sundown-audio/243714-sundown-drop-kit-prices-updated-11-3-16-a.html
  13. Since this is active again, I'll update. I built the box as I designed and it came out good except I f()cked up the speaker holes. boo. I've redesigned the box w/a higher tune and slightly smaller and it'll be more straight forward. Figuring out the box tune by speaker movement I think the orig. box came out tuned to between 30-32. I feel like its not quite as punchy w/rock as my 36Hz box for my 8's was, so with the next box I'm tuning to 35 which is SD's recommendation anyway. 3.5 cubes at 35 Hz https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/legacymodel.html?id=71a99ede-2bd9-4394-9bc0-2895de38336e&legacyredirect=backend 2+SA+12+take+two.skp
  14. Hmmm. I’ll have to consider that. I think WinISD put the air velocity at well over 30 m/s when I looked at 6” round port though.
  15. Nice! I was thinking the double baffle was overkill as well, but I also like it for flush mounting the subs. I agree about cutting the port out of the front baffle but it is what it is. I’ll play with it some more tonight.