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  1. ThxOne

    Random Picture Thread

    I bet side by side they are almost identical in size. By the way... this one has tits on her back. The only reason she has that ass is because it is stuffed with fat.
  2. ThxOne

    voltage drops?

    Is everything stock? Battery, cables... How do you have this amplifier hooked up?
  3. ThxOne

    Random Picture Thread

    Kush.... How is the pic you posted different than this pic? With a little dedication, your girl could be nice and tight. She is almost there anyway.
  4. ThxOne

    Random Picture Thread

    On what planet is that a flat ass?!?!?! That is a muscular, athletic ass. When that is bent over I GUARANTEE you have access to the WHOLE v****a.... The fatter the ass, the less v****a you are f*****g plain and simple. I don't know about you, but I'd rather hit the twat than the butt cheeks. Her face is actually decent... it was just a fast screen capture but here is another of her face. By all means though... bang all the fat chicks... I will be more than happy to stick to these bodies lol.
  5. ThxOne

    High Quality Head Unit Help

    Passive Crossover - Is a crossover that would typically come with a set of component speakers. Signal is coming from the amplifier or head unit into the passive crossover then the signal is split inside the passive crossover and sent to the woofer and the tweeter. This type of crossover typically has a specific crossover frequency for the woofer and the tweeter and usually have very little adjustment if any at all. These are also usually limited on the amount of power they can handle. Active Crossover/Network - The audio signal is adjustable for each speaker typically allowing the user to select crossover frequencies and slopes (crossover types) for each speaker. Furthermore, you may be able to EQ each speaker or channel independently. These signals are then sent to the amplifiers and then to each individual speaker. Usually you will need more channels of amplification with an "Active" setup. The rewards with this setup are usually much cleaner and more accurate sound if done properly.
  6. ThxOne

    Random Picture Thread

    I want Italian for dinner
  7. Ahhhh. I have the answers I was seeking!! The eXcelon double din head units I have been looking at (DMX905S, DMX906S, DMX907S) will all do NTFS with unlimited music folders. They accept USB "Mass Storage Devices" so the portable SSD's will do fine and they do not say there is a limit on the GB size of the hard drives.The USB 2.0 powered USB inputs will power the SSD's 5v 1.5a which is what they ask for. So, to answer my questions in post #1, at least the Kenwood eXcelon's I have listed will do multiple Mass Storage Devices (SSD's). So yes, if anyone wants all their music in their vehicles, go for the head units that accept NTFS. Also... The manual does state it will do video as well including .mkv Kenwood DMX906S manual listed below. Highlighted in red are the key points.
  8. Yes, but the majority of head units only support FAT file systems. The ones that say they support NTFS through their USB's are the ones that open up the storage capacities for us. I will send an email or two and see what the responses I get from a few manufacturers on their folder limits, if any... Their HD size limits if any.
  9. And it is probably a FAT file system then. Which means limitation... especially by the head unit reading it. It will be limited to the amount of folders and files it can read or index... or access. Example... my eXcelon is limited to 99 folders. The NTFS was a leap forward and got rid of those limitation. With a 128GB flash drive... I'd be in the same boat I am in with this 32GB drive that holds my down-converted to 44.1/ 16bit (head unit is limited to CD quality on all sources) music files and not being able to hold more music and having to swap albums on the regular to the flash drive. I don't want to use my phone to stream music via BlueTooth and AptXHD if I don't have to. It would be so much easier to not have to fuss with a phone to play music when I can just go right to it on the head unit. You say " How many people out there actually drive around with their entire music library in the vehicle?" I think more would if it was that easy. I listen to A LOT of music when I am driving and it doesn't take long to cycle back to the beginning... maybe a few days of driving. Then I am like damn, time to add more albums and get rid of some. It's inconvenient. However, like I said, I drive my own vehicle for my job so I am on the road much more than the average car audio enthusiast... I suppose. The cool thing is, if you get more music and you have a lap top... you can just add your music without having to remove your storage device. Also... if the head unit is able to play video files from the USB input then you could also put videos in that sumbitch.
  10. Well obviously capacity is a plus and the higher the bit rate of the music, the larger the files. I was also thinking a semi-permanent mounting of the hard drive for display. FAT and eXfat and FAT32 are limited in their speed and capacity. NTFS should be limitless. I use a flash drive right now (32GB Sandisk Cruzer Fit) It disappears on the face of the head unit which I like. It works fine but again... it is limited. I do load music on it frequently though. It would be nice if all my HiRes music files were already there. 500GB is a lot of storage. I don't have 500GB of HiRes music but I may some day. Think about it --- A single MP3 track/song @ 320kbps is on average 11MB ( 11MB x 8 tracks = 88MB for an 8 track album - approx. 568 albums ) A single FLAC track/song @ 192kHz/ 24bit is on average 195MB ( 195MB x 8 tracks = 1.56GB for an 8 track album - approx. 320 albums ) A single WAV track/song @ 192kHz/ 24bit is on average 329MB ( 329MB x 8 tracks = 2.63GB for an 8 track album - approx. 190 albums ) A single DSD track/song @ 5.6MHz/ 1bit is on average 403MB ( 403MB x 8 tracks = 3.22GB for an 8 track album - approx. 155 albums ) This is assuming only 8 tracks per album and a 500GB drive.... some albums have more tracks, some have less. You can see how much more room you need for HiRes files. An average normal store bought music CD is around 700+MB
  11. My thoughts are... HU that plays FLAC or WAV files at up to (192kHz / 24bit) and reads NTFS with one of these two 500GB SSD USB drives. Neither needs external power so simply connecting to the HU should work just fine and both are backwards compatible with USB 2.0. So: SSD --> HU --> DSP --> Amplifiers --> speakers --> Good Ear.
  12. I'd like to try the one you have.... no clue where to get it down here.
  13. I see head units saying they are compatible with Windows NTFS (New Technology File System) through their USB inputs, which is great, but has anyone hooked up a loaded SSD (Solid State Drive) to their head unit for audio media playback? If so, please tell me about it. Issues, pro's, con's how it was hooked up...
  14. This is the only one I have tried and it was awesome.
  15. Interesting... I do like coffee beer.