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  1. ThxOne

    What annoys the ***** outta you/pisses you off...

    On a serious note. I was out on a delivery and passing the Military Base near me and saw a bunch of protesters at the main gate. On my way back I pulled in and stopped. There were about 15 or 20 protestors out there with signs saying stuff like "Ban Nuclear Weapons" "Get Rid of the Snakes." They were yelling at the Military personnel entering and exiting the base. One of the loud mouths looked at me and said something, I don't remember what it was but it triggered me a little bit. I said do you hate America? He said no. I said are you sure you are not Anti-American? He said no, I love America, that's why I am out here today. I said you love America and you are out here saying we need to ban Nuclear Weapons right? He said YES, WE DO!! I said you do realize that there are people out there that would do us harm for whatever reason but do not because they know America would strike back at them and could possibly erase them from the planet. These people know this so they keep their distance. If we get rid of our Nukes then these people will have much less fear of being wiped out and could bring a fight to us, on OUR soil. I said which one of you hippies are going to stand up and fight these people if they decide to come here and start killing us? Any of you?? I called them f*****g cowards and I left to go back to work.
  2. ThxOne

    What annoys the ***** outta you/pisses you off...

    Do you remember how we used to be able to joke with someone or have a conversation with someone and they understood the joke or the context of the conversation? It is almost painful for me to talk to anyone at work these days. We have one guy (That guy who modifies everything with the best of everything) that just traded in his Miata for a 2008 Mustang GT. Already he says he has "installed a supercharger" on it that he can turn on and off with the push of a button. The night before last he almost wrecked his new car after we clocked out and headed home. My boss, a Man who desperately wants to be a Woman and is doing everything possible to be a Woman... hormones, laser hair removal, forcing a higher pitched voice... has avoided contact with society so much that even the most normal conversations or humor bounces off and is returned with "I'm sorry" or some other weird response. Someone cranked the sensitivity level on this one to 12 on the 1 - 10 meter as well. I actually told my boss that people today are way to sensitive about everything. The response I got was "Join us on this side" I said no thanks, I don't feel the need to cry because the color of the sky reminds me of a puppy somehow or get upset because someone spoke to me and I don't have the mental capacity to understand what was said but instead automatically take a conversation, almost any conversation and make it negative somehow so I have a reason or excuse to show the world how I identify. The other boss who is dating a co-worker but doesn't want anyone to know because she is not allowed to do so. She likes to talk to everyone as loud as she can and like we are all 10 years old. You know this one... the one who bitches at or about us and how we need to be doing this or that but stands her ass in the back stuffing her face with free food or talking to her secret boyfriend instead of being upfront where she is supposed to be helping the customers who ask me for help and I have to go find her... to which she tries to yell at me for not doing her job. Ahhh the co-workers who kick it into slow motion when they are in between deliveries. These assclowns that move so damn slow that they get damn near nothing done and leave so much work for the closers... usually my brother and myself 4 days a week. One of these fucktards took a delivery, he should have taken two because the two were going to the EXACT same address, he takes one of them because he is so damn mentally slow that he can't comprehend that the two addresses are the same. I take the other... two minutes behind him. As I get there, he is backing out of their driveway and he passes me as I park. I go deliver the food and as I am walking back to the Jeep... he passes me going the other way, deeper into the neighborhood away from the exit. I just kind of look at him continue to drive down the road and shake my head. I head back to work... he is not there. 10 MINUTES LATER HE WALKS IN!! HUH?!?!?! The girl at work who won't accept that her boyfriend would rather play his online games than spend time with or have sex with her. If she didn't show signs of herpes, I would have already tapped this one as she has been to my house several times complaining about her boyfriend... but them cold sores.... lol nope!!! What has happened to people?
  3. ThxOne

    Random Picture Thread

    Ohio chicks are easy.
  4. ThxOne

    What annoys the ***** outta you/pisses you off...

    lol no, I am not cursed with the added expense of a girlfriend or a wife. However, I have just recently switched my processor in my computer and I fear my all in one liquid coolers pump has failed. So I am going to install my old Coolermaster Hyper 212 EVO and run my 8 core on air for a bit... I am planning a new PC build as we speak. Lot's to bitch about with that lol.
  5. ThxOne

    What annoys the ***** outta you/pisses you off...

    Nope, got it riiiiiiight here in my hand!! Now we move forward.
  6. ThxOne

    What annoys the ***** outta you/pisses you off...

    He is coming by my job tonight and is willingly signing a bill of sale. Again, I don't need it but the DMV said it will make it that much easier for me.
  7. ThxOne

    What annoys the ***** outta you/pisses you off...

    Update: This guy is one of my ex-bosses from my other job. He is an ex military guy and it is I am sure, naive of me, but I didn't think any reason to not trust him. Lesson learned. He contacted me today and said his dad refuses to mail him the title until he (the guy selling me the car) signs over his half of some business they own jointly. So... before he contacted me I contacted my insurance company and my local DMV and what I am doing is getting a bond through my insurance company (It will cost me $100) I will take this "Bond" to the DMV and they said they will allow me to register this car and they will issue me a new title. Basically this guy is assed out if he decides to try anything. He has agreed to sign a Bill of Sale... though I do NOT need it. So, the car is mine, there is nothing HE can do about it and in a few weeks I will be driving it and doing my damn install... finally... shit lol.
  8. ThxOne

    What annoys the ***** outta you/pisses you off...

    This grown ass man still has not produced the title to the car I bought from him. He ask for money from me every week to week and a half and I paid him. Now we are down to the final payment and I told him I will give him the last payment when he gives me the title. He said he called the bank in his home town where the title is and they sent it to him. Time went by and no title. I ask him about it and he said he doesn't have a key to his old mail box because he was evicted. He said he called his bank again and they mailed it to him... the next day he said he called his dad, his dad went to the bank and mailed it to him. 15 days go by and I hear nothing from him so I send him a message then two more. Finally he responds. "Sorry, I have been out of town, I will look when I get back." I say ok. Last night while I am working I see him drive his car to where his girlfriend works but instead of parking out front like he normally does, he parks around back. I message him and say I saw him last night while I was working and ask him what the good word is. No responses and I have text and messaged him a few more times. It has been 21 days today since he said his dad mailed the title from Michigan. This is why I have not moved forward on the SQ build yet... this guy is f*****g around and it is slowing me down. I ran a VIN check in Michigan and in Virginia where the car was last registered and it is not reported stolen and it does not show any liens on the car. I am at my wits end right now... On one hand I want to choke him to sleep and on the other I want to demand my money back... ughhhh.
  9. ThxOne

    Random Picture Thread

    Am I crazy or has anyone else noticed that the Volvo 240 is in 90% of movies and TV shows?
  10. If I ever bought stuff like that it would be for some kind of pyrotechnic event lol.
  11. So buying these today was a "bad idea"????????