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  1. ThxOne

    Random Picture Thread

    While spending time in my home state of Ohio, I worked as a delivery driver for a craft beer distributor. I went to a lot of places that sold beer and came across these places that had literally walls of beer taps. You could sample different types of beers and these places also allowed you to bring in your own or sold their own "Growlers" which are basically big, reusable beer bottles. I didn't know how far south these things went or if it was just a northern thing.
  2. ThxOne

    Random Picture Thread

    Hey, do the have growlers in Atlanta?
  3. ThxOne

    Random Picture Thread

    You can get beer in bottles still. 😮
  4. ThxOne

    I need more. It's not loud enough.

    I have to chime in here... the 13 band EQ in these eXcelons is kinda weird. I own the KDC-X998 and it sounded like ass. The volume would hit a brick wall at 25ish out of 35 and not get any louder. It was distorting and just sucked. The EQ is centered at 0db on each band and like mine, your X500 should be -9 to +9 on each of the 13 EQ bands. What I found out is if you set the EQ anything above the 0db on each band, it IS sending an over-driven signal out to the amps. Do me a favor before you give up and or buy other items... set any and all enhancements in the head unit to off, set all 13 EQ bands to 0db. My volume on my X998 maxes out at 35 and I think yours does too. Set it to 32... "leaves some headroom." Set your amp gain for the mids and highs for that volume with a 1Khz tone. If you have a digital multimeter, you can set the voltage at the speaker out terminals close to a specific wattage. If your speakers are 2ohms then your amp says it can do 160w x 4. If they are 4ohm then it says 100w x 4. They are 2ohm so look for approx. 15.8v at the speaker terminals of the amp. Should be close to 125w to the speakers. When you go back in and start using the Kenwoods EQ, don't go above 0db... keep all bands below or just at the 0db mark and you should be able to crank your eXcelon to max volume and it shouldn't distort and if you haven't ruined your voicecoils before, you shouldn't smell the coils anymore.
  5. Only one more piece to get for the DSP now. I just got the remote from RF, they shipped it FAST. The last piece is the AptX HD Bluetooth receiver which will connect via an optical cable... which will also be gold tipped and sleeved in black nylon.
  6. ThxOne

    Loudest components for under $120?

    It all depends on the speaker, how its mounted and the power you feed it. Being that they are two ohm speakers, they will pull more power from your amplifier which should help them be louder than say the same speaker with a 4 ohm voice coil on the same amplifier. Infinity and JBL are owned by the same parent company and both offer 2 ohm speakers. I used to run JBL components (2ohm speakers) powered by an Alpine amp... they were really loud. I switched to a 4 ohm component set, my current Kenwood eXcelons and they were noticeably quieter on the same Alpine amp. 2 ohm speakers are louder on the same amplifier power if the amp can handle 2ohms stereo. There are other factors like sensitivity that matter as well... if you can find speakers above 90db sensitivity AND that are 2ohm voice coils... I personally think they will easily get louder than a closely matched 4 ohm speaker all day. I am throwing out Infinity and JBL because I know they offer 2 ohm speakers. I know there are other manufacturers that do as well.
  7. ThxOne

    Loudest components for under $120?

    https://www.jbl.com/car-speakers/Stadium+GTO620_.html?cgid=car-speakers&dwvar_Stadium GTO620___color=Black-GLOBAL-Current#start=1 Feed them some power. They make them in components too.
  8. ThxOne

    Random Picture Thread

    After a trip to the scrap yard for some misc. parts... I put my LED bulbs in. A trial fit. Once the new housings are here these are gonna look great. I was surprised how good the beam pattern was.
  9. Man I wish I knew where the literature was that I had back in the day when it was explained in said literature that thinner paper cone speakers react better in large enclosures and thicker and or non paper cones react better in smaller enclosures. Back when I read any and all magazines and info I could on home audio and car audio. Basically starting back in 1990. So much useful knowledge was knocked out of my head in my motorcycle wreck. Some of it comes back to me in spurts. I am going to try the Silver Flutes since I already have them. I plan to pay attention to the install and prep for the speakers so hopefully I can get some good results. If not... I will try as many speakers as I have to until I am satisfied with the end results. I am not looking to compete... just the best sound I can get for my own ears... better than anything I have had before in a car. The tweeters from my eXcelons actually sound pretty good... to me anyway. Something tells me that the three way front stage I have currently should sound pretty good.
  10. ThxOne

    Random Picture Thread

    Yup... he was all about good life choices... now hes gonna be a lady for a bit then fertilizer.
  11. Not raining on my parade I promise. This is why I am here on this site... I appreciate the input. What about the woofer from my eXcelons? It's the XR-1700P set in my Jeep.
  12. I got my Cat7 cable today. Has a very nice and positive click when plugged in to the 3Sixty.3. The first thing I bought for it was the USB cable also shown in the pic. The car has dark carpet and trim so I wanted the cables to disappear into the car. The USB will be hidden but accessible for connecting to the laptop even after the install is complete. I am trying to plan ahead as much as possible.
  13. ThxOne

    What annoys the ***** outta you/pisses you off...

    I hate f*****g Unions. They have no legal say in anything. They get their way by being bullies period.