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  1. That's not bad at all for a known quality speaker brand. Like you said... I have the DSP already. I have never owned a 3-way set-up. Mounting diameter and depth are all I need to know behind the panel itself so... I will know soon.
  2. How much do those Hybrid Audio U2's cost?????? Like I said... If I go three way I will be powering either the tweeters or small mids off a hidden amplifier, my RF Punch 250a2.
  3. As soon as the car is here... should be a few days I think... I am going to measure all three areas and see what will fit. That middle mid grill is pretty small though. I don't know what will or could possibly fit there.
  4. I spoke with my old co-worker before I went to work today. We discussed purchasing the G6 and we worked all the details out. He said I could move it to my house whenever I want so I can start working on it... You know what that means!!!!! The start of the build is very close!!!
  5. ThxOne

    Fake JL Audio 8W7???

    Yes and let it cure/dry completely before you install the subwoofer. That stuff is caustic.
  6. ThxOne

    Shit talker claims he has a 10000w system.

    Or-ree-an? Korean version?? As wrong as this poor fella is... his stuff is bringing him joy.
  7. ThxOne

    need amp for mids and highs budget minded

    I run the U.S. Acoustics Barbara Ann 4 channel amp and I will wager it would out do the PPI amp you were using. It can be had for $219 brand new @ this link - Barbara Ann Check it out, the link gives its specs. It's a large and somewhat heavy amp. I have beat mine to hell and back and it barely gets warm... even over 90 degrees outside.
  8. ThxOne

    SQ Subwoofers

    These are just my opinions and are only opinions... I think the subwoofer name brand and models matter the least out of all the building blocks of the "Sound Quality" subwoofer section. My opinions are that, in this order, the enclosure materials are paramount, enclosure design follows next, the amplifier fits in here, then the subwoofer wraps it up. Of course it will all sound like garbage if you use the best materials you can get your hands on and the best designed enclosure to fit your ride with the best amplifier powering your mean ass sub(s).... if you feed it a low quality, crap bit rate recording. Pretty much you can buy whatever subwoofer(s) you are attracted to and can afford. Once you have the sub(s) and the parameters you can focus on the more important things... the list above. If you want it to be clean and sound as good as it can... be anal about the build and be realistic about the expectations of the subwoofer(s). Realistically, 2 - 3 - 4... subwoofers are going to be LOUD which can actually drown out the rest of your speakers. This can make a would be great SQ system sound like crap because there is just too much bass. So if you want to know how many subs you need or want, look to your mids and highs first... how much power are they getting, how loud are they. Try a few subwoofer test boxes to see what blends with your mids and highs... 1 sub... 2 or 3 subs. A pain in the butt I know but it will let you know how many is too much or too little. My home audio system uses a single Yamaha 8" active servo subwoofer. It shakes my whole house with "75w" of power. My Jeep uses a single 10" RF Punch P3 subwoofer with about and estimated and somewhat approximate 600w ish of power and can be heard and felt from a good distance outside of the Jeep but it blends well at REASONABLE sound levels with the mids and highs which are getting near 120w per front door and 80 - 90w per rear door though the rear doors are attenuated to a much lower volume. My point is... Be realistic about what you want, no need to impress anyone but you, make sure what you get will blend with the rest of the system and not over or under power it. It's more about execution than equipment.
  9. ThxOne


    There are ways around that. Buy a used alternator or pull one at a scrap yard. Take that alternator to a shop that rebuilds them. Tell them the specs you want and they should be able to build you an H.O. alternator. If they can't, find someone who can.
  10. ThxOne

    New amp and component install help

    I agree, type R's are not bad speakers. Check polarity, make sure they are mounted properly.
  11. My co-worker confirmed that the G6 has the Monsoon stereo in it so the speakers are for sure in the speaker pod pics I posted. So $199 for the PAC dash kit, $499 - $699 for the eXcelon DD HU. Either the 905S or the 7705S, both are Digital Media Receivers, both play HiRes audio including DSD.
  12. ThxOne

    Kenwood DDX795 question

    I had a similar issue with my eXcelon. My EQ is a 13 band, each band is -9 to +9db. All of my bands were ABOVE 0db. Set your EQ bands BELOW and only UP TO 0db. See if this helps... it helped me.
  13. ThxOne

    Component Speakers

    I haven't heard the JL's recently but I can't complain about the eXcelons. The only thing I don't like about the tweeters is that they are fixed, no swivel option in the flush mount.
  14. ThxOne

    Component Speakers

    I am currently running the XR-1700P components in my front doors. Same speakers, just a hair smaller than the 1800's. They say 80w rms and I set the amp gain for the doors at 1K hz to right at 110w per side and they are crossed over in the head unit at 80hz I think or somewhere there about. I am using the crossover they come with to split the mid and tweet. They are LOUD. I run them 3 - 5 hours a day when I am working at high volumes and they have not complained even once. I believe if I go all out on sound deadening and mounting they would do even better than they already are. I am using the tweeters off axis.
  15. It's Adobe Audition.... no, it's not free lol