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  1. ThxOne

    Component Power Questions

    I follow what you are saying... maybe my speakers are just that beastly. I run them on average 3 to 4 hours a day at 3/4+ volume which is pretty darn loud. They say 80w rms... I think my ears give out before the speakers would.
  2. ThxOne

    Component Power Questions

    I see a lot of component sets and they say stuff like for example "150w rms". How does this happen without blowing the tweeter? If you look at individual components, the tweeter almost always handles less power than the mid/woofer. Ok, so what is making the tweeter not blow? Is it just the crossover frequency not allowing bass to get to the tweeter that allows it to handle more power or does the crossover absorb or divert power away from the tweeter or both or is there some other magic at work?
  3. ThxOne

    I'm so happy!!!

    Darn Fiat's.
  4. ThxOne

    EQ settings.... Duh!!

    Why yes, yes it is.
  5. ThxOne

    I'm so happy!!!

    My particular Jeep is a POS. I knew it when I bought it like 4 or 5 years ago. It still drives and I drive it everyday but it is all the electrical gremlins that are getting on my nerves. If I had my way I'd still be driving my 280zx's or my Jeep Cherokee XJ. My horn has just stopped working, power door locks decided to stop locking... unlocking is fine. When it rains, water POURS in to the cargo area from the third brake light yet I cannot find a leak. Literally the only thing at this point I like about it is the 4.0L straight six engine.
  6. ThxOne

    I'm so happy!!!

    She is sticking to all Rockford Fosgate. I think once she gets used to the Jeep she will care less and less about the lack of rear cargo space and she wont mind giving some up for bass. I have been checking fabric stores for material to cover the enclosures and panels or amp rack. This is getting on my nerves... My brother has a fairly new Dodge Dart, My sister has a new Renegade, My dad has a new Sentra... I have a 1995 POS Jeep Grand Cherokee. On the up side, I am the only one without a car payment.
  7. ThxOne

    got box covered in vynil

    That made me laugh Kush
  8. ThxOne

    I'm so happy!!!

    She keeps spitting out ideas about what she wants. The cargo area is small but is layered... may have to go shallow sub. Here is a shot with the first floor up, the Jeep logo also folds up exposing a spare tire cover?? Not sure as we haven't pulled that out yet. I had my Obcon single 12 inch slot port box in there and it almost took up half the cargo area... a little less than half side to side. This is going to be challenging.
  9. ThxOne

    I'm so happy!!!

    It will be at 2ohms lol. That was definitely HER fault though. She let me listen to her factory stereo how she would listen to it... I ask her "don't you hear that?"As soon as I heard her say "Hear what?" I knew she blew the sub because she is clueless about what speakers in distress sound like. Her stock speakers were overdriving bad and she was like idk, it sounds "normal' 😮 I am going to do my best to make it dummy proof and I am also going to try to educate her on better music sources and recording qualities. Like you all said, make it loud enough that she doesn't want to turn it up louder.
  10. ThxOne

    I'm so happy!!!

    Me too. She is sticking to her guns. She said she wants brand new stuff for her brand new Jeep. I understand her thought process though. She has never had a "new" car before, she is just excited plus, it gives me an excuse to use some of my install gear since I haven't got my next vehicle yet to start my own build. The cool thing about the Jeep Renegade is that the front door 6x9's are vertical then tilted forward toward the front of the vehicle. The tweeters on the RF Pro 6x9's are angled. I will be able to mount them so that the tweeters are firing somewhat toward the driver. Yay.
  11. ThxOne

    I'm so happy!!!

    I'm glad someone got that lol
  12. ThxOne

    I'm so happy!!!

    She wants what she wants. That is the cheapest I found that amp on ebay new.
  13. ThxOne

    I'm so happy!!!

    If I would have said yes... I have other issues that probably require psychiatric assistance lol
  14. ThxOne

    I'm so happy!!!

    I tried to tell my sister its not a real Jeep and even the salesman insisted it is... I said where is the 4 wheel drive? The conversation was over. As a Jeep owner, I took offense to it being a Jeep. Even my Grand Cherokee ZJ is BARELY a Jeep. It goes Wrangler, XJ, ZJ, WJ... then just other things with Jeep badging.
  15. ThxOne

    I'm so happy!!!

    LOL I have no public nudes of my sister... how about some of my young ex-girlfriend?