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  1. Tommy108

    Good cheap tweeters

    I haven't looked on Amazon butt I did check ebay and there's a few different styles of these tweeters...which ones are the ones your recommending?
  2. Tommy108

    Taramps Md series

    You and tomhang should choke on a gigantic robotic dildo
  3. Tommy108

    FU Audio

    I'm running fu 300 12's...while they haven't been my all time favorite subs I have to admit they get loud
  4. I've come in at the end of the post butt why not just install grilles over the subs...op already said he intends to buy rf for his gf's car...so why not just buy the rf install it as planned, put the grilles over your subs? The boss thinks you gave in so he's happy, you keep the sound you like and your happy...win win situation...however I'd remove the grilles and rattle the shit off his shelves before I left this crappy job.
  5. Tommy108

    Yay for goodies!!

    Lol...that's the only response he ever seems to give thought it was a fitting response
  6. Tommy108

    Yay for goodies!!

  7. Tommy108

    power and ground

    I recently ordered some re 2/0 myself and noticed it was much smaller...was wondering what size lugs to order for it...any experience with what lugs work the best?
  8. Tommy108

    Rattle from subwoofer

    Well guys I'm working on finishing up a 68 12hr work week do i haven't really had time to take any pics or update the thread...however after recent improvements I have only a very sleight rattle...barely audible butt still there...hopefully I'll have a little time to dig into it a little more in Monday
  9. Tommy108

    Rattle from subwoofer

    Already checked the surrounds...I'm not sure about the as filter grandpa, I'll have to look...butt seems like that's close to where I set it...it's actually a little hard to tell exactly where this particular amp is set
  10. Tommy108

    Rattle from subwoofer

    Yeah I didn't figure the warranty would cover it...its ok though even if it is shot it's not like I'm out a lot of dough...just time to look for diffrent subs that'll sound good in this box
  11. Tommy108

    Rattle from subwoofer

    no actually it was the one farthest away...i ran a new ground wire today and grounded the rca' s to the frame of the hu...so far it seems to be cured butt I haven't had time to listen to it much, had to work tonight
  12. Tommy108

    Rattle from subwoofer

    Lpf is set at 85 on hu somewhere close to that on amp...not sure if you'll be able to hear it on video or not butt I'll give it a try when the weather breaks here
  13. Tommy108

    Rattle from subwoofer

    Perhaps I've missed something butt the majority of posts I've seen on here suggest a higher powered amp...the amp doesn't work as hard to push subs and you get less distotrion...or have I misunderstood this?
  14. Tommy108

    Rattle from subwoofer

    Yeah that's right...the gain is not turned wide open only about halfway then the remote knob is turned down to even less...i don't see why I would be pushing to much power...and if it was blown I wouldn't think I would get a reading from the voice coil
  15. Tommy108

    Rattle from subwoofer

    Yeah really sounded good...can't figure out what could've changed to cause the problem