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  1. A user on here was selling them, And I need a new woofer for my right side. I decided that the Dynaudio 5.25 that comes in the volvo's are good, but this woofer is a better match for the install location. My GOD these sound good. VERY open matched with the Volvo Dynaudio system. I need to give them some REAL amplification and power as soon as I get around to it. So Far, They sound great as is. I hope to pick up at least a pair of the woofers or just a single one in the future. They JUST sound so **** open in the dash location. After being spoiled with true High end stuff, its hard to go back.
  2. imickey503

    Install on a budget

    I need to see what I can do with the Box I have, and SEE if I need to just build a new one. ITS BIG, was made for 2 Boss woofers I did a project for. I am going to have to ask some of you guys for advice on this. it works really well right now as far as SQ from the sub I got.
  3. I did this with some LED strips from Amazon I got at about 11 bucks. Will post more I did a TON of stuff to my system.
  4. imickey503

    Sound activated LED strips

    Um.. Speaker terminals. It worked for me then, it works for me now. Its cheap, works and GOES with the driver and frequencies perfectly.
  5. imickey503

    LED Strips in Doors

    I have the RED amazon strips attached to my subwoofer in the back. No problems at all. And I slam it pretty **** loud. I think I am running about 325W RMS out of the Aura AMP. THey barely go on full brightness play playing unless I REALLY turn on the bass knob. THese strips are made to handle 14.5 volts from your car, so your good. THe built in resistors do take a pounding, but you can always add resistors to the set up if you need to or just a christmas incandescent bulb to the thing in series if you need to protect your LED's. I did this a WHILE ago with my IKEA LED strips I purchased. And that wa with about 200W max about to the Subwoofers.
  6. imickey503

    Avoid PPI and Soundstream DSP's

    I'm almost out of space in my car. I got so many things in my dash. 2 phones, a Asus tablet chromebook, and another cheap tablet to run RealRTA. Still, I think the REAL dsp route is the way to go. It would help with my speaker setup. Surprising I was able to make it sound so good for what I got just running mostly modified stock stuff. THat Reminds me I need to post a system diagram.
  7. imickey503

    Avoid PPI and Soundstream DSP's

    THAT is a KILLER! That dayton might be what I am looking for. And I like the Windows software option as well as the Bluetooth. Yea, the price is going to climb up to about $180, but out of the box, all you need is a Windows laptop, and Everyone can get access to an old Tablet windows based PC. You don't need anything fast to do the job. Hell, you can even use a wireless USB if you find a dongle that works. But in all, **** good deal. I think the only thing that really is missing is the autotune feature, or a mic input that does the calibration for you. But that's just on about every Consumer level deck out there and most of the time its just not quite as good as doing it by ear, or manually with other tools. 5 YEAR WARRANTY? You GOTta be kidding. AMAZING VALUE AND DEAL!. From the website, it goes over the unit with some more detail. And its not a BAD looker either. But that BLUETOOTH Dongle.. JEEZ.. Its so ..."That's what your girlfriend says" The control knob is not to shabby either. Just don't see the point if you have the Bluetooth module. Once you set your DSP, its almost set and forget most of the time. Regardless, your going to need one of these for a clean install, and so it does not run into issues with the USB breaking or the dongle. This one might work better for the layout of the unit with the RCA's not getting in the way. Or do something Custom like Solder to the board, but it does not look like it is going to stick out more then some RCA cables. I have been using these for years in cars, and just made my own to go over Cat6 cable or Firewire cables since they are shielded the max. That way, you don't really run into fitment issues. Its one of the small reasons why I am more inclined to go with the Bare board MiniDSP options, and they do have a killer DSP for a good price. Actually, so far, the MiniDSP is still the value and flexibility leader. And the cool part is you can just hard wire it all, put it in a smaller kit box, or modify the one for $95 bucks, and call it a day. Either way, you get a great DSP, and at a great price. I have not heard of to many Failures of MiniDSP units either. And the PRICE is out of this world affordable. Not bad!
  8. imickey503

    Amp repair?

    MTX also rebuilds their old amps for a small fee. Kind of cool.
  9. imickey503

    Avoid PPI and Soundstream DSP's

    I'm leaning towards a Mini DSP myself. But before I get there, I need a new headunit for Good CD playback. Funny thing is, my cheap 120 Pioneer deck sounds great over USB Better then cd, so I'm ok for now. But a full active system will be in the works sooner or later.