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  1. Didnt see about the 2 channel amp... Just would need to get a 4 channel, give each speaker it's own channel, set the 4 channel to Full Range and use the DSP to set the crossovers...
  2. Dont return the speakers and get a component set and dont get crossovers. You've already done so well with the equipment, dont stop now. You said you wanted something left for you to do with your son since the audio shop is doing the install right? Instead of spending the $ on crossovers and a passive setup why dont you get a DSP and run your system active? You can get the Dayton Audio DSP408 for $150 on partsexpress.com. Not only will this give you something fun to do with your son but when done right active setups sound so much better than passive. You get tuning control over everything, get the dsp and if you truly want to do it right get a USB Mic like the Dayton Audio Umm-6 and download REW on your laptop/computer and have a sound system that is top of the line. It will be something you can do with your son that will last as well. And its not like once you install the equipment your done, then the fun part starts of actually tuning the stereo. It's truly something you and your son can together for days, weeks hell even months depending on how into you guys get. If you dont know what I'm talking about when I say going active look it up. Google going active with a dsp, that should get you started. Then once you understand the basis behind it look up the tuning guide written by Andy from Audiofrog. I think it might actually be on the Audiofrog website, if not a quick Google search will find it. Like I said not only will this make your sons vehicle sound it's best but I also believe this is a great father/son activity, something you guys can do together not only inside the car but in your home on the computer adjusting your tune on the software and learning more about active setups and DSPs.. This would be my recommendation, even if you guys weren't doing it together. It's still IMO the best way to run the stereo for the best results...And remember to get some pics up once the install is done, maybe even ask the shop to take some for u if they will!
  3. I think for a first system he's going to be spoiled... most of us started with sh*t... some of us were lucky enough to start off with crap... but you did good dad, shit u do better than good, for a 1st system I'd say u hit a Solo home run. Yes theres better equipment out there so cant call it a grand slam... but I think theres plenty of guys on this forum, myself included who would happily run that setup in our own vehicle right now. Ampere 2.5s are awesome subs and that's a badass amp too, add to that the Evils and I'll say it again, ya did well dad! And I also have to say kudos to the shop, they carry good gear, not just the typical Kicker, JL, Rockford stuff, so they seem to know good equipment at least and they didnt screw you at all either, you get a good fair price and if the box is really custom then you got 1 hell of a deal. I and prob others would love to see pics of the box and the entire install once it's done. Seeing the box will help give a better opinion of just how good of a deal you got. Your son should be estatic, and I guarantee once he hears his system he'll be kissing your ass! He def will have 1 of the nicer setups at that age!
  4. What most ppl seem to do (myself included) is to fabricate an amp rack (plywood, MDF, abs, etc) anywhere from 1/4"-1/2" thick and mount it to the trucks rear wall. Theres not too many options when it comes to mounting amps in trucks, but the rear wall is actually perfect and gives u decent amount of space & options. For those who like stealth you can keep them hidden or if you like to show your install off you can do that too. If you do a Google image search for truck amp rack there should be enough pictures to give you some ideas... The most important thing when doing an amp rack like this is planning, make sure to double, triple check your measurements, I suggest making a test piece out of cardboard so you're able to pre test your fitment. Also make sure you take into account any obstructions like sets belts, hinges, anything that could potentially cause your rack not to fit properly when installed, make sure everything will have enough clearance with the seats back down. Also good idea to mount your amps so if you need to make any adjustments on them they can be easily accessible. Basically just take your time and plan plan plan, lol. Heres mine, the 1st picture is my current rack after I got a new box and was able to move some things under the seats. Put a piece of black abs over the wood, was planning how the wires were going to run... The rest of the pictures are my 1st version that was spray painted black plywood and had all my amps/components on it at the time.
  5. So I'm kind of stuck as to the best way to fabricate something to mount my amps & other components on. I'm going to be mounting them underneath my rear seats in my 2018 Silverado Double cab. I have the high transmission so I have the middle transmission hump to deal with and then even more contours under each seat, really isnt an easy space to work with. So after a lot of searching and thinking the best option IMO right now is this: I still have my under seat box that I had in before getting a box custom made. This box is designed specifically for the double cabs so it fits the contours of the floor. So I was thinking of copying the design of the box, the 2 sides of the box contour with the floor and they're the only part that actually touch the floor. I was thinking I could copy those 2 pieces and either use another piece of wood to mount on top of them that runs all the way across creating a shelf (only possible issue with this is I'd have to have it be raised enough to clear the transmission hump so I'm not sure how much clearance I'd have once I tried mounting everything and folding the seats down... The other idea is still use the 2 side pieces as a base, but then kinda copying the bottom of the subwoofer box, making 2 seperate chambers connected by a middle piece that lays on top of the transmission hump. So I'd essentially have 2 little boxes I could put my amps in, then I could leave it uncovered or I could make 2 plexi tops to enclose them and then use the middle connecting piece to mount my components on (,distro blocks, relay box, etc... that obviously wouldnt be covered by anything as itd be just 1 piece of wood... Using the subwoofer box I think is prob the easiest way to work with the anything but flat floor, I dont want to use fiberglass so doing something that's raised above the floor is the only thing I can really think of, but I think for the look I'm goin for itll do. None of my amps are more than 4 months old and I have some really nice components. A green acrylic custom relay box that has led lighting, a green acrylic distro block, a nice chrome ground distro block and a few other odds and ends I can't think of. Point being, I didnt spend the kinda $ I put down on these items to have them hidden, ya know? They're definitely show case install pieces so I'd like to have a nice amp rack to show them off. Heres a couple pictures of the box and then a few amp racks that I like the looks of. My 1st choice would be the 1st rack with the under lit lighting. I'd love to re create that kind of look
  6. Mitchc1113

    Bought Funky Pups

    Maybe this is the guy that's responsible for me being homeless... My suspicions are rising, pretty sure the ATF still has funky prints left from the scene of the crime... aka my house in rumbles... tearing up just thinkin about it... YOU RUINED MY F*CKIN LIFE MAN!! My wife took the kids and left, shit I cant even afford a van down by the river, I live in a box next to the creek! You need to think long and hard before doin somethin as reckless and dangerous as a wall of Pups... this ain't no 3rd world country, this is America!! People have families!!! I If I ever find out who you... no I cant, I just cant, it's too painful, sorry guys, I gotta go....
  7. Mitchc1113

    SSA Icon vs SQ HDX3 12" HELP!!

    Well like I already told Aaron, I did go ahead with the Icon. Literally went back n forth all day, dont think I pulled the trigger until almost 9pm. What finally tipped the scales was Neil Boswell from Soundqubed gave me a very honest answer & said if I went w/ the HDX3 & kept it running of my S1-1250 that he didn't think I'd notice that much of a difference from my HDS3.1. He said if I'd throw 2000+ watts at it then thered be quite a difference. I appreciated the honesty, upgrading to a 2000+ watt amplifier would mean I'd have to also upgrade my electrical, HO alt and secondary battery. I've already done my Big 3 and plan on adding a HO alt and secondary battery at some point, but not right now. So at that point the HDX3 was out of the picture and there was the pretty Icon, BUT me being as anal as I am I of course had to spend another hr or so looking for any other quality subs on sale. I was very interested in the IA Lethal Injection but couldnt compete with the Icon @ $230. Then of course Aaron had to go ahead and put the Brahma on sale. I was extremely tempted to get a Brahma, on sale for I think like $350, very very tempting, it's the 1 sub from back in my earlier days I always wanted that I can still get my hands on today, assuming they're still as good as the originals, which was 1 of my hesitations, seems like the new owners are staying very true to the original company, but you just never know. So I decided against the Brahma. Then my last decision came when I saw that FI was doing a "Happy Hour" sale that brought the SSD down to $220, once again I go back n forth, back n forth until finally I decide I'm gonna stick with my gut and original choice in the Icon. Should be waiting for me when I get home from work tomorrow, cannot wait to get a look at this thing!
  8. Mitchc1113

    SSA Icon vs SQ HDX3 12" HELP!!

    LOL Aaron you vote doesnt count!! That's like Neil Boswell telling me his vote is HDX!! Lol, nah I'm taking everything in and still trying to decide, I did however just message you on FB, wanted to know the cutout diameter of the Icon 12", so if you see this on here 1st if you wouldnt mind responding to the FB Messenger I'd appreciate it, I'll get that 1 instantly, where as I dont have notifications setup for this site. Thanks
  9. Mitchc1113

    SSA Icon vs SQ HDX3 12" HELP!!

    Like the title says I'm trying to decide between an SSA Icon or a SoundQubed HDX3 12. And I MUST make a decision today, Cyber Monday so both these subs are on sale, basically same price. I currently have a SoundQubed HDS3.1 12" and I really like it, only complaints I have are it doesnt dig the lows as well as I'd like, something that is apparently an issue with the HDS and HDC but supposedly this has been addressed with the HDX line... And it can be inaccurate sometimes, some songs it can get muddy. I've heard great things about both subs. I like the ability to get very loud and for a sub to hit those lows. I've never been much of an SQ guy, but as I enter my mid 30s I'm wanting better SQ, which I hear the Icon has. Seems like the Icon has the better SQ of the 2 and can get loud while the HDX I assume can get louder but can still sound good in doing so. Either sub will be going into a 3.0cu/ft box tuned to 34hz. The box was built to the HDS3.1 12 specs which makes me think the HDX may be better suited for it. But Aaron Clinton did tell me the Icon will also work in the box. The box also has Soundqubed logos on each side, but this has no effect on my decision unless it were basically a toss up, then I'd go with the HDX for aesthetics, but like I said it wouldnt bother if the Icon is better suited for my liking. Both subs would be powered off my Soundqubed s1.1250, so 1300 watts @1ohm. This is where I'm wondering if this wouldnt be enough power for the HDX, its rated at 1500watts rms, but so is the HDC line and I know ppl always say they can handle WAY more. I just want to know if I'd be under powering it to where my output would suffer? Because I know 1300 watts is perfect for the Icon which is rated @ 1250rms, can take more but I certainly wouldnt be under powering it. I dont want to lose any output vs what I have now. So if the Icon would not be as loud as my current HDS3.1 than I'd go with the HDX... Or if the HDX would be underpowered to the point where I wouldnt notice much of a difference between it and the HDS3.1 than I'd go with the Icon. Tough decision bc I know they're different subs... Part of me wants to go a different route and try the Icon, but then part of me says I enjoy my HDS3.1 and I know the HDX is going to be better in every area so stick with what ya know... Anyone have any experience with either sub? I know no one prob have heard both as they're brand new, but does anyone have experience with the original Icon and say an HDC3.1 or HDC4.1?? Help me decide guys!!! Any input would be greatly appreciated!! Heres my current box FYI
  10. I have a 2018 Silverado Double cab, I currently have an amp/component board attached to my rear wall behind my rear seats. But it becomes way too cluttered to mount everything back there. I have 3 amps, 3 power distro blocks, 2 ground distro blocks, 4 channel relay box, dsp... as you can see it's a lot. And some of the items I'd like to have on display, the distro block and relay box both have custom acrylic top plates, didnt pay what I did to have them hidden. So I'd like to make some type of underseat box/rack... My subwoofer box goes over my rear middle seat so I have the entire area under the rear seats. I have a few ideas that I'd like to do, the problem is that I have a high transmission model so I have the large hump in the middle and it's just not flat anywhere... Anyone with a 14-18' Silverado will prob know what I'm talking about. So I need some ideas on what to do. I'd like to have everything mount onto either a piece of wood or piece of ABS and then possibly enclose it, with maybe a sheet of plexi or acrylic on top to show everything. The sides/top aren't the the issue, it's getting the wood or abs to conform to the awkward shapes and undulations... I'm open to any and all ideas... I'd rather not have to fiberglass as I've never done it before, but the more I think about it, it might be the best option. I'm looking for the easiest way to get a clean/visually appealing result. Heres a few pics of the kinds of results I'm looking for... I really like the 1st pic with the amps just mounted on top the plastic with the lighting coming out of the edge like that... Just struggling to figure out how to mount a full piece all the way across my floor like that with all the humps n dips under the seat... Also I included a pic of a 2018 double cab floor... so u have an idea of what I'm workin with...
  11. Mitchc1113

    Adire Audio is back! @ SSA®

  12. I havent heard much but what I have heard has been all good, havent heard any of their products in person, just word of mouth. I know www.xplicitaudio.com sells their products and they sell some good stuff, Wolfram, Ampere, Taramps, Sky High, Illcustomz... they also carry a company called Difinitive Audio Designs (DAD) that I was interested in learning more about, beefy looking subs..
  13. Mitchc1113

    SQ Subwoofers

    It looks like ur set on the Alpine or JL... u asked ppl what they reccomended and not 1 person has said Alpine, in fact they said if you're looking for SQ dont do an Alpine type X and ppl have said Dayton HO, IDMAX and a few W6 suggestions... but it seems like ur set on the Alpine X or JL, I'm guessing bc they're name brand... not trying to sound negative but why ask for a recommendation if you're ultimately not going to take any?
  14. Mitchc1113

    SQ Subwoofers

    12" SSA Icon ported... will be louder than the W7, will sound very good and be much cheaper... the W7 is a great sub, but your paying way more than you need... and same with the Alpine X, you're paying for brand recognition...
  15. I think they wanted to keep QUE in their name to try and save some brand recognition, I mean they didnt have a choice in the matter as they legally had to change the Audioque name... I'm sure they were hurt in some sense of the matter, but I think as with most companies outsourcing work for cheaper labor & going to more "cost effective" parts is what hurts companies in the long run. Now their profit margins must increase else they wouldnt do it, so in our mind they're business may be not doing as good, but the bottom line states otherwise... But I still think they make a very good product and are 1 of if not the best budget brands. I just went from a Sundown SD3 12" to a SQ HDS3.1 12" & couldnt be happier, sub was cheaper and obviously I knew it was going to be louder, what I didnt expect was that I feel I didnt lose any accuracy or SQ, and in all actuality I feel as though I upgraded in every area... Now this probably has much more to do with the box change than the sub change, but I'm glad I made the switch... I'm still breaking it in, only seeing 500-600 watts @4ohms and the thing is extremely loud... I cant imagine how loud it's going to be once I wire it down to 1ohm and feed it 1000+ watts and the thing is still stiff AF, very very pleased with both my HDS3.1 & my S1-1250 so far...