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  1. Mitchc1113

    New Silverado Rear middle seat box

    My 3 year old daughter... lol she actually likes the bass, says it buzzes her, always asks daddy to turn it up, but I have a dsp tune for when shes in the truck, as much as I love that she already likes bass I as a father just cant expose her to that level of sound... but I think shell be a mini bass head, she always hangs out with me while I'm doing my installs and wants to help... just hope she doesn't grow out of it... fingers crossed!
  2. Heres my new box. It was built by Robert of Cherryman Customs, I couldn't be more pleased with how the project turned out. We spent about 3 weeks really getting all the details ironed out. I measured about 5 different times to make sure I gave him exact measurements down to 1/16th of an inch, me overdoing everything, he actually said it was the most detailed set of measurements hes ever received from a customer, lol. But it turned out perfect! I've had it in for about 2 days now and I'm starting to really enjoy the sound, soooo much clearer, cleaner and louder (audibly & physically) than my Sundown SD3 12" which was in a down fire under seat ported box. The new Soundqubed HDS3.1 is impressive and I only have 700 watts on it right now, still stiff as hell but in the next week or so I'm going to take it out, wire it down to 1 ohm and put my Soundqubed S1.1250 in and really start to loosen her up! But to anyone thinking about getting a box built and I mean a custom top of the line, designed for your sub and vehicle you should def check out www.cherrymancustoms.com Robert can pretty much make any box design idea you have come to life...and the best part is you dont have to choose between aesthetics and performance, he nails them both! Just have to decide whether I want to finish the box in viynl with stitching to match my interior or to paint it a high gloss finish. Another great thing he does, the box is already prepped for primer. Perfectly sanded/smoothed, was feeling it yesterday and I dont think I'd need to do any prep at all before priming if I went the paint route...
  3. Mitchc1113

    Best budget 12?

    Some jerkoff kid drove by my house with the Pups on full tilt... I've been homeless ever since...😭
  4. Mitchc1113

    Did i downgrade my sub/amp system?

    Avionixx makes really good amps... at least they did back in the day. Were popular on sounddomain forum back in early 2000s... I powered my 2 IDmax 10s off a Avionixx AXT 1200.2 (think that was the model) back in 2006. But anyway def not a flea market amp...unless they've gone the way of a lot of other solid companies over the years and destroyed their name by using cheap parts for profits... But I can say they were once upon a time a very solid company...
  5. Mitchc1113

    Got my JBL GTR-1001

    How do you like this amp? I have it myself and think it's awesome for the price. Did you get it from crutchfield for the discount price? It does more than rated power- just like all the other JBL amps I've run in the past. Back in 2002 I had a JBL BP1200.1, that thing was awesome. Here's a link to the dyno results for the Infinity Kappa K1000 which is essentially the exact same amp. Shows what kind value your getting. No SS filter or bass knob, but as long as you know how to set your filters/gain on your amp/hu or dsp properly than theres really no need for either. Clean power, more than rated power for great price. That's what I want from my class D amp. Just wish they made a 2000 watt version...
  6. Mitchc1113

    Picked up my first zapco

    If I were you I'd run both amps like u were thinking... Zapco to tweeters, Diamond to speakers...then all you need to do is pick up a DSP and you're active. I just got the Dayton Audio DSP-408...for $150 it's amazing. I haven't got to change my setup yet- I have SB Acoustics SB17NRXC35 6.5s and TB25 tweeters, but right now I'm just running 2.75 Memphis dash speakers off stock HU and NVX NSP65 coaxials I just hooked up the DSP to the coaxials and my sub just to test it and try to get familiar and just doing basic (very green when it comes to DSPs) tuning my setup sounds much cleaner. Cant imagine how it's going to sound once I get the front stage installed... In other words I highly recommend going active & the Dayton is not just great product bc of price, it's just a great product.
  7. Mitchc1113

    18' Silverado build 2.0

    It actually sounds really good... if you do a search you'll find a lot of ppl have had success putting them in a ported enclosure. Yes they were made for sealed, but can do really well ported.
  8. Mitchc1113

    18' Silverado build 2.0

    I also just realized I forgot to post the updated pictures of the amp rack actually in my truck. Not 100% done with it yet tho, was up against it time wise, was about midnight on a Sunday & I had work the next morning & if I didnt get it put in I wouldnt have had any tunes for the entire week and that wasnt an option. So I rushed to get it in... was pleasantly surprised however that it went in w/o a hitch, nothing had to be moved, seats fit back with no issues, nothing hitting/rubbing. Not bad for my 1st amp rack build & really only test fit the board, all the amps & components were laid out by just careful thought. I still expected some issue, but went right in. Now I just need to clean up the wiring, not run exactly how I want it & have to order matching rcas for everything.
  9. Mitchc1113

    18' Silverado build 2.0

    Here's some pics of my current box... This however wont be in much longer, putting the SD3 12" in my finances new 2018 GMC Terrain Denali & I'll be doing a new custom box for either 2 SQ HDS3.1 10s or 1 HDS3.1 12... Will def have updated build pics once I start that & get the front stage installed.
  10. I've decided I'm going to go with the Soundqubed HDS3.1 subs. I'd like to try & fit 2 10s in a ported box under the rear seats of my 2018 Silverado double cab. I'm pretty sure with a seat lift I can get almost 2 cubes before displacement. I've never designed a box myself & considering how difficult this truck is to work with I dont think I'm gonna be able to do it myself. So I was hoping I could get some help with the enclosure design. I'd prefer to have them forward facing if possible but I'm good with whatever will give me the space needed. This will be a daily driver. Haven't decided on an amp yet but I'm looking at the SQ S1 2250 and the CAB 2000.1 (Not sure if they're shipping yet).
  11. Mitchc1113

    Which Subwoofer

    I for whatever reason didnt notice the power your working with and the box size. Sorry.. Your kind of limited with the power you have however, some of the subs I listed need more power than 1200 watts. You maybe better off going with a single 12" if you're working with 1200 watts and 2.5 cu/ft. Would ultimately be cheaper & in many instances be louder than 2 10s sharing 1200 watts and with the box size you want to build.
  12. Mitchc1113

    Which Subwoofer

    What are you looking for out of your sub? Do you just want it to get as loud as possible, or are you looking more towards blending with the rest of your setup geared more towards SQ? Something in middle? If your looking for an all around great driver I'd 2nd the Audiofrog GS10. Around the same price as the W6 but IMHO a much better subwoofer, the W6 is a very good sub, but your paying for the name, you can get better for less and way better for the same price. I'd also look at the Dayton Reference HO- cant get much better for the price https://www.parts-express.com/dayton-audio-rss265ho-44-10-reference-ho-dvc-subwoofer--295-463 Also highly recommend an Image Dynamics Max 10". Another excellent sub, amazing SQ and will get loud. I had 2 of them in a small sealed box in the trunk of a Lexus IS300 & they sounded amazing. If you want something that will be really loud but still sound good I'd look at a Sundown SA, FI SSD or Q, Crescendo Contralto. Theres a lot of subs in the price range your looking at, but theres plenty of guys on here that know their stuff, so I'm sure the advice ull get will more than suffice.
  13. JL- Everyone that had JL subs in my area when I was in high school 2001-2004 were just always so cocky. They'd have their 3 10s or 2 12s W0s or W3s crammed in a sealed box thinking they were the shit n would talk all kinds of shit on my setup, had 2 12" L7s and would really let me have it when I had the RE SX 15" cuz theyd never heard of RE so theyd just yap yap n I'd let them and funny enough they always lost their voices after I'd play my setup. Never liked RF or MTX for the same reason. And I absolutely HATED Audiobahn n their chrome shit, although I refuse to recognize them as a good brand...
  14. Mitchc1113

    Has anyone bought B Stock from Cab?

    I bought a B Stock Sundown SD3 12" from them 2 months ago. Was nervous at 1st but was such a good deal that I said screw it, very glad I did. I still cant find anything wrong with it. Cosmetically it was perfect, there were like 1-2 extremely small scratches on the motor, but I'm talking tiny, like the only reason I noticed them was because I was looking so hard to find anything wrong. Got me a bit nervous cuz then I thought something might be wrong mechanically, maybe a coil tick or something, but its performed perfectly too. So they must have crazy strict QC guidelines. I think anyone who would have paid full price for my sub wouldn't have had any complaints. In other words dont be worried about buying b stock from them, you wont be disappointed!
  15. Ok guys I'm currently running a Sundown SD3 12" in a 1.25cu/ft ported box tuned to 32-33hz. It's a prefab Audio Enhancers box, powered by a JBL GTR1001 @4ohms4ohms, so it's seeing somewhere between 700-800 watts. Sub sounds good, pretty clean, but doesn't really dig the lows and just isnt loud enough for me. I was absent from audio from about 2008 till last November when I found my old school 15L7 in my moms garage and decided to throw it in my Escalade. Then went with the SD3 when I got my Silverado. Anyway I just got my fiance an 18' GMC Terrain Denali & she wants a sub . She likes the way the SD3 sounds so decided I could give it to her w/ the JBL GTR1001, put it in a different box & she's good to go. So that leaves me with picking out a new setup. Right now I'm thinking about going with (2) 10s. If I raise my seats I know I can get 2.0+ cubes for a ported box. My current list is: - Incriminator Audio Lethal Injection - Fi SSD - Dayton HO or Ultimax - NVX VCW - Ampere Audio 2.5 RVE - Soundqubed HDC3.1 or HDS3.1 - DC M2 Level 3 - Crescendo Forte - Sundown SA That's my list right now. I know it's a wide range. I want something that will get loud and go low (I know they're 10s) not planning on competing with this setup so I dont need dbdrag loud, but I'd like to have something that when I really want to crank it its gonna make u cover ur ears. I used to have a 04' RE SX 15" that would do mid 140s on the TL, just to give you guys an idea of what my ears consider loud. Again dont need it to be that loud as its gonna be a daily driver so I want something loud that still sounds very good, musically accurate, but if I can get the best of both worlds... Last & just as important is there anyone who could design me a box? I'm willing to pay if necessary. Again it's a 2018 Chevy Silverado Double Cab, want it ported, fit under the seats and if possible front firing (seems like front fire yields best results in trucks from what I've read) Here's some pics of the kind of box I'm looking for, for 2 10s obviously. Thanks guys, I appreciate it!