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  1. Llt1980

    What can I expect

    They where sealed in a firebird
  2. Llt1980

    What can I expect

    I had 2 12w3s on the same amp a few years ago and that hit hard enough to flex house Windows
  3. Llt1980

    What can I expect

    I was just curious on what to expect from it as in how loud it should be and stuff just looking to hear from people with a similar system
  4. Llt1980

    What can I expect

    I pulled the trigger on 2 JL 15W3 they are going in a sealed box and running them off a 1000 watt slash amp and installing a alpine aftermarket deck I never had alpine before always Pioneer and one more thing all this into a little Hyundai Accent they will fit already had the box in the trunk once just waiting for the install day now
  5. I have a JL slash 1000 watt amp I want to put in a Hyundai accent from what I have gathered looking up what I can find it comes stock with a 90 amp alternator and I was wanting to know what all I will need to do to the car to have it ready for this beast of an amp before I get it installed and stranded along the side of the road from it
  6. Llt1980

    JL RD500/1

    Would this amp be a good match for 2 15 inch JL 0W3 15s and if it will work will i need to get 4 gauge wire or is the 8 gauge already ran in the car good
  7. I have a 2016 hyundai accent and I have been looking very hard at putting 2 15 inch jl 0w3 and the jl 600 watt slash amp in my car I was wanting to know if my stock alternator will be able to keep up with the amp I have 2 Kenwood 12s and 400 watt amp and it has been fine for 2 years
  8. I recently put 2 10s and 1000 watt amp in a 06 mustang when I did my check charging system error showed up on the dash and my battery light keeps going on and off same with the charging system but when the battery light was off the car says the charging system is fine I unhooked the amp and drove it around a few days with no change but I put over 200 miles on it with the amp unhooked and everything seems fine and the battery gadge on the dash doesn't even wiggle unless the amp is hooked up is it possible the amp just pulled to much once and now the car has a dummy light because of it i haven't had anything tested yet waiting to have the money to buy parts if I need to it just seems weird it's off and on like that
  9. Llt1980

    Subwoofers or midrange

    Mine is a 06 it's has the same thing inside the door from the looks of it when I put my 6x8 in but the biggest question I had would i really need subs there I'm sure the 10s are going to take care of the lows very well
  10. Llt1980

    Subwoofers or midrange

    Right that's the way I was leaning towards the most too but didn't know if I needed that much for mids
  11. Llt1980

    Subwoofers or midrange

    I am doing a complete overhaul on my shaker system all I have left to do is the 8 inch Subwoofers in the doors right now I have 4 kenwood 2 way 6x8 all new new 10 inch kicker comp r running off a 1000 watt JL audio slash amp my question is would it be better to go with 2 kicker comp c 8 inch or 2 8 inch midrange speakers in the doors