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  1. honkyg^2

    Another My Boss is a Jerk Thread.

    I can keep them busy by ordering pizzas w/o customers for the other morons to take while you get the legit ones and stay busy outside of the shop. I hate lazy fucs
  2. honkyg^2

    THE Thread

    Yeah, game plan is in the works, but that's all I can say about that atm. I dropped his name and home town here for Google reasons, which is part of it if investigators take a gander. Ex and I haven't really expanded on the issue, but with how things are and what became of this debacle, I'm certain she's not going to be obtuse as the little fuc had practically stolen from her, too.
  3. honkyg^2

    THE Thread

    I don't subscribe to that dumpster fire for relief of my problems. Lol. I have, and would much rather, tell the user base I love everyone even though they're too f'n stupid to 'life'... makes for a great means of forensically analyzing people, too. (Waving to the intrawebz monitorz*)
  4. honkyg^2

    THE Thread

    This shizz had me totally fuked up for a minute, bro. having to subconsciously forgive my ex and put our shyte aside for something she had no part in was pretty hard to do under the circumstances when I wasn't privy to the information as of late. I wouldn't wish this mess on anyone,.. Well, maybe except for jprice or vic freeman, lol, those f'n tools.
  5. honkyg^2

    THE Thread

    Check out this fuxory, bro. http://://www.caraudio.com/topic/582399-flea-market-finds/
  6. honkyg^2

    Adire Audio is back!

    Ohh, he sure as heck is. He still owns the xbl2 patent. He also had months of conferring with the new owners as to the direction they want to take with his brainchild for him to be sure it will not turn into another mass produced product banking on the namesake to drive sales. This was somewhat a clause I was informed of when a few associates and I were looking to buy the company on consignment through pat back in '12. I am rather elated to see adire coming back to the forefront with Dan still involved, even if it's minimally. It is also of great personal importance knowing adire products will make "built proudly in the usa" mean something again. Just my .02
  7. honkyg^2

    THE Thread

    I found it, wasn't my thread though. Had it confused with my op on caco. And that,.... is why it's not TM infringement.
  8. honkyg^2

    NFL 2018

    Still don't know why they don't consider painkillers performance enhancing as it heightens the threshold for pain tolerance, thus having an edge over others being subjected to the same hazards and conditions on the field. Betcha they say he hurt himself at practice this week and bench him for a week or two... And yes,... I am from da veery well known midwest metropolis, dat starts wit a 'c', ends wit un 'o', and has a 'hicag' in da middle. Cheesedicks keep saying it was a slaughter with that 1 point lead. Daaaaaaaaa bears.
  9. f**k him,.. have him give you or sell you an r/f sub at a discount.. build a parallel 6th order with no windows around the sundown and slap an r/f badge on the box with a build log substituting the r/f in the pics only to show his retarded ass. All problems f*****g solved, and you keep your vehicle and job. Again,... f**k him.
  10. honkyg^2

    NFL 2018

    They gave Rogers some good drugs to get back in the game. Mofo was straight zooted in the post game interview. All of my friends up here in both camps are quarreling like toddlers. Greatest rivalry in sports history, indeed. Lol
  11. honkyg^2

    What song are you listening to right now?

    Seems like some perfect demo music for the show hoes to jiggle to. https://youtu.be/fAt9YIIXRgs Dunno how to navigate the new reply format on this pos phone, but I hope I got this vid link right, lol
  12. honkyg^2

    THE Thread

    I have been known to make things real interesting in the car audio community over the years, this is no exception,... although it makes for a great way to pass time as I type with macabre and passionate intent for others to read. I'll quote sm with a "WHEEEEEEEEEEEE" concerning how I think what direction this is going to take.
  13. honkyg^2

    Flea market finds

    Ohh, this isn't the end, by a long shot. I am one adamant mofo of conviction,... been almost three years, but things are going to get ugly for this dope head real quick when I'm at his door with his cousin in tow. Not only did he steal my shit, but because of his passing blame to my ex, it just added most unnecessary turmoil to our divorce in the end,.. causing more anguish to all parties and keeping me from seeing my children due to such. Messing with a man's property is one thing, but indirectly f*****g with my god given right to be a father just to cover your ass deserves being thrown into an alkaline chemical fire. Mr Cassidy Villarreal of crystal lake, il needs to run and hide with haste, but im sure that wont save him from my wrath. Stay tuned, folks.
  14. honkyg^2

    Flea market finds

    So,... the asshat who took all of my gear is the son and nephew of the two gentlemen who remodeled my ex's house. He said she gave it to him when in reality he was paid to move my stuff to the garage to get it out of the way.... however, he was loading it into the truck when people were not paying attention. So, this is why my ex was playing stupid about it, she had no idea. Her and I get along fine now, so we have been discussing things about what happened. Our mutual friend is the thief's cousin, and I went ham on him too when the jl box used to be his, so I assumed he had something to do with it,.. I was completely wrong. Found out with confirmation from other family members of theirs that he is a dope addict with a long rap sheet. His cousin completely understands why I was going nuts and said to call the police... now seeing my ex is on the same page with me, it is no longer a civil matter. mazdakid, I'm sorry you got caught up in this, but I thank you infinitely for being the one to help me get answers. Btw, my buddy jeff in Antioch bought the475q and fixed it, lol. I'm adding my aura mr neo components to sell it as a package with him. What a small world.
  15. honkyg^2

    Censorship vs. Lack of Support

    Ol' bullhorn the filter man has been well known to be controlled opposition for years. Bill Cooper was killed in nov. Of '01 after he predicted the gist of 911 just 6 months prior, which Jones parroted on his own radio show almost word for word, but went ham with the fanatical tinfoil to make it seem as if all who question the narrative are that f*****g insane. It's a dog and pony show for the masses to be distracted with while more nefarious things take place and go unnoticed. For example, the confederate battle flag and the law allowing gay marriage where front and center for people of all factions to quarrel over while attention to the tpp agreement was all but gone. See how this works? The masters have been doing it for years. Inject strife between citizens and they will turn to their respective representatives to offer a solution, thus keeping a much needed revolution to overthrow the gov. From coming to fruition with unity among the citizenry. We're all slaves on a tax farm whether you realize it or not, and tptb are just entertaining themselves while they keep their best interests in mind. As to this entire retardation of censorship, I don't believe anyone should be excluded from stating their ideals on a national platform, even those I do not agree with... ... the trick is not to pay attention or subscribe to opposing opinions. No one is forcing you to,.. except those trying to ram it down your throat. Idk, I'm just waiting for an impending reset with an m1 and 10k rounds as I sit atop a hill overlooking a 5 mile radius when it goes hot. Doom on!