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    Big guy who loves a big bang coming from the trunk.
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    Spend time with my family, work, play Xbox
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  1. VikingBrian

    Trunk issues

    I know I know...I just wanna eliminate as much as possible. Back in the day I used pennies with my 1990 Buick!
  2. VikingBrian

    Trunk issues

    I just looked at the sound deadner. Are you sure that's what I need? I'm not 100% sure where the rattle is even coming from. I barely hear it in the car and outside is horrible. I pushed on the bottom of the trunk, right below the license and it stopped making the noise, but I had to push kinda hard. Same recommendations?
  3. VikingBrian

    Trunk issues

    Thanks guys. I will definitely do what was advised. I will reply to this post once I'm finished.
  4. VikingBrian

    Trunk issues

    Ok. So I know the forum is called interior/exterior enhancements and I figured this barely fit. I need help guys. I have a 1999 toyota avalon. My trunk keeps rattling. I bought some weather stripping to help. So far I've applied it to the inside of the fuel lid, the edge of the trunk and I've even taken OFF the license plate to put W.S there. Sadly it still sounds bad. Please advise!!! To the mods out there, sorry if this is in the wrong spot.