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  1. Ali2627

    Connected my sub backwards?

    -.- i don't have the manual an audio shop installed it for me so they took it 1 year ago lol.....................
  2. Hi i got a high inverter or whatever its called that converts the sound from the door speakers to the subwoofer and the output has 2 black connections and i dont know which goes where does it matter? still works but idk PAC SNI-35 Variable LOC Line Out Converter
  3. delte this thred i got a new issue its been fixed
  4. So, my subamp turns on when the car is turned on the blue light turns on. and pac seems wired correctly nothing is unplugged as far as ive seen ive got a new pac inverter right now to see if it works or not..... after that im just gonna try getting a test volt meter and test the line to see if i get power from one end to another in the speaker wire which i assume is safe for my headunit ill be using a 9v battery to test the speaker line to the contvert to the sub
  5. PAC SNI-35 Variable LOC Line Out Converter My sub has power and i've checked all the fuses and connections everything looks normal yet i get no bass. i assume its the adapter converter that's shit it'self would something like that happen or is it very rare? worth taking to a audio shop to have them fix ot or should i just replace the 10$ part and pray
  6. Hey all long story short the subwoofer i have has a built in amp. I've checked the fuse and it's good power isn't a issue as when i unplug the bass adjustor it makes a thud sound so it has power. But i suspect it's the audio that's the issue the speaker it's hot-wired in it working fine and ive checked the lines everything is connected. Only thing left is to replace the mid adapter or whatever it is the small box that taps into your stock speakers and then converts it for your sub to use......."PAC SNI-35 Variable LOC Line Out Converter"
  7. Ali2627

    S.O.S CAR ACCIDENT sub isn't working

    Yeah gonna make insurance pay but they have been a bitc.h and act like everything was already broken lol. I mean it did work after the accident for a little bit so the cone should be fine i assume the amp is damaged since it wasn't as strong
  8. Hi all please give me some advice, i got rear-ended and my sub with built in amp in the trunk. The sub was thrown from it's mounted location since she hit me going 40 mph. At first it with the damages it worked half the time but then again i didn't drive my car much. Now they did the repairs and it doesn't work at all. Even took it to them again to see if the missed anything to the bodyshop. I see it's powered on cause a blue light is on but how strong is a sub with amp built in? you think that would be enough to mess it up inside?
  9. Ali2627


    I went with these https://www.amazon.com/Rockford-Fosgate-R165X3-6-5-Inch-Full-Range/dp/B00BF6HWCM/ref=sr_1_3?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1542667629&sr=1-3&keywords=6+1%2F2+car+speakers#customerReviews has like 1k reviews and 4.5 out of 5 stars the one u bought has none ;/
  10. Ali2627


    cant treat the rear speakers its up on the back window but i will add some foam around the speakers near the door thats stock pic below look at how small the magnet is ;/ but but but https://www.amazon.com/Rockford-Fosgate-R165X3-6-5-Inch-Full-Range/dp/B00BF6HWCM/ref=sr_1_3?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1542667629&sr=1-3&keywords=6+1%2F2+car+speakers#customerReviews I've found these and im going with it .
  11. Ali2627


    well what do u recommend send a link i could go a little over budget but im not looking for a earth shaking top of the line speaker haha
  12. Ali2627


    No no these suck the magnets are tiny quarter size and for i only have 4 mids 6-1/2 and 2 tweets i wish they made 6x9 for the rear but they dont
  13. Hey, all I'm replacing 4 speakers in my 2012 honda accord they are all mids 6-1/2. I want bass!!!! I don't have any 6x9 and im not putting a sub in just looking for a bit of a kick trying to get 4 speakers for under 100$ i got some recommendations below let me know what you think or any u know of! SPEAKER 1 Pioneer TSA1676R 6-1/2" 3-Way Car Speakers) 55$ for 2 speakers https://www.amazon.com/Pioneer-TSA1676R-6-1-3-Way-Speakers/dp/B014Z7ILY0/ref=sr_1_7?s=car&ie=UTF8&qid=1542607806&sr=1-7&keywords=car+speaker SPEAKER 2 Kenwood KFC-1665S 6.5 Inch 600 Watt 2-Way Car Audio 4 speakers for 45$ https://www.amazon.com/Kenwood-KFC-1665S-2-Way-Coaxial-Speakers/dp/B015ZLOJXM/ref=sr_1_24?s=car&ie=UTF8&qid=1542607806&sr=1-24&keywords=car+speaker SPEAKER 3 boss is a shit brand but... BOSS Audio NX654 400 Watt, 6.5 Inch Full Range, 4 Way 2 speakers for 30$ they look kind of beefy? THANKS FOR HELPING!
  14. Ali2627

    >> S.O.S << SUBWOOFER SETTINGS!!!???

    I had it done at a audio install shop but i mean from what i feel they just installed it and made it "work" they did a crapy job at the wiring
  15. Ali2627

    >> S.O.S << SUBWOOFER SETTINGS!!!???

    Hmm, I'll lower it just a little so the arrow is pointing directly right so like 15 % less. The Adjuster knob in front maxes out really quick hah like at 70% it doesn't make a difference if i turn it to 100