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  1. Kyle F

    12v DC to AC converters

    The +12v wire it's currently drawing power from (1 wire) warms up as the amp warms up. This is why I want to use a power inverter/converter where I can use actual 4 or 8 gauge cables instead of the PSUs +12v wires. I just don't really like using a modded PSU. It's way safer to use an inverter/converter than a modded PC PSU anyway. Not to mention my knowledge and experience in such fields is rather limited. I didn't mod this PSU.
  2. Kyle F

    12v DC to AC converters

    How do I find out? It's an Edge EDB10 10" V2 750W with a 20A fuse. Edit: It currently runs off of a 650W PC PSU but it's too dodgy. This is why I am looking for a cleaner way of powering it in-home. It seems and looks like using an AC to DC converter power supply is a lot safer and less dodgy by wiring the amp with actual an amp wiring kit. (using proper gauge wires instead of using such thin +12v wire from the PC PSU.
  3. Kyle F

    12v DC to AC converters

    Some people tell me to just buy a car battery and charger and power the amp that way whilst others tell me to look for an AC to DC inverter/converter. I can't find an 800W 40/60A one though. :/ I've been told it's best and more clean to buy the required inverter/converter and then get an amp wiring kit but use a short wire to bridge between the +12V and Remote terminals. But which gauge would I go for?
  4. Kyle F

    12v DC to AC converters

    Hey guys! What is the best method or alternative option for powering a car amp with a 12v DC to AC power converter? I basically want to power my 750W Edge car sub in home instead of using a 650W PC PSU because it’s jank (dodgy) and the +12v yellow wire is too thin and warms up. I’ve been told to just buy a car battery, battery charger and run the amp that way but it’s not very ‘feasible’ in my situation as I’d have no where to place the battery out of the way. Not only that I want to avoid any possible battery issues such as acid leaks. It would have to be at least 1000W, 40A/60A(?) so I’ve been told. Hopefully y’all can help! Thank you.
  5. Kyle F

    Edge ED510A Flex - Good or Bad?

    My mistake. Yes the PSU has other +12v yellow wires but only one is being used to power the amp. There is no power fluctuations, distortion, or the amp going into protect which is a good sign. I can confirm it was just one song that the driver flex was odd. It doesn't do it on other songs, or bass boosted songs. It only starts distorting if I turn the volume up past 30/100 on my Realtek Audio Manager but I've had to disable all of the bass boost EQs and set the presets to standard processing to mimic EQ settings of a car head unit.
  6. Kyle F

    Edge ED510A Flex - Good or Bad?

    [ATTACH=CONFIG]26557700[/ATTACH]I believe it’s 40A. I’m unsure exactly. Edit: looking at a picture of the connector on my iPhone as I’m not at home, there’s only 1 yellow +12V cable connected to the +12V terminal on the amp. But as I said, sometimes that yellow wire will get a little bit warm but not a concerning warm.
  7. Kyle F

    Edge ED510A Flex - Good or Bad?

    That is true although I don’t get much of a response to my threads on there so I had to Google another forum that supports discussion of car audio. Technically it is a car sub but it’s powered in home.
  8. Kyle F

    Edge ED510A Flex - Good or Bad?

    True, I'll get one for that. Also on an off-topic note; your signature had me messed up! haha Not sure if I'm honest. Got the sub on right now and noticed the +12V yellow cable warming up a tad, not too much for concern though. It is powered by a 650W PC PSU.
  9. Hey guys. I've had this subwoofer hooked up to a 650W PSU and connected to a splitter that connects both my sub RCA and HiFi AUX cables that connect into my PC for some time. Bass response is lovely. Bass Boost on the subs' amp is all the way down (0dB). I took a video comparison with my iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge to see if either phone could record any differences in sound but when doing this noticed that the flex of the sub was strangely different to usual, though on some songs I suppose I have to put into consideration that they have different high and lower frequencies than others. I've had an issue with my ED512A 900W subwoofer because the voice coil had half blown, so I bought a 750W 10" sub as a replacement. If you guys could watch both videos and let me know if there is any issue with how the sub is flexing during the bass response? I'm worried that the gain may be improperly set, but it seems fine on other songs. I just want to be 100% sure the amp isn't clipping. Thanks! Video taken from Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ogeErxG9coS5u84WhpslzMsrH0GL6TS3/view?usp=sharing (Notice from 0:07) Video taken from Apple iPhone 7: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Z5QppulRjD2pPoW0hNP5JeVxRN6KapG2/view?usp=sharing (Notice from 0:50) Forgot to include the amp levels. [ATTACH=CONFIG]26557699[/ATTACH]
  10. Kyle F

    Edge ED510A - Amp clipping?

    My 750W 10" sub is fine as far as the frequencies. It doesn't have any issue driving the lower frequencies, only my 900W 12" one did because I thought I blew the voice coil. It seems the voice coil is going out on the 12" one, but it still works..it just doesn't perform properly with the lower frequencies for bass excursion. As for my 750W 10" sub, I was only asking about amp clipping as sometimes it looks like it might be. But I'm not 100% sure. I did a soundwave test with some test tones and used an oscilloscope to check.
  11. Kyle F

    Edge ED510A - Amp clipping?

    Hey guys. So a year ago some people may remember my thread regarding my Edge ED512A 900W subwoofer where the voice coil blew. Well, it seems it didn't completely blow as it still somewhat works. It's just 20 - 40 Hz excursion doesn't sound so good or almost barely hear it. 45-50+ Hz seems fine. As a result, I purchased a new sub but this one is an ED510A 750W. So I bought this 10" sub from someone who had only used it for 3 months and was too much for her little Ford KA so she had it removed and stored in her garage for 6 months just sitting there. It gathered dust, started growing this weird stuff inside the enclosure. So I cleaned it up, scraped the moss out and hoovered it up. Took a wee look at the subwoofer itself, gave it as much of a hoover clean as I could and connected it back to the amp and tested it. Sounds, works fine. HOWEVER. Sometimes when I look at the cone and dust cap, I see that it 'looks' like it's clipping. (the amp of course) But this is where I need you geniuses opinions. I did a few oscilloscope tests with an app on my phone and PA Tone (the very same PA Tone that EXOcontralto uses) to do some tests. The oscilloscope waves look normal and doesn't show clipping, so I can tell. (screenshots of a few included) I would like your opinions and suggestions/resolutions if possible. Now to clear things up, I have my Philips FWM608/12 system connected to a AUX splitter as my AUX from my subs' amplifier connects into the splitter as well and they both connect into my PC on-board sound card. All EQ settings on my FxSound Enhancer app (on my PC) are all set to flat. Could you tell me if (to you) the sound waves in the screenshots look good? I used the oscilloscope with absolutely no high frequencies from my main speakers. I turned my Hi-Fi system off and left the subwoofer on during the playing of a song to get the subs' low frequency sound tests with the crossover turned down. A picture of the settings used on the amp for crossover, bass boost and gain is also included. Thank you. P.S I should also mention the amp is powered by a 650W PC power supply. [ATTACH=CONFIG]26557420[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]26557421[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]26557422[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]26557423[/ATTACH]
  12. Hello to all! My name is Kyle. (Real name) I found this site on Google by searching "car audio forum" which was a strange coincidence. I am on AVSForums trying to get some help on something and usually takes a few weeks to a month to get a single response, sometimes not at all. :/