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  1. Thank you, I’ll keep you posted if it fixes it, the terminals are dry so their could be corrosion on them! I’ll do it either in a min or tomorrow on my lunch break sanded down the terminals and everything and voltage still drops the same
  2. Tested it again at work, one cca says 380a the other days 270a so the batteries powerful enough. Voltage drops to around 13.85 now when they bass hits and around 13.7 with the fans on max and the bass hitting and the headlights. Could slight corrosion on the positive on the amp on the battery effect this too then? I’ve only just got my driving license back from a medical condition and my car was sat for 9 months. With the engine turned off battery reads around 12.8ish or something. negative terminal to engine is fine with the ohms couldn’t find a part on the chassis without paint under the hood.
  3. My dashboard was dimming too, usually using both my windows make the interior light dim too but not as much as my sub sorry for double post
  4. Turns out the ground terminal from my amp to the screw screwing it in is 5.1ohms, is that bad? I think I read somewhere it needs to be under 1 lol sanded off corrosion and more paint and used a fatter screw and it’s at 1ohm when I first do it then stablizes at 0.7ohm. I’ll keep you guys posted if it sorts it! Common noob mistake I’m taking I guess! Update, the dashboard still dims a minute amount compared to what it did, it's barely noticable, is that normal ?
  5. The battery is around a year old the same with the alternator. My ground for the amp the cable is about 1.5-2ft and it's screwed into the chassis under the rear seats with a screw and washer so I guess I'll have to look at the chassis to battery ground, thank you! Could it also be I'm using And thank you everyone else! EDIT: Could it be that I'm using 4 gauge wire too? I know it's overkill for little power but I thought it could help incase I wanted to upgrade my subwoofer and amp in future.
  6. The gains about just under 1/3rd, it doesn't clip from what I can hear and tried it with plenty of songs. The headlights dim at 2500rpm while driving, sorry I missed that out, but only very slightly. If the battery measures 14.4V at idle with no music playing the alternator works as it will just rinse the battery as it's only 12V wont it?
  7. I've got a little 2005 Corsa C (unfortunately), I'm running some 600W 'rated' 4 channel amplifier bridging 2 of the channels to 300W with the gain set as normal and the gain on the other two channels are at it's lowest as theirs no speakers even connected to them. Theirs 2 25A fuses, on the amplfiier, assuming for channels 1+2 and 3+4 so I'm also assuming it's drawing less than 30A if one of the gains is set at its lowest. The guy I bought the car off replaced the alternator and the battery and they're still pretty shiny so I know it can't be them. Does this just mean it's a wank alternator? The voltage drops to 13.4ish when long low bass hits too. Or what else could it be? Also can I throw any alternator in it if I can make up some brackets?
  8. Mast0rMason_

    Choosing an amp to go with a sub?

    Ooh I see okay! Would it be better to find an amp that runs at 0.5ohm? Or will it still have the same amperage draw? Do you know if the Sundown SCV-4000D is capable of 0.5ohm? Then I could possibly buy another zv5
  9. Mast0rMason_

    Choosing an amp to go with a sub?

    Ooh I see, I thought standard calculations would be watts / voltage, @ 14 it's 257 just for the 4000W Vibe Black Death, that's not including efficiency or standard car features (a/c, headlights, ignition ect)
  10. Mast0rMason_

    Choosing an amp to go with a sub?

    Ooh my bad! How many amps will the alternator need to output for the car the function properly? Say the stock alternator is already 80 amp. Would I need a 350A alternator if the stock one is around 80?
  11. Mast0rMason_

    Choosing an amp to go with a sub?

    I didn't really fancy the vibe subwoofers I think they look ugly as hell! There are sundown and other retailers in the UK. If I can't find one I'll just have to pay the import fees.
  12. Mast0rMason_

    Choosing an amp to go with a sub?

    Ah I see. Are there any amps you can recommend for the zv15 and an alternator that can handle the amp? Also do you know why the zv5 on the sundown website says it needs to be a small enclosure?
  13. Mast0rMason_

    Choosing an amp to go with a sub?

    I'm looking at buying a Sundown ZV5 15 but I'm having trouble finding an amplifier to go with it. I've seen videos ect of people feeding them a fair thousand watts more than their RMS rating. Im fairly new to car audio as I was more into home audio. But I have a few questions. If anyone can recommend another subwoofer that they feel may be better around the same price mark or lower, that would be nice I looked on Sundown's website at is says it must be installed to a small ported enclosure due to the mechanical motor, but could someone explain why to me? This one is quite important! What's the best way to calculate amperage required for an amplifier as the amp draw is different for every amp. I looked at 2000Watt amp dyno test on youtube and it was 2100 watts @ 1ohm, I was thinking of just buying a 350a alternator and hoping it doesn't dim my headlights. Can anyone also recomend an amplfiier to go with the ZV15, I don't really wish to spend TOO much money on an amplifier, I found an Audiopipe APMI-2000 which are less than 200USD and the dyno tests are around 2100watts. Also would it be easier just to throw another battery and alternator into the boot rather than wire it all through? Also does anyone know where I can find decent alternators in the UK? Preferably universal ones so I can change it for when I buy a new car in the future. There were some more questions but my mind has just gone blank but I'll probably post them in the replies. Thank-you!