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  1. nate0

    Taramps HD3000 for $179

    I read some more info too. Seems the baseline (median) for the HD series was modeled at 1khz to rate power output. The MD series reached the same goal modeled at 60hz. Probably why they recommend the MD series more over the HD for subwoofer application.
  2. nate0

    Taramps HD3000 for $179

    Ok. Also seeing the MD 3000 is like 40 dollars more, which would you choose? The HD3000 or MD3000 for a subwoofer?
  3. nate0

    Taramps HD3000 for $179

    How well do they perform really? Meaning Why would I want this over a Wolfram C-2400.1? Any advice? Edit: I am not asking about power/vs voltage etc. Anything else we would want to consider?
  4. nate0

    4ohm dvc vs 2ohm dvc

    If you use good wiring to the amp and a good ground with proper fusing I would say for a 1500 watt amp you should be ok. But like mentioned it depends on the type of amp and subs. I ran a 1200.1 kicker on a stock alternator and front AGM 75ah for a while before adding a rear second AGM and did fine for what I wanted at the time. It was two Alpine Type R the SWR-12 series.
  5. Hopefully it is not a sealed box otherwise those subs might finally be gone. Is the 80% gain knob setting on the amp? A peak of 1200 watts too means short bursts or period of time. I doubt though you would be hitting their thermal limit through wattage from the amp.
  6. Looks like you can get the Yinlong cells on Amazon now.
  7. nate0

    4ohm dvc vs 2ohm dvc

    @GneticSuprFreak Why do you think dual 4 ohm coils get hotter than dual 2 ohm coils? Only because someone posted that they do? Sorry I did not mean to sound like a jerk, I just never read posts like that yet.
  8. nate0

    What subwoofer

    I would say It depends on you. You stated you don't know if you need a 15" or 2 12s. You never explained much after that. What might be a disadvantage to me might not be seen as a disadvantage to you or vice versa. What advantages or disadvantages do you see first off from your perspective?
  9. nate0

    2.67 ohm load

    That question probably gets asked a lot due to the poor math skills nowadays. Or they want to be able to say how much they are sending from the amp at that load to impress their friends...?
  10. nate0

    Taramps HD3000 for $179

    They can do pretty close to rated power, but their sweet spot is in the 1khz range being a full range Class D.
  11. nate0

    Taramps HD3000 for $179

    I almost bought one of these last week.
  12. nate0

    Not SQ but not SPL?

    Thanks for sharing more about your experience with it. I have a Chinese Amp/DSP made by Recoil that I have not hooked up yet. 1 because I know I may be disappointed and two there is no support for it, no Control software, no English manual, etc. So I have been curious how a true DSP performs and should act before I go install this one. I may end up trying to sell it and put that difference towards the Dayton. I really want to get away from using my head unit and have been trying to ever since last summer.
  13. nate0

    Not SQ but not SPL?

    They should allow the DSP usb port to accept usb 2.0/3.0 drives or Bluetooth. Bluetooth has come a long way but has its limitations still. I would take usb wired device over RCA and Bluetooth. That is just me though and my limited experience. However, I find it hard to believe Bluetooth over RCA unless your streaming device is top notch. What revision of bluetooth is the source may I ask? It has to be supporting a higher standard to get the use, 2018 was when bluetooth started to turn around so unless your phone or bluetooth device supports the better standard it may be a trial and error to see what sounds best. Edit: Or maybe this Dayton DSP does have some magic buried inside of it to let it compensate..?
  14. So you are using a multi-meter at the battery terminals while playing music where the amp wiring is coming from? Remember all Lead acids usually have a resting voltage of around 12-13V...AGM batteries can rest at around 13 or just under. The Alternator is what brings the system up above 14v.
  15. nate0

    Power Acoustik EG1-2500D

    Agreed. Ya, it is not like the older decks of before that would put out a true 4v RMS or even higher in most cases. Manufactures definitely know how to shake up trends and work the market... Still though, having a proper amp to use that voltage effectively and efficiently does wonders.