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  1. Ya adding any other connectors, splitters, converting adapters to signal send will always reduce the original signal being sent in some way. Plust if you are only using one of the jacks (mono) then you are basically splitting that in half to begin with. Any other settings on the Deck or amp off? Crossover?
  2. Like stated I am more specifically asking about running the 2ohm model (md series I guess) at around 1ohm. And honestly I am only asking this out of curiosity. It would seem more logical to run a 2ohm Taramps at 1ohm to get the power of a 1ohm model at the same resistance depending on how your subs clamp the power and all. Running those taramps high voltage circuits especially the entry level ones at .5 or around there impedance load is crazy. EDIT: Actually I realized what I was looking for. Thanks for sharing what you know about them and what you have seen.
  3. @Popwarhomie So I found another thread where you did not shy someone away from wiring a 2ohm rated Taramps at 1.3ohm. Can you provide any more info on that? Were you ok with it only with a v2 Taramps?
  4. If you do not know the answer to this either that is fine. I am just wondering if even reactive loads at what they are rated for will not even work. All good just a question. I am not planning to carbq anything.
  5. You can burn amps up that can run well at .5 ohm just as easily as ones that just are not capable. I am curious do you understand why running a Taramps rated at a 2ohm load should not be ran at 1ohm?
  6. Nope just asking if you tried. It is ok to say yes or no..lol
  7. nate0

    How long will it last?

    Man I thought that same exact thing. hahaha
  8. I could not find much info in this forum about it during a quick search. So I wanted to hear from real users if they have any experience with this. My real focus would be running the 2ohm model Taramps full range monoblocks at 1ohm. If they do rated power at close to 2ohm I figured someone has to have tried to run them at 1ohm while factoring in impedance rise. Would this even be beneficial at all? Should this be avoided? I have read in a couple places where people have wired the 1ohm models to .5, but maybe they are asking for trouble. Or maybe it is just talk. Thanks for any replies.
  9. nate0

    Which approach should I take?

    That only leaves room for 2 better 15s...
  10. nate0

    Which approach should I take?

    Did you end up getting the ZV3s?
  11. nate0

    Cone area with high roll surrounds..

    There is nothing to debate here. You could always play it till it pops and then recone trying to get your 1" back on both sides. You won't get much more than that though. Actually skar only carries recones for the zvx models, so you can't really recone it with anything they sell, but I am sure you could find one some where.
  12. nate0

    Best cheap low power sub?

    Exactly. I originally was aiming for the Samson and a QSC 1250 but I have so much stuff piled up in a junk room I had to say no Or if someone wanted to repair one would have been a good deal...
  13. nate0

    Best cheap low power sub?

    Ya good find. It is a tossup when you buy stuff used, because you do not know if it was abused at all or not. I know the Samson came from a good home and he was trying to almost give them away to make weight for moving. All the amps that had one channel working he was selling for 20 bucks. He had some QSC EX800 1250 and 1600
  14. nate0

    Best cheap low power sub?

    New?! Heck no...though a crown for 230 new might be a decent deal I guess. I prefer QSC honestly for my own reasons. I have a friend who's dad has been doing live sound for a long time. He builds a lot of custom components too with cnc machining. He has a bunch of QSC and Samson amps he needed to get rid of since he was moving. Some worked fine, others only one channel worked. I picked up the Samson since both channels worked and I have a 10" at home I can wire to it at 8ohms.