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  1. Thanks bud. Just reached out to them for a quote How did this work out for you? I am considering changing out my own rear springs/struts.
  2. nate0

    Amp Dyno Wolfram 2400....2400 watts for $199

    Ya I read that too. I was debating on picking mine up but I don't use Facebook and know no one at that shop. Plus am building a new box which is still a wip...
  3. nate0

    Amp Dyno Wolfram 2400....2400 watts for $199

    Ya, no clue. Still waiting too.
  4. Are some of these top makers (Limitless / jy) running the cells at full charge? I have been reading and studying how these work as well. It would make sense why they rate the amps/wattage so high per ah if they run whatever cells are inside at full capacity. For one they will die faster, and two they have a lot more to dump out making them get super hot depending on how much they were capped out at.
  5. nate0

    Amp Dyno Wolfram 2400....2400 watts for $199

    They better be!
  6. nate0

    Amp Dyno Wolfram 2400....2400 watts for $199

    It rained more than normal here this week. Remnants of the tropical storm that passed through...It stopped some time Wednesday on my part of town. Maybe there was some flooding in the Cave Creek area near where they operate...
  7. nate0


    I imagine it is still a WIP. They got the site up and upgraded which was the primary goal, and now on a newer platform they can probably do tweaks and changes much more fluidly and they count because those tweaks and changes are their newer platform which is supported much more widely I assume. Do they have a site suggestion page started anywhere yet?
  8. nate0

    Hi Res Music - It's for Real

    My current hu has a 24 bit D/A converter for the usb interface, same as the DVD D/A converter bit rate... but not sure about the sampling rate from the usb interface. I saved a crap load of uncompressed audio files wav and aif files to DVD but if they were rates above what was supported on the hu for the types of files, it failed to be recognized. For instance wav files sampling at higher than 44.1khz are not supported, but aac files at 32-48khz are. Am out of luck for aif files for this deck...My system is not setup completely for hi-res playback, but I notice the difference between an mp3 played back at its bit rate compared to a wav or other uncompressed format played back at better sampling rate by the hu. In the end I always go back to good ole CDs at 44.1khz at best.
  9. nate0

    Sub sonic and Low pass

    I read that to set the sub-sonic filter you need to know what your sub box is tuned to. Then set that (sub-sonic filter) 1/2 an octave below the tuned frequency. So if your box was tuned to 30Hz you set the ss filter down to 22.5Hz (30 / 2 then half of that (15 /2 = 7.5) )? Is this just a general rule of thumb for most boxes and sub combinations or just a good starting point at least? Or are you better off really just to test it out listening to the sub its capabilities and knowing its limits adjusting it that way?
  10. I bought a 2' piece of 6" pvc at Home Depot a while back. They did not have the fittings in but had some of the PVC up high in stock where nobody could see. I had to ask many people there and came across the right person, I still have a big piece left. You can also try a local plumbing supply store. I found some places that carried 7" fittings which were really thick but only about 8-9" long at most. Found these parts around town near me when I stumbled across an old custom band pass box I put to use for several weeks...
  11. nate0

    Speaker Wire - does it matter?

    Are you talking only voltage ratings or impedance...what? I understand this as well. 200' of 12 awg will yield the same result as 10 awg until you start crossing the 200' ft mark. Then loss of signal kicks in. But holistically are we missing anything here....I mean 8 awg runs from an amp to subs less than 5 ft away or so seem ridiculous. Maybe it is the placebo effect? Curious what else is going on here...
  12. The poor fella is well known eh..
  13. @uKnuckols Someone needs to take care of your spam/trolling.
  14. Is it possible you blew one of them? Is the crackling coming from all or just one or two? From what you described about the Boston Acoustic amp it sounds like you drove them hard at some point and now they are acting up after switching in some different amps. Maybe plug/hook in a different mid driver to the amp and test if the same result, might be the amps fault...or tweek the gain and crossover more...I have my Front and Rear crossover set at 120Hz personally. Can those mid drivers hit 80ish Hz? I have an 8" Skar and it is only rated at 90Hz and up.
  15. nate0

    Hi Res player for audio playback?

    Maybe their ears/brain are just not as picky as others around here then? Granted most things are relative to the individual, but that is ok. I did not get this deck to build out a HI-Res audio system. I got it because it was 80 bucks, has a better DAC then my other Kenwood and sampling rate. It also plays DVD audio. Of course here in life there are lots of choices to keep us busy...If it ain't one placebo taking folks money it is another