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  1. nate0

    pioneer decks are dumb

    That is the fault of tech nowadays. Sometimes newer is not always better...
  2. nate0

    pioneer decks are dumb

    Because the ??% of consumers that found that irritating was not enough for them to justify a fw update to make an option to do it different ways?
  3. nate0

    What bass knobs do you guys use?

    Why would it not be true? It is physics and math...
  4. I have heard of Focal and seen some of there gear around, but never in person. I don't think my ears come from the right blood line to even be thinking of listening to those I guess.
  5. nate0

    How long will it last?

    @shredder2 In some ways some of us are probably ones that don't believe it until we see it for ourselves. I for one am totally like that. You can tell me all you want and I might even say I believe ya, but then one day I will go off and find out if what you really say is true lol. Even if it costs me With that said, I personally want to see how low and loud I can get my sedan within my current scope of resources before I move on. I know for sure I will be into this for a while and I want to experience a lot of different avenues to learn anything and all I can. Why I started this time around doing it myself as much as possible. None of us have rolls of cash nor immense amounts of time and so with that variable it is best that we look at our goals very discretely. Even though I did this when younger for a short while and even now for the past 2 years, the physics, chemistry and science behind this is crazy vast. Lots of info to swallow and it takes time to connect all the pieces. I love this 'sport'. It is almost my all time favorite thing. Baseball and now softball still holds the crown...
  6. I agree. Even with two D3100s and a 250 amp alt, my engine idle can get hurt after period of time. Right now I only have one Wolfram C-2400.1. Why I am yanking the AGMs in favor of a 75ah Lithium cell.
  7. Or maybe...If you wired the RCA from the HU out of the SW output then make sure in the Head Unit that if there is a subwoofer output setting that it is set to on. Or if you have it wired from a full range channel that the crossover setting for that channel is set to Through.
  8. No. That would have nothing to do with output. Did you check your RCA connection from the deck to the amp is good? Take a volt ohm meter and check the resistance of the speaker wire terminals where they hook into the amp just to make sure they are wired to what they should be...
  9. Check the wiring. Sounds like maybe you reversed something while wiring the speaker and speaker to the amp. I did this the other day on accident because of how large my new box is in my car I did not take the time to look at how I labeled my terminals. Wired two 12s in Series parallel but when I ran the positive and negative side to the second speaker I ran the positive to the negative terminal and negative to the positive terminal (reversed them).
  10. nate0

    How long will it last?

    If it is at 3000 watts on the L7, I would not be surprise if you get to mid 140s with it.
  11. nate0

    How long will it last?

    I like that SA15 design. You're slapping them out like nothing this week!
  12. nate0

    SSA ICON 12" Black Friday Deal! $239.99

    You were right. It was the particular network I was on. I tried when I got home and worked fine. Thx for dbl checking.
  13. nate0

    How long will it last?

    Comparably ya. It would be interesting to see this. I want to try to go just to see folks reactions.
  14. nate0

    How long will it last?

    Now you need to decide which box to bring to the meet if you go on Sunday...
  15. nate0

    SSA ICON 12" Black Friday Deal! $239.99

    looks like your site is down...