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  1. Jeremy11

    What brands do people like for HU's?

    Yep, Pioneer. Had a kenwood which had nice features but changed to get the active crossover with pioneer. I like it better overall.
  2. Jeremy11

    6.5 midrange recs

    Right on. I bought the pioneer d8604 to try out b/c it's inexpensive so I can run the eBay alpine tweeters off it. The flutes are the 6.5 version so I assume neither amp will get a lot of gain. Thanks again
  3. Jeremy11

    6.5 midrange recs

    Just re-read this and had a question. So if you had gone active you would have ran 2 four channel amps, both bridged? So one on tweeters ,one on mids?
  4. Jeremy11


    Good idea, will have to look into that.
  5. Jeremy11


    @Jeffdachef as far as a pioneer head unit with networking is concerned. I want to go double din, so the 80prs is out for me. But comparing them on crutchfields site the difference from the least expensive one to the most expensive ones are features I don't care about or screen size. Is this correct and are the " important " parts the same quality? Because I would rather pay 250 than 450. Thanks
  6. Jeremy11


    Well it appears there is not an upgraded alternator available for my car. So it will be stock plus one battery, is this not worth doing? I have read a stock alternator can charge two batteries but I don't know.
  7. Jeremy11


    Ok I will try to reset it that way but I am sure other upgrades are in order. Thanks
  8. Jeremy11


    So are all amps wired to the extra battery or just sub amp? Do capacitors do anything or not, everything I have read is a mixed bag. Thanks for the input.
  9. Jeremy11


    So after working on my front stage I know I need another box. I have thought about adding another battery. I guess I will cross that bridge when I get to it. As far as the settings all the boost ect is off. There is a sub volume that goes from -50 to 10. I set the gain with it at 0 so I would have a little adjustment. Well thanks for the info. I will,start a thread about bass after Imdo the active set up.
  10. Jeremy11


    I went to public school,in the south, it's tough lol
  11. Jeremy11


    That's a good idea. The main problem area I think is where the mid and tweet hand off. Rock with "screaming guitars" really scream and are harsh. On my eq I have narrowed it down to the 2.5k to 6.3k range. also my overall tuning ability lacks so that may be part of it as well. Hopefully once I go active and set the xover points correctly I can get it a little easier. I think I am going pioneer hu, just need to pick one. Going double din still.
  12. Jeremy11


    I can see that as an explanation for the mids/highs. But what about the discrepancy with the bass?
  13. Jeremy11

    Speaker Popping

    What's the crossover setting?
  14. Jeremy11


    So bear with me. I am in the process of collecting the pieces to go active. I have ordered the silver flute 6.5s the eBay Alpine tweeters and am debating pioneer head unit vs Dayton dsp. I just don't think the Rockford t1 components are very good and I am not really fond of the Kenwood head unit I have. But 1 of the questions is even on the current equipment I can play some songs that sound absolutely wonderful. Some sound like garbage while others I can tune via eq over a few times of listening and they are ok. I understand that not every song sounds good in a system, but there are songs I have listened to a million times that just aren't right. Then there is the no bass at all vs having to turn sub volume all the way down. I mainly use Bluetooth,some cds. Will a dsp "even things out" so to speak? Some times it sounds ok at moderate volume but at full volume sounds like garbage.Not running any rear speakers. I will also need to work on my sub stage but that's another post. A little info, 06 Avalon stock electrical, big 3. Don't know if voltage is an issue? Rockford t600-4 for mids/tweets, punch bd1000 for subs. I have use sound dampener sealed doors as much as possible. Any input would be appreciated, and thanks for reading my long jumble hope it made sense to someone.
  15. Jeremy11

    Good cheap tweeters

    Looks good. I ordered a set to go with the silver flutes I already ordered. What amp do you have powering them?