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  1. Jeremy11

    Gain setting questions

    So mostly by ear and probably tweaking it several times? Im ok with that. Im sure it will take a little bit but I think I can figure it out. Thanks
  2. Jeremy11

    Gain setting questions

    So I am running 2way active off a pioneer hu. I have a gm-8604 for my tweeters, a Rockford t600-4 for my mids. Both running bridged of course. I do not have access to the dd1 or whatever its called and I don't really know of any reputable shops near me. So in reading other threads @Jeffdachef has said dont use test tones. So is it a multimeter setting? If so how much or what percentage to set it to? I'm sure I could blow these speakers with too much gain. I do want max volume but the right way. Almost forgot. The tweeters are the alpine type x Ebay specials, and mids are silverflute 6.5s. Thanks in advance.
  3. 100% jealous of your abilities
  4. Jeremy11

    Pioneer hu in network with rear fill questions

    Thanks! I figured you would know.
  5. So I have a pioneer hu with network. If I hook some rear speakers to it and run off of deck power, how exactly does it work? Is power cut to those speakers so there is no distortion at high volume? Does it automatically have them crossed so no low frequency goes to it, and is there any adjustments? I have a set of FREE alpine 6.5 coaxials that I want to hook up like this for fun mainly just wondering if there was anything I need to know
  6. Jeremy11

    Rear deck & front spkrs VS front only

    Quick hijack questions. If you run rears off of deck power while running active on a pioneer network, are they crossed over or are the bass frequencies cut in some way.also is there a way to make any adjustments to the sound of the rears.
  7. Jeremy11

    Looking for old school sony eq

    I don't know why I didn't receive a notification? Anyway yea those are nice, you got one you want to unload?
  8. Jeremy11

    Question on class D amps

    So when you say not the best in sound quality does that mean it doesn't sound good or it just takes more tuning?
  9. Both off of the upfront battery?
  10. So thats it? And just wire the amps off the second one? Now I'm not doing a super spl system probably 4k watts total, what type of batteries should I use?
  11. Well so as the title says. What is the best/proper way to add a second battery in the trunk? Any wiring diagrams and instructions or tips would be greatly appreciated. Please let he know of any info needed. Thanks Jeremy
  12. Jeremy11

    Recommendations for an amplifier for a single cab pick up.

    I would go pioneer. 8604 or 8704 bridged on your fronts. Rears off of deck power. You could also go pioneer, cant recall model number, for the sub as well. Good amps small price.
  13. Jeremy11

    Sub amp recommendations please

    I must be an idiot, wait dont answer that, but I cant find taramps as a seller on amazon. I see plenty if offerings of this amp. Was kinda hoping to have something to fall back on if its defective for any reason.
  14. Jeremy11

    Sub amp recommendations please

    Nice,thanks. Best place to purchase? Amazon or??