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  1. Jeremy11

    Not SQ but not SPL?

    Is there such a thing? A stereo that is clear and sounds good but also loud? Something like a hybrid of the 2?
  2. Jeremy11

    Amp and sound quality question/s

    I guess the short version is I put together a stereo a little over a year ago and not quite satisfied with it. Had a new baby recently so I have down time to try and do something different. This is research for me. But I have 5 million questions lol. I think I want to start over with a different vehicle, one without a trunk. Thanks for your time and info. Very appreciated.
  3. Jeremy11

    Amp and sound quality question/s

    Thanks for the input guys. Now I need to learn the difference between a/b etc.
  4. Jeremy11

    Amp and sound quality question/s

    So I have questions. Does the amp make as much difference in sound quality as other components in a system or is all they do power up speakers? Example some woofers are classified as spl and some as Sq, is it the same with amps? Could you use the same amp in either type setup? I would guess this would matter more with amps pushing mid/highs than woofers. Thanks for any clarification on this matter. Jeremy
  5. Jeremy11

    American Bass subs?

    @THATpurpleKUSH thanks for the article. Maybe after I read it 10 more times it might make sense 🤣. But for real it gives me something to look for when viewing subs.
  6. Jeremy11

    American Bass subs?

    Unfortunately I don't have those answers at this time. Toying with getting a new car so I will be starting from scratch. Tired of dealing with a trunk. Thinking hatch or suv, seems the way to go.
  7. Jeremy11

    American Bass subs?

    I am a dummy whats inductance? And are these all specs that would be listed by a manufacturer?
  8. Jeremy11

    American Bass subs?

    Well sounds like maybe these arent for me. I lean more to sq side, but definitely just daily driving and music, no competition here. Thank you for all the input.
  9. Jeremy11

    American Bass subs?

    Either the tnt or xfl models based on wattage. Of course not knowing anything about them, curious to know if they are geared toward spl or sq.
  10. Jeremy11

    Which amp?

  11. Jeremy11

    Which amp?

    Any other recommendation for similar amp?
  12. Jeremy11

    American Bass subs?

    Are these subs any good? Does anybody here run them? They look good but dont know anything about them. Thanks
  13. Jeremy11

    Which amp?

    So if you were to have to choose between the Orion xtr 2500.1 and the Rockford t1500-bd which one would you choose? I have watched the dyno on both on youtube. The Orion looks like it can be had for about half the price. Thanks for any input.
  14. Jeremy11

    What brands do people like for HU's?

    Yep, Pioneer. Had a kenwood which had nice features but changed to get the active crossover with pioneer. I like it better overall.
  15. Jeremy11

    6.5 midrange recs

    Right on. I bought the pioneer d8604 to try out b/c it's inexpensive so I can run the eBay alpine tweeters off it. The flutes are the 6.5 version so I assume neither amp will get a lot of gain. Thanks again