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  1. colinmustlift

    Crimper for 0 gauge

    I use my lineman's pliers (Klien tools). I have stronger than average hands, and I have to really squeeze the fugger, and i need to do it in a couple of places, but it's solid. clamps or rope/bungee cord could do the same if you can't grip it hard enough.
  2. colinmustlift

    Taramps Brazilian Style Mess

    just from seeing them in nyc and jersey city, i can say there are both good and horrible brazil style set ups. look at it this way: the usa is more or less the capital of car audio and bass stuff, but time i look at craigs list and such looking for some cheap stuff, i see some pretty horrible stuff that i can recognize, and i'm new to this (un matched wire sizes, visible glue on broken parts of equipment, etc). so you will likely have some one from some other country somewhere in the USA thinking every american runs something stupid, and i'd be a good number do.
  3. colinmustlift

    1 sub at 2krms or 2 subs at 1k/each - opinions?

    lol, i should probably finish that box design you gave me (have done majority of cuts, need to do 45s on the bracing, maybe round over the port edge) and just enjoy it first. it's just that i have a new mono amp and want to find a use for the sub channel of my 5 channel amp, i might get a 3rd alpine 10 and just smack that in there, we'll see.
  4. colinmustlift

    1 sub at 2krms or 2 subs at 1k/each - opinions?

    So a related question: how about using lots of those little 6.5 inch subs which require tiny boxes? on paper it seems power and space efficient, but what am i missing?
  5. colinmustlift

    20% eBay today only

    i JUST bought a new mono amp on ebay last week. so i just got some earbuds on ebay, 20% helps convince me to waste money.
  6. colinmustlift

    Budget class D mono amp for atleast 1200Watt

    i almost bought a kicker KXM1200.1. seems to range between 199 and 220 on amazon. comes w gain knob, a fairly full set of features, and by all accounts will be much better on electrical than audiopipe or what have you. I don't see the value in buying a cheap amp but then spending money on upgrading electrical and batteries when you could have run a better amp at a net lower price without the electrical upgrade. i ended up getting an alpine mono amp which is even more gentle on electrical, altho i don't think it qualifies as budget.
  7. shred hooked me up w some plans. I've made one change, i'm extending the top 1 inch wider and doing a dado cut, just to give myself a lip on each side to pick it up by. did most of the initial cuts, will try to find time on the weekend to do the rest. got some bed liner to paint it. I also got a new amp (alpine pdx m12, like 1400 watts into either 2 or 4 ohms) which will power the subs nice and sips power gently so i won't mess up stock electrical. so a question for my next bad idea: i'm assuming down the road i will want to experiment, and the sub channel on my 5 channel amp will be sitting unused -- are there any subs that would work well in 3 without going over say 3 cubes for a good ported box? i'd power 2 off of my new amp, and 1 off of the other amp (alpine v9), which i can set to be exactly the same power and control all of them w one gain knob. would adding another R series 10 inch be out of the question?
  8. alright, that settles it. for my first box build i'll go with a simple ported. just have to iron out the plans and port details. thanks for all the input guys.
  9. Also, is that decware death box a good idea? Being tunable seems nice, but all reviews i read are old and very split into love and hate it seems.
  10. Ya, i hear you on the higher tune shred, nondecaf just regular music. Would you mind showing me a more musical box idea? I could do slot or aero i suppose. Have a 2017 chevy ss, box is backed up by my rear seats facing back, can't put it all the way back and lose trunk tho. Thanks all
  11. Wow, that'sa cool mockup. So after sub displacement its close to what kush was talking about it seems. Ya, 12 inch depth is a no shot. Would that build work w an aero port, or like you said its messed w/o the slot? Does your graphics program show cut sheets and such?
  12. Shred, ya i think you and i have a similar taste in tune. I'd love anything you'd suggest. Why so hard for same side ports, cuz of my space requirements? These subs have decent xmax for the pricd i paid, i got em in a sealed box swimming in polyfil, but i want that thump i get on some gucci tracks on a lot more tracks. Kush, for your suggestion, 6 inch port diameter? Internal/external? How long? I know enough to know that totally smooth response graphs dont tell the whole tale, so im happy to just dive in w anyones good plans, even thought about buying death box plans cuz it is tunable.
  13. Tnx mopar, i'll fire in some deck screws to keep it tight.
  14. 2 of these bad boys: https://www.crutchfield.com/p_500RW10D2/Alpine-R-W10D2.html?tp=68872 FS is 30hz, Qts is .47, Vas is 21L or 0.7416 feet cubed. I'll be making this out of .75 inch MDF, have some tools to do dado cuts so it's easier to pick up and has a bit better grip. I have clamps so unless it's a terrible idea i can skip using screws. anyhow, ideally the depth would be about 12 inches so it can fit way back in my trunk, but that's not a deal breaker, have about 44 inches of width and 15 or so inches of height to play with. I am really not sure about ports tho. I'm not sure how to use WinSD (sp) but have a fairly basic spreadsheet that plots response curves. the recommended box in the manual (1 cube net) looks quite peaky around 40hz, i liked the look of a box @ 1.43 cubic feet w an FB of around 26 better, but to be honest i'm really not sure and would like an idea on ports (slot, buy one off of amazon, pvc?). Thanks
  15. colinmustlift

    Audiopipe APCLE-2004 Amp Dyno

    good vid. seeing this makes me less likely to buy other audio pipe amps, even if they bench well and seem ok. just not worth saving a few bucks (given there are other solid cheap options as your videos show us) vs buying from a better brand. also; what are people's opinions on AB vs D amps? i know a lot of real esoteric audio types insist AB sounds better (and that tubes sound best, for that matter), but a lot of the el cheapo stuff is AB, and it seems like it's always bad on electric.