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  1. fireplace369

    Batcap for a 4-Channel Amp?

    If the car wasn't running wouldn't there be a voltage drop already since most car batteries can't discharge fast enough to meet the instant demand of an amp (mostly just subwoofer amps)? Even if you had a deep-cycle battery (which I don't) batteries take about a second to discharge. What batcaps are designed to do is be that medium between the "slower" discharge of a real battery and the "quicker" demand of the amp. I like to listen to my music in my car parked sometimes with the engine off (to save gas), wouldn't voltage dropping effect me then?
  2. fireplace369

    Batcap for a 4-Channel Amp?

    I have a 2006 Acura TL. I'm doing the big 4 (grounding the alternator casing too) before the amp gets installed. Also I have a high output alternator that puts out 155A at idle.
  3. fireplace369

    Batcap for a 4-Channel Amp?

    The 4-channel isn't installed currently. Right now I just have a 2 channel amp powering two Alpine Type R's at 75W a piece. Everything is fine with it, but this new amp will be twice the power per channel and two more channels used.
  4. fireplace369

    Batcap for a 4-Channel Amp?

    Hi. I have an XStatic Model 400 Batcap that I use for my sub woofer amp. I'm about to get a higher power 4-channel speaker amp (150W per channel x 4). Would this amp now need to run through a cap?
  5. fireplace369

    Alpine Type X vs Type R 6.5" Component

    Thank you for your responses. But mainly just do they sound THAT much better than the R's? And yes I understand the choice is still opinionated.
  6. fireplace369

    Alpine Type X vs Type R 6.5" Component

    Hi. I'm trying to decide between the Alpine Type X or Type R 6.5" component system for my car. I will also be getting the same model (whatever I choose) for just 6.5" co-axials for my rear deck as well. All 4 of the speakers will be powered off Alpine's new Type X 4 channel amp (the X-A70F). Do the type X really sound that much better and are worth $200 more a pair than the type R's? Thank you.
  7. fireplace369

    A Bigger Batcap, A Deep Cycle Battery, or both?

    I have not done the big 3, and no my front battery isn't old. It's a Diehard Gold Deep Cycle with 600CCA and a RC of 100 (those are the only specs I can find). I'm at the point now where I think I may have to upgrade my alternator because my system will be at 1900W (accounting for amp inefficiency) which pulls 130A. My alternator is only rated at 130A and since roughly half that powers the rest of the car, I can feed only roughly 65A in total. Upgrading my alternator and doing the big 3 I mean.
  8. fireplace369

    A Bigger Batcap, A Deep Cycle Battery, or both?

    That's what I'm trying to determine. Would a half batcap/half battery like the Xstatic products (model 800, 2000, 3000, etc.) be better, or should I just get a large deep cycle battery (OPTIMA yellow top, XS D3400, XS D6500, etc.) to power my system? Also, would deep cycle batteries discharge quickly enough to power an amp that would be powering regular 6.5", 6x9", etc. sized speakers? I plan on keeping my Xstatic Model 400 so I can have quick discharge for my subwoofer amp since I assume that would be better.
  9. Hi. My sound system is currently a little above 1200W with one sub amp (this is accounting for amp inefficiency) and will eventually be about 1900W (One sub amp and one speaker amp; again accounting for inefficiency). I have a XStatic Model 400 batcap (rated up to 1300W) on my system now (which worked fine when my last amp was around 650W. My lights dimmed heavily with no batcap when I had that amp, hence why I got it), but now that I have twice the power, my lights are dimming very heavily again. The dimming occurs whenever the sub fires at all (short kick drum burst and long heavy bass notes). Although my alternator is fully functioning and rated at 130A, I have a small car with a smaller regular battery. I am stuck between buying a larger batcap from XStatic, specifically the Model 2000, which they say is 60% battery and 40% capacitor, or buying a deep cycle battery such as a OPTIMA yellow top or a XS Power D6500 to fix this problem and to be able to run my current and future system continuously for a good period of time (an hour or two) with no issues. In addition, I would like to know if a regular deep cycle battery works well powering an amp that just runs regular speakers (6.5", 6x9", etc.) or if everything would be better wiring a deep cycle battery for power storage and then wiring a batcap solely for the discharge together. (To my knowledge, it seems the way to go is wire my batcap to a deep cycle battery and wire only my sub amp to the batcap and run my amp for regular speakers directly to the deep cycle battery). Sorry for the lengthy post, any help at all is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  10. fireplace369

    Detailed Alpine X-A70F Specifications

    Hi. I'm looking to find out some very detailed specs on the Alpine X-A70F amplifier. What I'm looking to find out is roughly what the true power output is per channel at 4 ohms (birth sheet gives highest power output at lowest ohms), what its true efficiency is, and its maximum current draw for a 4 ohm load. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  11. fireplace369

    XStatic Model 400 Batcap True Power

    Cool, thank you.
  12. Hi. I have a XStatic Model 400 batcap for my sound system. When my system is all said and done it will be around 1,600W in total. On the company's website it says that for "maximum performance" this cap is rated between 1,000W-1,300W. I called a very reputable car audio store near me and they say that I should not have a problem because they don't rate the caps to their true potential. My main question is will I be fine as is, would I need a bigger batcap, or could I just buy another one like I have and add it in with my current one? Thank you.
  13. fireplace369

    Amp Choice for Alpine Type R 6.5"

    Ok cool. Thank you.
  14. fireplace369

    Amp Choice for Alpine Type R 6.5"

    Thank you all for your suggestions. Another reason I asked about the two amp choices is because the batcap that I have says it’s rated for “maximum performance” between 1,000-1,300W and by putting in the amp that does 120Wx4 my system will be at 1,340W in total. I’m worried that will be too much for the cap to handle.
  15. fireplace369

    Amp Choice for Alpine Type R 6.5"

    Both of the amps are Alpine and both are 4 channel. Money is not a factor, I just want to know wattage wise will underpowering the speakers by 15W be ok, or should I get the amp that puts out 120W per channel? The amps I’m looking at are: Alpine PDR-F50 (4 channel 85W per channel at 4 ohms) Alpine X-A70F (4 channel 120W per channel at 4 ohms)