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  1. Lovebass805

    Sa12 replacement

    I have it at a little over half over on the amp volume gain, subsonic filter at 25-35hz it’s not marked so hard to tell lpf all the way yeah I like it as boomy as possible no bass boost,on on the hu I have all the treble midbass and bass maxed out it sounds alright with these settings on most frequencies but I can hear some distortion on certain frequencies if I lower it it doesn’t have the punch I crave. It barley has it with the bass maxed out right now it gives a good back/ seat vibration but I want it to really slam and feel it in my face and chest and stomach
  2. Lovebass805

    Sa12 replacement

    Wolfram 1500 it sounds way better than the prefab box it was previously in much cleaner but still hear distortion I listen pretty loud most the time the max volume on my car is like 60 and I listen 25-35 most the the time time I’ll do what you guys recommend to see if it improves sound but I know I’ll probally get the u’s and upgrade the amp shortly after unless anyone can recommend better drivers for the same enclosure
  3. Lovebass805

    Ascendant audio

    I have a avalanche 18” that I love best sounding sub I’ve ever heard just it can’t fit in my car
  4. Lovebass805

    Sa12 replacement

    Thinking about replacing the dual sa 12’s I have they sound noticbly better with the right enclosure and amp but I still hear distortion at certain frequencies but way less now. It sounds good but I want it to sound and feel incredible I’m thinking the sundown u series 12”s but there seems to be almost no reviews for it except one that says it’s a sa12 on steroids the bigger magnet and more Xmas looks appealing but the cone itself doesn’t look beefy enough anything that will work with the current enclosure I have now for the dual sa 12’s 4.3 cubic ft tuned to 35hz Does anyone have any recommendations for two 12” sub drivers that will effortlessly play with no distortion and all bass settings maxed out full tilt and will work with my current enclosure?
  5. Lovebass805

    Recommend amp for two sa12’s

    Wow that looks perfect thanks
  6. Lovebass805

    Recommend amp for two sa12’s

    Not looking to spend more than 400 Preferably around 300 It’s the dual 4ohm sa12’s Right now currently have a boss 4000 that is actually 900 watts at 1ohm not the 4000 it’s advertised as. How much power should I look at giving these two sa12’s to make them really shine?
  7. Thanks so much it’s crappy boss4000 amp that is nowhere near what it’s rated but some guy tested it online and it’s 946 watts at 1ohm I’ll get a better amp when I have money. Again thanks!
  8. I purchased a subwoofer enclosure tuned to 30hz That I want to change to 35hz is there anyway to do it? https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B01L86LCNS This is it,I don’t know why I thought 30hz was the ideal tune for two sa12’s I read a lot of old threads of the older versions of the sa12’ I suspect that recommend 30hz tunes But I see the newest version is recommended at 35hz tune for a nice gain (6db?)in certain frequency range I listen to nothing but dubstep will I notice a difference from 30hz to 35hz tune? Can I change the tuning of a already built enclosure to a higher desired frequency of 35hz
  9. Lovebass805

    Enclosure for 2 sa12’s

    Thanks I’ll keep that in mind. What do thugs think of this enclosure Custom Ported / Vented Sub Box Subwoofer Enclosure for 2 Sundown SA-12 SA12 Subs - 32hz https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01L86LCNS/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_ChO-AbDWKCVWM
  10. Max length is 38 inches height 16” depth 24” To maximize sq and spl out of my sundown sa12’s Suggestions?
  11. Lovebass805

    A bunch of old subs

    Item(s) for Sale: Mtx terminator boss 1500 amp Two kicker comp r’s 12” drivers JL Audio powered dual 8” subs Item(s) Description/Condition: all in great condition like new the JL Audio has dented grills Price: Mtx terminator 100 Boss amp 25.00 Kicker comp r both drivers for 100.00 or 50.00 each JL Audio sub powered sub 300 Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: Item Pictures: (List pictures in this section, 1st picture should be your username/date if you have less than 10 positive feedbacks with the i-Trader system or less than 10 references that you have sold to in the past. (These must be listed in your signature, or a link provided to a feedback thread listing these references)).
  12. Lovebass805

    Looking to upgrade two 12”s

    We’ll see I’m broke now but I’ll upgrade those in the future do you have a spot you can suggest where I can get the enclosure and a suggestion for the amp to run these and possibly upgrade the drivers with most likely a much deeper mounting depth easily with the same enclosure if I’m not satisfied
  13. Lovebass805

    Looking to upgrade two 12”s

    Which brand would you recommend if your suggested to go with? I want want sq but spl too I remember being in peoples cars when I was young and the bass was was so tight and overwhelming you’d feel it all over your face and body but if I remember correctly the people’s cars that did that had like 6 12” drivers sealed would it be possible to get that same performance out of two high excursion 12” drivers powered right in the right enclosure? I’ve never heard of idqs looking at their drivers some of them look nice 28mm of Xmas and decent sized magnets
  14. Lovebass805

    Looking to upgrade two 12”s

    Recently got two sa 12’s I have a crappy enclosure and amp but I think that will just make a modest increase in sound and I’m looking to be blown away I have my eye on American bass hd 12’s ported or sealed I want a enclosure no longer in width of 36 inches with the rest of the dimensions with room to spare sorry I don’t have exact measurements it’s 2016 prius(lol) and to output effortless distortion less bass that sounds natural and accurate honestly my little entry level mtx terminator sounded a little better than the sa12’s I have now sq wise I’m thinking cause they were sealed which also makes me have my eye on mtx flagship subwoofer drivers that their is literally no reviews about anywhere online Does anyone have any other suggestions The sa 12 aren’t nearly as loud as I want them to be. And sundown haven’t responded to my emails inquiring about their other products as a possible upgrade twice now so their customer service has been non existent for me unlike to rave reviews plus their stuff is made in China I had a avalanche 18” in a tuned sealed 24” enclosure that was the most amazing subwoofer I’ve ever heard but it doesn’t fit in my car. Plus the the company is long gone
  15. Lovebass805

    New sub or port current one?

    I have a mtx terminator I want it to be louder. Amp is generic boss amp rated at 1600 watts and I know it’s nowhere near that I read it’s actually rated at like 275 watts or something but for now it suites my needs If I buy a ported box would it be louder and sound good or not because the drivers are not tuned made for a ported box? Or can you recommend a wired dual 12” ported box sub combo that will blow my current sub out of the water with a width no greater than 36” I know my current subs aren’t the greatest. I just want more bass. I have a avalanche 18” sealed sub that I love but won’t fit in my car. I don’t want to break the bank either 400 is limit but 200-300 is more what I’d like to spend on a new sub,no preference in brand What I like about my current setup is it’s cheap and durable but I want it louder and with no distortion going louder Thank you.