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  1. bajbass

    Prv vs Crescendo vs ds18 neos

    I finally sold the powerbass 6.5 pro speakers and looking to get something clearer and louder options im looking at are... Prv 6mr500 Crescendo 6.5 or 8 Ultra neos or the ds18 neos im probably going to put the mids in with the massive ct2 tweets and later on add midbass drivers i currently have a ppi 900.4 and a pioneer gm-d8604. Heard good things on all of the speakers above so anyone that have experience with any chime in with their opinions
  2. My old vehicle (2006 subaru impreza wagon) had a ecu control crap on the alternator too but it usually charge constant if it senses electrical load on the system(headlights,park lights, A/C etc) so to solve the problem i ran the blower in the car at low speed during the daytime and it would constantly keep charging
  3. Well since i have my bass where i want it be (2 12 American bass xfls ported) i need to get my mids to keep up currently im running these https://powerbassusa.com/us/en/products/mobile-audio/xpro-6-65-Octagonal-mid-range-driver-4-ohm/ along side a pair of massive ct2 tweeters. The problem is like every 6.5 pro audio speaker i cross path with there is a huge nulls and peaks in the frequency responce when i measure in rew which sounds annoying and horrible without heavy eqing.I find i need to cut 1.3khz by 11 dbs to get it near flat responce then there is still big 8 -dbs null around 700 hz i think .....then they dont get as loud after heavy eqing.My question is do i get 8 inch better pro audio speakers like the crescendo un 8s with more power behind them or get multiple car audio midbass/midrange 6.5s in each door whice sound way better without much eqing...
  4. Ok so i found these speakers locally that are suppose to be midbass... are these any good https://www.parts-express.com/faitalpro-8fe200-8-professional-midbass-4-ohm--294-1170 and also im thinking of getting the PRV 6mr500 instead of using 8 inch midrange...and just buy a pioneer gm 8604 and bridge it or just bridge the ppi p900.4....and use the pioneer to power tweets and midbass..
  5. Lol nice I can't even touch 100 hz @ 24db but I mean the lpf on the midrange
  6. Well not sure I could find any dedicated mid bass driver but I'll look around...Another question do you usually lpf cross pro audio mids higher than regular car mids since these speakers have a responce up to 10 kHz...? Right now I have them cross at 4000 k @24 linkwitz Riley filter
  7. bajbass

    Massive CT2II's

    I just realise that i have the stage 2 version tbh they are the best tweeters i ever own.....Just make sure as Jeff said to keep them on axis sounds way better in my suv makes my shitty powerbass mids sound decent with a nice detail cant wait to hear them on better mids...they get loud too with power on them.
  8. well i got them to sound a bit better but still looking to replace them with 8s but since i live in the caribbean its a challenge getting my hands on any crescendo gear unless i pay a shit tonne of shipping and duty.....choices are limited locally...but what i can get my hands on are basically DS18 8 pros or neos , powerbass ,power acoustic...,precision power may find pioneers and ground zero. But the ground zeros cost a fortune even if its worth it idk but are the ds18 mids any good....? btw i use rca and bluetooth sometimes but handling the phone while on the road for volume and sound selection is a pain in the a**
  9. So the taramps md or hd 3000 full range amps are good amps for subs and do the still do rated and efficient in the sub range?? If so I'm considering to use 1 on my 2 ab xfl 12s seeing that they are so reasonable on Amazon...
  10. Btw I have a dayton dsp and a precision power phantom p900.4 for now ...planing to bridge it into stereo to get at least 450 x2 then get a stereo amp or so to power the tweeters.My doors are extremely deaden but starting to wonder if the door panels causing the freaky response since the grills on the panels don't line up perfectly to the front of the speaker..
  11. well i have measured the powerbass mid out of car in small bookshelf box i made and came up with this graph
  12. bajbass

    Not SQ but not SPL?

    Yea the dayton dsp uses Bluetooth 4.0 aptx so the sound quality suppose to be near or equal to cd quality or so they claim...well i tried it with my phone with flac files and it didnt sound too bad at all
  13. bajbass

    Not SQ but not SPL?

    So using the rcas in my dayton dsp is a waste of time....? And Bluetooth is the only way to go
  14. Hey im looking to add a dsp to my set up i was looking at the Rockford Fosgate DSR1 seem to be a decent price...any other suggestions?
  15. bajbass

    what are the best dsp for the money right now?

    Ok so i downloaded both dayton and the dsr1 apps for the price dayton isnt bad but the dsr1 have more bands of eq to adjust more cross over slopes to choose from... plus the dsr1 has bluetooth built right in while with the dayton u have to buy a separate bluetooth dongle to connect to a phone or tablet hmmm
  16. bajbass

    what are the best dsp for the money right now?

    well seeing the dayton is new cant find much vids with the interface but the dsr1 has built in bluetooth and looks like it has tonnes of flexibility for just 250
  17. bajbass

    what are the best dsp for the money right now?

    wow rockford processing that bad?
  18. bajbass

    what are the best dsp for the money right now?

    the dayton sure looks like a deal i guess i have to check some vids out and see if i preffer the dayton over the Rockford or even the minidsp...since these 3 seem to be in my price range
  19. Ok so I have some pa powerbass xpro 6.5 mid's in my door and massive ct-2 tweets in the dash just wondering if it's better to cross the tweets high like 5k or so and just let the mids take care of 5k and down since it was noted in the manual it could play up to 7k I think ...usually I get a better staging crossing the tweeter lower..
  20. bajbass

    Help getting my pa mid's blend with my tweets

    ok i also read some where if u use a 12 db slope on both mids and highs u need to reverse the polarity on the tweets so they will be back in phase at crossover point is that true?
  21. bajbass

    DC Audio Level 3 10s, what do you think?

    The sundown sa 12 I had before I upgrade was nice...But my 1 of my ab xfls sounded better and louder with the same box and amp...With 2 now I can't be happier even with 1500 watts...
  22. bajbass

    Advise on tweeter upgrade

    I recently upgrade my front mids to precision power 6.5 pro audio but my polk mm tweets don't seem to keep up with them at high volume and seem to lose detail....I was looking to get the massive ct-2 tweets are they decent or anything better?ps I have a ppi phatom 900.4 150w X 4 channel amp.
  23. bajbass

    Advise on tweeter upgrade

    Ok so the tweeters were delivered yesterday and i install them lastnight i must say they really shine in the upper frequencies where the mm tweeters were more tame..really give my music more sparkle to it, didnt really had to chance to tune them just right but they dont seem harsh at all and they keep up with my PA speakers better that the mm tweeters, right now i have them cross at 4k with a 24 db slope will try a lower crossover point and play with the slopes to get them perfect...THX
  24. bajbass

    Advise on tweeter upgrade

    wow those look impressive... sry i didnt see those before but i already ordered the ct-2s so ill see how they go i have a alpine 164bt head unit with a 9 band parametric eq and active should be enough to get them sound to my liking...i hope...
  25. Just wondered if its normal to have an unsually high gain setting on this amp...mine is set around the 3/4 mark anything less than that i dont seem to get that much output..every other amp i had b4 with the same alpine deck was good with 1/4 on the gain seems fishy..