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  1. S.C.C.

    Wolfram audio

    My wolfram 3000.1 on 2 crescendo audio 18s sounds pretty good. No issues with the amp so far...
  2. S.C.C.

    synergy audio 3k???

    Never had a problem once with my wolfram 3k
  3. S.C.C.

    Wiring 09 Yukon

    Through the firewall from the driver side under the carpet and under all the trim pieces to the back, rather simple to get it back there and all clean looking.
  4. S.C.C.

    Brand New 6x9" only $25 with Free Shipping

    Nice price! Even though I would never use them can't beat that. Even with all the negativity. Loving my 100.4s!
  5. Overkill really, but I plan on upgrading power, but a mechman 320 alt, with 2 advanced auto part agms under the hood and 3 crescendo F31 in the back. Also have dual inputs for power and ground.
  6. Definitely the wolfram, awesome amp. I currently run the 3k and it works flawlessly
  7. Assuming your looking to run active, my Pioneer Avh 4800 has been really nice and the tuning is great. I would look into that.
  8. S.C.C.

    Kinda finished my install

    Yes wolfram is awesome, loving my 3k!
  9. S.C.C.

    5 channel amplifier ?

    Nvx 900.5 or Sundown Audio 1100.5
  10. Krystal RCA Kables That's what I use, and have yet to have an issue. And haven't had any noise pickup through them.