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  1. Oh yeah I was talking about the port being on the same side as the sub like you mentioned does it matter where it faces?
  2. Would that be an improvement in output if I configured it that way? The box will be in my trunk behind the back seat but will have a wall in front of it separating the box from the rest of the trunk to mount the amps.
  3. Perfect, thanks for confirming, this is my first time building a ported box just want to make sure I have my specs correct. Box will be 32” wide so I have the extra room I think I will go a bit lower.
  4. I want to build a simple box for 1 8" CT Sounds Meso. My internal volume based on available dimensions (minus sub displacement of .08) is .895 cubic feet. If I use a 3" round port with a tuning of 35hz and .895 cubic feet my port length should be 15.18" per the 12 volt port length calculator, does this sound correct? Any other variables I need to be aware of, and is 35hz an all around decent tune (hip hop and old school mainly)? I will be pushing 1200-1500 watts to the sub.
  5. I found a simple design on the DD website but it’s geared toward their sub would this get me where I need to be? Not sure what it’s tuned to or if it’s too big for the specs that the ct sub calls for.. http://ddaudio.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/12_full_size.pdf
  6. Honestly I had to look up decaf haha I’ve been out of the scene for a while! But yeah that should be good, definitely gonna have to explore some decaf tracks now
  7. Doesn’t matter, whatever would be easier as it’s only temporary until I redo my trunk.
  8. The 3000 watt version dyno’d at 1810 watts so I’d guess 1800 is a good realistic ballpark. Figured it was cheap power for occasional use and would push that sub decently.
  9. Honestly not too picky, just looking for loud and low bass. It’s just an occasional weekend cruiser. 1983 Cadillac Fleetwood, so not really limited by trunk space or anything. Later I will have a more custom design made to fit over the contours of the front of the trunk but for now a plain rectangle box in the middle of the trunk pan will do. Mostly hip hop and old school/funk music. Amp is a hifonics ZXX 3200.1d
  10. Willing to pay someone for some simplified plans/cut sheet or even someone to build a simple box for me in Orange County CA. Will be one 12” ct sounds Meso. I’m not limited by size of the box. Parameters are as follows: TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: Sub power: 1500W (RMS) | 3000W (MAX) Subwoofer size: 12" Subwoofer type/ impedance: Dual 2 ohm Voice coil (diameter): 3" (76.2mm) FS: 37.829Hz QTS: 0.397 QES: 0.432 QMS: 5.008 VAS: 23.373 liters SPL: 86.5 dB (@1w/1m) Xmax: 20mm Displacement: 0.18 ft3 Magnet weight: 330 Oz Speaker connector: 12 Gauge Resonant frequency: 30.5Hz BOX SPECIFICATIONS: Sealed: 1.00 ft3 Ported: 1.50 ~ 1.75 ft3 MOUNTING / INSTALLATION PARAMETERS: Cutout diameter: 282mm / 11.1" Overall diameter: 328mm / 12.9" Mounting depth: 196mm / 7.7"