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  1. Rroark90

    2 ct sounds meso 8s vs 4 skar ma 8s

    So should I do 4 vfl or 4 soundqbed or 2 fl8 or 2 sa I haven’t heard any of these subs in person I live in Wichita KS we just now got a new shop selling sundown and dd but all the prices are marked up
  2. Rroark90

    2 ct sounds meso 8s vs 4 skar ma 8s

    I really like the sa and the x but a little out of my price range I don’t have much space it’s going under the seat in a extended cab even with the 8s I’ll have to lift the seat 2 inches
  3. Having a hard time deciding on subs for my 2015 extended cab Chevy wanting the loudest I can get for my budget which is around 500 bucks for the subwoofers going to run 1500-2000 watts stuck between 4 skar ma8s and 2 meso 8s also open to alternatives
  4. Rroark90

    8inch dilemma

    Ampere has 17mm Xmax I had to message down4sounds to get the info idk why they didn’t list it on the site with the rest of the specs
  5. Rroark90

    8inch dilemma

  6. Rroark90

    8inch dilemma

    Both the ampere and meso are 800 rms zvx 900 looking at the specs of the ampere is looking like the best bet I think Bet but I can’t find a whole lot of real life experience with them same with the ct sounds meso I know a lot of them top 5 subwoofer topics have named the meso as a great pick but amazon reviews keep saying they gave it power it made a noise then played extremely quiet so it’s made me skeptical of the sub
  7. Rroark90

    8inch dilemma

    I was planing on a duel sub set up and wanted to spend around 400 for the set
  8. Rroark90

    8inch dilemma

    I’m open to any other suggestions for 8s I’d go with the sundown x8 but they cost more then I’m wanting to spend right now
  9. Rroark90

    8inch dilemma

    Yeah I agree
  10. Rroark90

    8inch dilemma

    I’m wanting to run bout 2k watts so I’ll be making a custom ported box with subs facing out if I did 10s they would be some pretty small 10s
  11. Rroark90

    8inch dilemma

    Does anyone have any experience with the meso, zvx and ampere 8 inch I’m really close to pulling the trigger but I keep 2nd guessing my self I want some 8s that can hit decent lows reason for going with 8s is they will be going under the seat of my 2015 extended cab Chevy any advice would be greatly appreciated
  12. I think I’m just gonna get the sa’s should sound pretty good with a 2k amp and They will be 4 ohm so if the 2k amp ends up being too much I’ll just wire it to 2 ohm instead of one
  13. And I’m wanting to do a down firing ported box I have a jeep and I think pointing down would do best in there when I have my top and doors off
  14. The Rockford mono 1200 watt amp is gonna be short lived like only for a few weeks I’m definitely getting a 2k+ amp
  15. Really I’ll have to check them out I haven’t came across those at all on the web while researching