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  1. Minkoyadumb

    Not as much bass as expected

    Thanks guys this really helped me out! Everything went according to plan: Dropped to 1 ohm Fussed with the gain/ no clipping/ distortion No devastating voltage drop/ electrical is fine There is a vast improvement and now I know more about my amp and it’s capabilities. Hifonics is hifonics
  2. Minkoyadumb

    Not as much bass as expected

    Does anyone recommend an amp that puts out reliable numbers? Whether it is cost efficient or not?...
  3. Minkoyadumb

    Not as much bass as expected

    Thanks guys I really appreciate the help. I’ll drop it to 1 ohm and let you guys know how it does. Maybe in the future it’ll be time to put some money into a new amp.
  4. Minkoyadumb

    Not as much bass as expected

    @kr15 it’s a 2ohm dvc @Boomin Tahoe it’s a pioneer something or other I would have to check. The enclosure is 1.25 cu ft. Don’t get me wrong it does bump a little but definitely not as much as expected. @papermaker the only reason I’m worried about wiring to 1 ohm is because of my stock power plant besides big 3. Do you really think 500? I have a friend that showed me his cheap 350w jbl and it can compare. Do you guys suggest that I check the wattage it’s putting out? Or purchase a amp?
  5. Hi guys, I’m definitely a beginner when it comes to car audio. Here’s the jist of my situation: I decided to tackle a subwoofer build. In the project I installed the Big 3 upgrade with 0 gauge CAD, aftermarket head unit, hifonics Brutus 2416 super class D, sundown audio SA-10 rev 3 (750 Watts rms), and designed and built my own. I am running the at 850 watts @ 4 ohms. The problem: After having the build for a month now I’m not as impressed with the bass response as I once was. I understand that this could be due to becoming acclimated to the sound system, but even for pushing the sub 100watts over rated rms in a very small cab (ford ranger ext cab) you would expect it to be more intense than it is. I am also fairly confident in the design of the sub enclosure because of long, careful hours of working with WINISD and google sketch up. Just in case this helps it’s tuned @34 hertz. I’m wondering if it is possible that the hifonics amp, not being the most reputable brand, has something to do with the power output. When I tuned the amp I made sure to do enough research as I have heard some horror stories. The ‘gain’ filter is set at its most open or highest position and I am still not experiencing clipping of ANY sort. Does this seem unusual or is it that I am not that experienced and 850 Watts is not an especially big amount of power. I am also wondering what you guys think about wiring the sub to the amp at 1600 @ 2 ohms. Please only helpful comments and suggestions Thanks for the help!