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  1. MattinMO

    Running Taramps below rated load (1 or .5 ohm)

    Hijacking this bitching thread, I’ve seen the Amp Dynos but does anyone know if the hcca amps will run .7 daily?
  2. MattinMO

    Sundown SD3-10 upgrade?

    with rise I would put as much power on them as your amp will give them wire to the lowest ohm you can and set gains appropriately
  3. guess he didn't read his build in his tagline...
  4. Enlighten me, specifically speaking t-line boxes when would one want to mount inverted vs regular mount? if your a little tight on room and need the air space? Im having a t-line built by a guy for a e12v3 to play around with and he stating to mount inverted. I have no problem with that just wanted a little more feedback/input @shredder2 @THATpurpleKUSH
  5. your link is to a multimeter which can measure volts be he was talking about this https://www.amazon.com/4-0-30v-Digital-Display-Voltage-Voltmeter/dp/B00B689UGA/ref=sr_1_13?keywords=digital+voltmeter&qid=1554905382&s=gateway&sr=8-13
  6. only if its a taramps right!?!?!?
  7. MattinMO

    Skar vs Taramps vs Kicker monoblocks?

    Why do they have the “bass” line? The price per what is significantly higher then even Korean boards
  8. MattinMO

    Skar vs Taramps vs Kicker monoblocks?

    9601 isn’t going to be any better then the Jbl. Jbl amps typically all make rated or better.
  9. MattinMO

    Skar vs Taramps vs Kicker monoblocks?

    Well by process of elimination not kicker or skar so yeah order s taramps
  10. MattinMO

    Help choosing an amp for my sub.

    its a single 4 ohm so you could def use a amp with some headroom. IF your budget is on the low end I would look at brands like audiopipe 1200, pioneer champion series 8601, soundqubed 850.1, others... what country are you in? ...mate
  11. MattinMO

    JLJunkie's Retarded Budget Build

    that sucks man fuckin thieves wont work for their stuff, probably just turn around and sell the amp for $50 to quick drug money. That c2400 would be interesting to see on those!
  12. MattinMO

    Parts express pricing

    haven't noticed yet but will all the increasing import tariffs im sure a lot of things may increase in price.
  13. MattinMO

    wolfram 15%OFF tax15 code. I ordered AG12"

    get a dual 1 ohm sub grandpa
  14. MattinMO

    Did you know