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    From the Lou and I’m proud, relocated to Phoenix, AZ over a year ago. 3 cars, a Harley, and 2 needy dogs...and a wife, baby on the way
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  1. I thought I was the only one! Doing it on iPad
  2. MattinMO

    shallow sub

    The new sundown sd yet to be released will have a neo motor and I assume a heftier price then the predecessor. I’m interested nonetheless and would be interested in getting one from the yardsale some day
  3. MattinMO

    What subwoofers are these?

    W1v2 decent entry level woofer....nowhere near a w7
  4. MattinMO


    No clue on the omega other then you gotta have deep pockets. About 2 hours ago I allllmost pulled the plug on a btl neo 15 they have on sale but I stopped myself
  5. MattinMO

    No one around with a meter wandering where I am spl

    Hmmm...post more pics of that box...
  6. MattinMO

    Pyle PLA485 / Morel Tempo Ultra 602

    This little thing probably doesn’t even make 200 watts. I would towards a Korean made 4 channel around $200 and the thd rating on sonic electronics is 1.04% not 0.04% hmmm
  7. MattinMO

    Autotek SMA1300.2 Amp Dyno

    Truly a must have amp.... I know car audio isn’t regulated by the federal trade commission but there should be a class action lawsuit for blatantly scamming customers. Even tho we know just by looking at the thing it’s not going to make rated there are more people out there that would buy this thinking it will
  8. MattinMO


  9. MattinMO

    JL Audio W7

  10. MattinMO

    Pyle PLA485 / Morel Tempo Ultra 602

    Running morels on a Pyle amp...
  11. MattinMO

    Fi BL motor

    SOLD please remove
  12. MattinMO

    Jbl gto 14001

    I used to have one of these, great amp! When I was 20 I delivered pizza and that amp would be on wanging all night and not get hot.
  13. MattinMO

    Eclipse CD player

    Great condition eclipse cd1000 with harness. $45 shipped. Bought from: thefiverman, shredder2, big don pigged
  14. Hifonics Mt.Olympus Boltar 2k 2 channel amp very little use. Includes remote bass knob with built in clipping indicator. Looking for a digital signal processor or make offer. Bought from: thefiverman, shredder2, big don pigger