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  1. Install a head unit in the glove box like it’s a classic car!
  2. MattinMO

    Taramps HD3000 for $179

    have you seen the video or the same style speaker machine engulfed in flames from them high current Brazilian amps?
  3. MattinMO

    Random Picture Thread

    Ive never seen the outside of the foundation walls with whatever that black sealant is, is that some shit they do because of the cold weather?
  4. MattinMO

    This makes no sense

    I guess but their business model seems a little jaded now. seems like they would be more profitable if they focused more on high value products rather then bs like this.
  5. MattinMO

    New sundown SA 12

    is that a stamped basket? looks like the mounting depth would be different with that basket
  6. Gonna sound muffled like a muffuletta sandwich...forward firing or remove back seat or nothing. I had a 03 Silverado ex cab up firing 2 12's even with 3 layers of sound dampening on the roof wasn't good, only good sound I had in the truck was 2 forward firing 10" jl w3's.
  7. MattinMO

    This makes no sense

    I get that this was a very youdoufus like rant post but I just don't get the direction Sundown is heading its like (on a muchhhh smaller scale) Harley Davidson used to make motorcycles that blue collar hard working folk could afford and those were the people that road them now they ask $40k for a bike and constantly on the brink of going under...I just don't get it.
  8. MattinMO

    This makes no sense

    Yeah have fun with your 9” for $900...takes you back to that time you were in Bangkok paying $600 for 6” huh?
  9. MattinMO

    This makes no sense

    So much no about this...who dafuq is gonna buy a 8” ns that really is a 9” ns...like wtf I like me some 8” woofers but if you’re going to spend that kind of money there is so much more you could do...smh @sundown
  10. MattinMO

    Best 10" for $120?

    Best is subjective. Needs more infos
  11. MattinMO

    Dsp help

    That’s a valid criticism about not giving it a chance, but...I’m new to the dsp world and just want ease as well as the most of of the equipment I purchase no matter what the price is. Had a chat with a rep from Dayton and their statement basically is the dsp408 is every bit as adaptable to oem integration as well as being able to sum signals he referred me to page 8 in the manual. The manual is pretty subpar especially if you’re not familiar with a dsp http://www.daytonaudio.com/media/resources/230-500-dayton-audio-dsp-408-user-manual(2).pdf
  12. MattinMO

    Random Picture Thread

    Late to the party but fake tits are like a brand new Lamborghini SV with a Hyundai Elantra engine, fun to look at but when you get under the hood and start feeling around it just ain’t the same. I once told a stripper with fake tits that I wanted a lap dance from the other stripper with real tits and she slapped me...bitch
  13. MattinMO

    Dsp help

    Soooo...I’m getting ready to install my dsp408 and I was going to do what @Jeffdachef suggested and just stream the music through the bt dongle but I still have a love for cds the sound quality of an actual non compressed file compact disc imo is better then Bluetooth any day of the week. So in order to get signal summing to the dsp408 I think I’m going to either get a used fix 86 or sell this Dayton and get a twk88...
  14. MattinMO

    Taramps HD3000 for $179

    I’m too lazy to post the link but google bigdwiz tarampd hd3000 amp Dyno