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    From the Lou and I’m proud, relocated to Phoenix, AZ over a year ago. 3 cars, a Harley, and 2 needy dogs...and a wife, baby on the way
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  1. MattinMO

    Random Picture Thread

    you all about that cushin for the pushin I see
  2. MattinMO

    Random Picture Thread

    mmhmmm, so if she showed up at your doorstep and and said take me to your bedroom and raw dog the shit outta me you'd say na im just gonna play some vidya games??
  3. I thought @Popwarhomie said the bass series are supposed to be stable below 1 ohm however probably not recommended by taramps
  4. Six DVC drivers with Voice Coils in Series / Parallel Six Dual Voice Coil Speakers in Series / Parallel Connecting the two voice coils of each driver in series (+ to -) and the drivers themselves in parallel (+ to +, etc.) will result in the following impedances: Dual–8 Ohm Subwoofers: 2.67 Ohms Dual-6 Ohm Subwoofers: 2 Ohms Dual–4 Ohm Subwoofers: 1.3 Ohms Dual–2 Ohm Subwoofers: 0.7 Ohm Dual–1.5 Ohm Subwoofer: 0.5 Ohm
  5. what would the final load to the amp be? care to jot down a diagram of that?? 😀
  6. https://www.ebay.com/p/Taramps-Bass-8k-1-Ohm-Amplifier-Bass8k-HD-8000-Watts-Taramps-Amp-3-day-Delivery/8031685365?iid=183793648987 how would I wire to a final load of .66 on a mono amp? do I need a distro block?
  7. Say if one had 6 dual 2 ohm subwoofers and a taramps bass 8k 1 ohm, what is the optimal wiring diagram? I don't know why I cant wrap my head around this so flame me all you want. so 2 banks of 3 subs wired 1.3 ohms each bank final load be 2.6 3 banks of 2 subs 1 ohm each bank but then the final load be 3 ohms ….im retarded lately...teething baby = no sleep
  8. MattinMO

    Chicken breast or pork chops?

    you know what really grinds my gears? when 1 chicken breast weighs 1lb or more you know its gonna taste like rubbery shiat. Wife did some grocery shopping and ive told her too many times not to buy chicken breasts the size of a fuggin football because they are roided up and injected with nasty "solution" a
  9. MattinMO

    SSA Demon (10" & 12")

    how do you calculate the tune on home made flared pvc ports?
  10. MattinMO

    Amprack rework

    Bruh, your shed needs a rework @Boomin_tahoe
  11. MattinMO

    Chicken breast or pork chops?

    i had a basic barrel smoker made some of the best bbq ever on it but you gotta have a lot of time and patience, I then got a Bradley (disc hokey puck) smoker and it did a fair job but nothing like the barrel smoker, I plan to get a Traeger pellet grill and just do all my smoking and grilling on it.
  12. MattinMO

    What’s the new Forum Boner?

    so that's what you have a boney for these days?
  13. MattinMO

    What’s the new Forum Boner?

    But yeah I can't remember the last forum boner. pretty sure @BOOMINGRANDPA gets a boner (metaphorically speaking) for FU 750's!
  14. MattinMO

    Back. Build for 2 sundown x2-15's

    Ive used resin and some times resin and mat in almost every box ive ever built its cheap and not that difficult and definitely adds to output.
  15. MattinMO

    Any Spl predictions?

    wait... why are you reconing just get a d1 sub?